Ghost Bride of Dracula 2017

Two vampire hunters go to Ms. Dracula's house to free a captive woman. Things don't go as planned. A re-edit of "An Erotic Tale of Ms. Dracula"

Ghost Bride 2013

Ghost Bride tells the story of Jason Chen - a young chinese immigrant in New Zealand who keeps his love for Kiwi girl Skye secret from his disapproving mother Alice. Things quickly unravel as his mother introduces him to Madam Yin, a matchmaker who has a very special bride in mind for Jason - the mysterious and silent May Ling.

The Ghost Bride 2017

To save her family from being homeless and her father suffering from a heart condition, Mayen desperately agrees to take the offer of a Chinese matchmaker for a huge amount of money. In exchange, Mayen must submit herself as a Ghost Bride to a wealthy but dead Chinese man. This deal, however, happens to be a deadly curse when the deceased groom's ghost becomes jealous and possessive of Mayen.

Spiritual Love 1987

This is a lukewarm story about a triad enforcer who is a loser in love. He brings home a desk, which causes his place to be possessed by a ghost, played by the beautiful Cherie Chung. He saves her from a fate brought on by her past and they fall in love. The question is, can they stay in love.

The Bride from the Grave 1964

Hong Kong ghost movie set during wartime. Not to be confused with the South Korean film of the same name from the previous year.

Witch 1992

May is a man who, in order to reincarnate to an honorable situation, must remain a virgin for three lifetimes. But the evil (and titular) witch has other ideas. She tricks him, then screws him, then kills him. Now dead, May becomes the servant of the prince of hell, whose parents want to marry him off. But despite being offered the choice of 73 beauties, he rejects them all as being too old. The prince (who, like the other inhabitants of hell, is quite a nice guy) is mad about Chin ... but she's "on the corps side" - that is, in the land of the living. May is instructed to accompany the prince through the tricky task of getting to know and woo the living girl. But the witch is still around, and still after May.....

The Bride from Hades 1968

On the night of the summer Obon festival, Hagiwara Shinzaburo meets a beautiful courtesan named Otsuyu. Not knowing she's a ghost, he becomes infatuated by her.

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