The Railway Children 2000

Set at the turn of the 20th century, The Railway Children tells the story of three Edwardian children and their mother who move to a country house in Yorkshire after their father is mysteriously taken away by the police.

The Railway Man 2013

A victim from World War II's "Death Railway" sets out to find those responsible for his torture. A true story.

The Railway Children 1970

The Waterbury family are completely happy until mysterious men take their father away and they have to move up to Yorkshire without him. The three open-hearted children soon make many friends including their Old Gentleman whom they regularly wave to on his morning train journey. Bobbie, the eldest girl, makes contact with him to try and get help for the problems they are facing. Meanwhile the children find themselves involved in several unexpected dramas on the railway

Railway Station 1980

Railway Station is a documentary about a Warsaw railway station Dworzec that was controversial and against the government at the time. The footage that exposed the monitoring of sales was seized by police

Railway Bar 1992

A naive, sixteen-year-old boy named Richard becomes involved with a single mother after babysitting her child.

Runaway Railway 1966

A group of young railway enthusiasts attempt to stop the closure of the local railway by trying to raise money to buy it and the steam engine "Matilda." They get help from a pair of men claiming to be enthusiasts but who turn out to be robbers who plan to hold up the mail train

Railway Men

The Tunisian National Railway Company is one of the country’s oldest and wealthiest state-run companies. Five employees reveal a darker side of life on the railways. On Tunisia’s most infamous railway line, workers rack up many hours of overtime and the worn-out rolling stock is unreliable. As a consequence, the safety of railway workers and passengers is put at risk. But how can life improve for these Tunisians if they have neither the opportunity nor the freedom to report what’s going on? This uncompromising view behind the scenes of one of the most important Tunisian companies reveals that much change is needed to bring about a fair, equal and safe society. The candid stories of engineers, technicians and conductors are accompanied by their own footage of everyday life on the railways. Hours of delays, narrowly avoided accidents, broken-down locomotives and fights about signaling have become the norm, and anyone who criticizes faces serious consequences.

Leaving Jerusalem by Railway 1897

Lasting for roughly 50 seconds, it shows the goodbyes of many passersby - first Europeans, then Palestinian Arabs, then Palestinian Jews - as a train leaves Jerusalem.

Railway Redemption 2012

Railway Redemption tells the story of a seventy year-old busker's final journey home. After hearing the news that his brother is dying, Vijay decides to face up to his past and confront his family, with whom he has had no contact for twenty-five years.

Railway Children 2016

Fiction on children who ran away from who and lives near the railway station

The Railway 2007

Mischa, a mute boy, sets out on a surrealistic journey together with his father and two men. Their means of transportation is an old Soviet locomotive, loaded with stolen coal. The travellers intend to sell off the loot on their way through the borderless steppes of inner Russia. As a parallel to the main plot, sequences of a mysterious travelling circus keep reappearing in a very suggestive way. Many of the odd artists at the circus are people that the four protagonists encounter in the wilderness along the overgrown railway. All through the movie there is a sensation of magic crossed with pure realism, stressed by the crackling communistic infrastructure and a twisted sense of humor. The border between reality and fantasy is very subtle here. The Railway is a story about strong family ties, but also an ambitious interpretation of the clash between the Russia of old and new. One could call it the rebirth of a long forgotten genre: the Russian wonder story.

The Last Railway 1956

A group of railroad workers decide to make extra money by smuggling forbidden goods and engaging in other criminal activities. The first crime film made in Yugoslavia.

Devotion to Railway 1960

A human drama of crew and passengers on a special express train named “Sakura” from Tokyo to Nagasaki...

Along the Railway 2000

This important, patient documentary follows a year in the life of the sidings dwellers who eke out a living, begging, foraging, stealing and sleeping rough near the Baoji railway station in Shaanxi.

Great Indian Railway Journeys 2018

Guided by a century-old Bradshaw’s Handbook of Indian, Foreign and Colonial Travel, Michael Portillo embarks on a railway adventure across India and takes in the extraordinary variety of the Indian landscape.

The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard 2018

Behind the scenes at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, taking a look back in time to the golden age of steam. A tireless army of staff and volunteers give the inside track on what it takes to run a heritage railway.

Great British Railway Journeys 2010

Michael Portillo takes to the tracks with a copy of George Bradshaw's Victorian Railway Guidebook. Portillo travels the length and breadth of the country to see how the railways changed us, and what of Bradshaw's Britain remains.

God's Wonderful Railway

God's Wonderful Railway was a children's drama TV series made by the BBC. There were eight 30-minute episodes, originally screened from 6 February 1980.

The Railway Dragon

The Railway Dragon is a 1989 American television animated film. Leslie Nielsen featured as the narrator.

Great Railway Journeys 1980

Great Railway Journeys, originally titled Great Railway Journeys of the World, is a recurring series of travel documentaries produced by BBC Television. The premise of each programme is that the presenter, typically a well-known figure from the arts or media, would make a journey by train, usually through a country or to a destination to which they had a personal connection. There were four series broadcast on BBC Two between 1980 and 1999, with the shorter series title being used for all but the first. In 2010 a similar series also aired on BBC Two, Great British Railway Journeys.

The Railway Children 1957

A serial in eight parts adapted for television from the book by E. Nesbit.

The Railway Children 1968

The adventures of three children forced to move from London to Yorkshire when their father is imprisoned.

Japan Railway Journal 2015

Discover the secrets of Japan's railways, from the newest technologies and systems in use, to travel tips and must-see places.

Tomohiro's Railway Tour of China

Tomohiro's Railway Tour of China was a travel documentary series, produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK and broadcast on television, both nationally and internationally by NHK's networks. A live relay from China aired every Sunday at 12:00pm, followed by a 10-minute digest edition - a new edition airing Monday through Friday at 12:00pm. The host of the program was Tomohiro Sekiguchi, an actor by profession.

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