Ako 1965

A day in the life of Ako, a 16 year old Japanese girl, and her friends and co-workers. An alarm clock wakes her in a dorm; she gets ready for work and travels to a large bakery. We see her with friends, chatting and laughing, as well as working. They go out, seven of them jammed in an old Pontiac: bowling, then to an amusement park, then driving around. Car trouble may put her at risk. Is she going to be okay?

I Am Here 2018

Everyday, Nelia waits outside a store in Timog hoping for Delfin--a man that she lost 40 years ago--to comeback. Unwilling to forget the romance that she spent with him, she recalls their tale set amid the timeless beauty of Quezon City in 1970s. Will Nelia be able to move on? Will Delfin's love transcend through time? As Nelia and Delfin's story unfolds, 'Dito Lang Ako' becomes more than just a recollection of a past romance, it is an achingly compassionate story of heartfelt passion, tender moments and most of all, unselfish love.

Pakasalan mo ako 1991

A woman asks his man to marry her for she is with child but the man is noncommittal. To save her reputation, she agrees to marry another man, who turns out to be a psychopath.

Use Me 1985

A movie that touches the heart, pleases the eye, satisfies the mind....

I Am Thirsty, I Am Hungry 1977

This film follows the story of young orphaned woman of the slums. Although she is given a chance to improve her life, she stumbles into a series of misfortunes, enslaving herself in the company of characters in the underworld. Teetering on the brink of self-destruction, a ray of hope offers her redemption.

Puede Ako, Puwede Ka Pa Ba 1976

Official entry to the first Metro Manila Film Festival in 1976 directed by Elwood Perez & Joey Gosiengfiao and starred Amalia Fuentes, Romeo Vasquez, Eddie Gutierrez, Vivian Velez, Rosemarie Gil, Ike Lozada, Inday Badiday, Cloyd Robinson, Lilian Laing, and Sandy Garcia.

Eto Na Naman Ako 2000

Abet Razalo and Ana Maria Gomez were childhood sweethearts. They find each other again, only this time they have to deal with each other on a professional level - Abet is now Anas bodyguard, and he is tasked to watch over her, now a phenomenally successful singer-actress because she is threatened by an obsessed fan. Abet also learns of Anas engagement to Vince Madrigal, a handsome billionaire. As the situation turns more complicated, the two of them are obliged to spend more time with each other, tempting them to rekindle their old flame. But Abet finds out that Ana is no longer the simple girl he promised marriage to ten years ago. Will love be lovelier the second time around for Ana and Abet or will Ana be spending the rest of her life.

I Am Happy 2018

A boy encounters many struggles in life, like bullying, his parent's separation and trouble in school, but he still forces a smile to get by each day.

The Brats 2013

Newly engaged, Thomas meets his future father-in-law Gilbert, who has been married for 30 years to Suzanne. Disillusioned Gilbert is convinced that his marriage has meant he's missed out on life. He persuades Thomas not to marry his daughter Lola and encourages him to drop everything else in his life as well. The two men then throw themselves into a new brats' life full of adventure, convinced that freedom is elsewhere. But at what cost do we rediscover our adolescent dreams?

Cooking History 2009

Interviews with military cooks from various European armies. The heroes of the film are Peter Kerekes military cooks from all over Europe. Men aprons over their uniforms always influenced the mood and performance of soldiers and their wooden spoons stirred up history. The film is based on recipes from the Second World War to the war in Chechnya, from France, the Balkans, and Russia. [44 KVIFF 2009]

Sabi Mo Mahal Mo Ako, Wala Ng Bawian 1997

Jerry, an undercover agent, has successfully infiltrated a bigtime drug syndicate. He gets assigned, however, to liquidate Roselle, the lone witness to a murder. In a dilemma, Jerry has to protect Roselle without blowing his cover.

You Cannot Trample Me 1984

During World War II, the "dark years" in the Philippine history, Tacing is a woman involved in different love affairs which resulted in endless trials and tribulations.

The Fall of Ako Castle 1978

This is the story of "The Forty-Seven Ronin." Based on historical events in 1701-2, the movie tells the tale of the Asano clan's downfall and the revenge of its former samurai on the perpetrator of the catastrophe. Lord Asano was goaded, or tricked, into drawing his sword inside the Shogun's palace -- a crime which carried the death penalty. The newly installed Shogun was furious at Asano and ordered all his clan's assets seized, meaning some 20,000 samurai and commoners were unemployed and landless at a stroke. Forty-seven of these ronin (masterless samurai) banded together to take attempt revenge on Lord Kira, who had goaded Asano into drawing his sword.

Hindi Ako Ander, Tanong Mo Kay Kumander 1996

Real-life husband and wife Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga took their talented daughter Allyssa through her paces in her first film appearance. Janno was jobless husband forced to keep house. Bing was his beautiful wife with a promising career. Pilita and Elizabeth were the warring mothers-in-law. It was the little girl Allyssa who was trying to keep the household sane and her family together.

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