Portrait of Clare 1950

The three marriages of a woman: a young man who is killed, a priggish lawyer and a sympathetic barrister. From the novel by Francis Brett Young.

The Legend of Lylah Clare 1968

A dictatorial film director (Finch) hires an unknown actress (Novak) to play the lead role in a planned movie biography of a late, great Hollywood star.

Big Truck and Sister Clare 1972

A middle-aged truck driver travelling through the desert with his good-for-nothing nephew and a pretty nun, gets stuck and are forced to wait to be rescued.

Clare sa Speir 2001

Clare is a mother and wife and is not very appreciateed at home, so she decides to go up to the treehouse and stays there for 32 days to try and break the world record. Her family soon realise they really need her.

Clarence 1937

The title character is a resourceful young man who knows a whole little about a whole lot of things, and who concentrates by playing his saxophone. Clarence ingratiates himself with the wealthy and eccentric Wheeler family, though daughter Cora can't stand the boy.

Clarence 2015

After fifty years of being away from academia, an 85-year-old African-American WWII Vet returns to the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee to fulfill his biggest regret: not earning his Bachelor's Degree.

Clarence and Angel 1980

Clarence is a new boy in school, recently arrived in New York from the rural south. Angel is already there, Hispanic and proud of it. Clarence has dyslexia, a reading difficulty; Angel is hyperactive; both disturb their class and are punished by exile out of the classroom to the hallway. They meet, talk, share experiences and hopes. Angel's activity is translated into teaching Clarence to read, and together they build a school friendship that transcends race and ethnicity and the lack of understanding of themselves by the system.

Clarence 1990

Spin off from the classic 1946 Jimmy Stewart film "It's A Wonderful Life" finds his protecting angel, Clarence, again returning to Earth to help another human.

Claretta 1984

In this biography of Claretta Petacci, Benito Mussolini's mistress of 10 years, the Petacci family is a primary source of information -- which introduces a definite bias on how she is viewed. Claretta met Mussolini in the mid-'30s and remained with him after he was dismissed in 1943 by King Victor Emmanuel (American and Allied forces invaded Sicily and started north to Rome at that time). Claretta's family also fled to the north, where Mussolini was set up in a puppet dictatorship by the Germans until the end of the war. Photographs of Mussolini and Claretta hanging from a gas-station pole in 1945 while crowds stare at their bodies were disseminated worldwide, yet information on them has been kept in the classified files of the Italian government. In this docudrama, Claretta is played by Claudia Cardinale and Claretta's younger sister Miriam Petacci, still alive in 1984, plays herself as she "meets" with a television reporter at Claretta's tomb to talk about her famous sister's life.

Clarence Darrow 1974

The taped performance of Henry Fonda's one-man show was aired as "IBM Presents Clarence Darrow" on September 4, 1974, on NBC.

Caesar and Claretta 1975

'Caesar and Claretta' dramatises the last few hours in the lives of Benito Mussolini (El Duce, played by Robert Hardy) and his mistress Claretta (played by Helen Mirren).

Chris Claremont’s X-Men 2013

Chris Claremont’s X-Men takes an in-depth look at Claremont’s monumental run. Using high-profile interviews, the film explores the behind-the-scenes development of notable characters like Wolverine, Storm, and Phoenix, as well as the challenges of creating art within a corporate system.

Whitewash: The Clarence Brandley Story 2002

Based on the true story of Clarence Brandley, a black man wrongly accused in 1980 of the murder of a 16-year-old white high school girl named Cheryl Ferguson. Brandley worked at Conroe High School, where Ferguson was visiting as a member of the Belleville High School volleyball team. Three days after her body was discovered, Brandley was arrested as the murderer. Jew Don Boney, a popular activist and Houston city council member, leads the fight to uncover the truth about the Ferguson murder. Mike DeGeurin, a Texas attorney, is brought in to act as the head defense attorney for Brandley, and is joined by a former minister, Jim McCloskey. The lawyers discover that not only is there a complete lack of evidence against Brandley, but the District Attorney, James Keeshan, has been strategizing with the presiding judge. After nine years in prison, three trials and a stay of execution that saved Brandley's life, justice finally prevails as Brandley is granted his freedom.

Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont 1973

Mrs Palfrey tries hard to be accepted by the other residents at the Claremont. But then she meets Ludo and a real friendship begins.

Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion 1965

When a native village is apparently terrorized by a Lion, the local sergeant enlists the help of a veterinarian working at a nearby animal study center. It is soon discovered that the Lion has a unique problem, it has double vision due to the fact that it is cross eyed and therefore cannot hunt. The Lion is taken back to the study center and is soon adopted by the vet's daughter. Meanwhile, a dangerous criminal is planning to capture young Gorillas and sell them on the black market...

Rector's to Claremont 1904

When a group of diners boards a carriage, one man is left behind and chases after them on foot.

Claremont Theatre, N.Y. 1915

Manhattan's Claremont Theatre is showing an Edison Company feature. A camera trained on the theater's front doors shows a crowd exiting. Most patrons are well dressed: some women carry muffs, almost all wear hats, some are elaborate; the men are in suits, as are many of the boys. All are white. Occasionally, the camera pans up to the marquee. The same people exit more than once; a woman pushing a baby carriage exits twice, By the end, the crowd is more animated, moving more quickly, smiling more. A final shot shows the whole theater in the frame, a crowd in front, a restaurant above.

Veronica Clare 1991

Veronica Clare is an American film noir-style crime drama that aired from July 23 until September 17, 1991.

Clarence 2014

The adventures of a young boy named Clarence, who is optimistic about everything, and his two best friends Jeff and Sumo.

Clarence 1988

Clarence is a 1988 BBC situation comedy starring Ronnie Barker and Josephine Tewson, written by Ronnie Barker under the pseudonym "Bob Ferris". It was Barker's final sitcom appearance before his retirement. Barker had previously faced some criticism over his employment of a stammer for comedic effect in Open All Hours. However, the slapstick potential of a short-sighted furniture shifter must have seemed irresistible. The series was inspired by The Removals Person by Hugh Leonard, an earlier programme in the 1971 LWT comedy series, Six Dates With Barker. The house of Jane Travers, which inspired the opening titles, is located on Malvern Road in Cheltenham.

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