200 Colossal Cartoons 2011

This monumental 4 DVD collection features a whopping 200 cartoon classics sure to please young and old alike. Featuring such popular characters as Popeye, Felix the Cat, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Gumby, Little Lulu, The Wizard of Oz, Fraidy Cat, Hunky & Spunky, Clutch Cargo, the Wizard of Oz and countless others, this gigantic collection contains over 10 hours hilariously, enjoyable animated cartoons.

Bloody Cartoons 2007

Bloody Cartoons is a documentary about how and why 12 drawings in a Danish provincial paper could whirl a small country into a confrontation with Muslims all over the world. He asks whether respect for Islam combined with the heated response to the cartoons is now leading us towards self-censorship. How tolerant should we be, he wonders, of the intolerant. And what limits should there be, if any, to freedom of speech in a democracy.

Banned Cartoons 2015

Out he did go with one thought in mind: To capture the poor little sheep.

Cartoons Ain't Human 1943

Popeye sits down to make a cartoon. He shows the results to Olive and his nephews: it's a damsel-in-distress scenario, starring him and Olive, with live music and sound effects by Popeye.

Cartoons On Tour 1915

A father and daughter each enjoy their printed "Grouch Chaser" cartoons, which come to life for the audience. Meanwhile, the daughter is secretly planning to elope.

350 Classic Cartoons 2008

Over 40 Hours of Cartoons! Chock full of fun entertainment and memorable cartoon favorites for the entire family! This release offers an extensive collection of shorts from the golden age of animation, including appearances by Woody Woodpecker, Popeye, Little Lulu, Felix the Cat, Superman, Colonel Bleep, Casper, and many more!

Max Fleischer: Lost Cartoons 2015

A series of rare Max Fleischer sound cartoon shorts released by animation historian Jerry Beck. Fleischer was a pioneer in the development of the animated cartoon and served as the head of Fleischer Studios. He brought such animated characters as Betty Boop, Koko the Clown, Popeye and Superman to the movie screen and was responsible for a number of technological innovations including the Rotoscope.

Cartoons of Halas & Batchelor 2010

Halas and Batchelor was the largest and most influential animation studio in Britain for more than 50 years. Starting in 1940, it cranked out more than 2,000 films -- everything from comedy shorts to documentaries -- and is best known for its 1955 version of George Orwell's Animal Farm. Ranging from traditional to computer-generated animation, the seven films in the collection include The Magic Canvas, The Figurehead, Dilemma and others.

Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest Hits 1995

Saturday Morning: Cartoons' Greatest Hits, the video, is a truly altoonative collection of cartoon classics. Hosted by Drew Barrymore, this ultimate party tape features footage from your favorite cartoons with unrestrained performances by some of today's hottest alternative acts. It's an absolute high-octane nostalgia kick, and best of all, you don't have to get up at dawn to enjoy any of it.

Bizarre Cartoons Of The Past 2007

Before the animation industry became dominated by the major studios and their familiar stable of characters, there were other companies who entertained theater audiences with wild excursions into cartoon fantasies. Experimentation was the rule as the boundries of cinematic animation were being pushed to the limit and many of these early productions have the raw look of a work in progress. These classic animated shorts from the early days of sound were created by nearly forgotten production pioneers like Van Beuren Studios and Max and Dave Fleischer. Hilarious, inventive, sometimes risque and often surreal, these films are the fabulous forerunners of every cartoon we've ever watched in the theater or on TV. Laugh again at the cartoons your grandparents enjoyed in the 1930s.

The Lost Fleischer Studios Cartoons

Between 1921 and 1942, Dave and Max Fleischer led Fleischer Studios, an entity that broke the ground for animation and its place in history. For a good run, Fleischer was Walt Disney Studios' biggest competitor, a worthy foe that was responsible for such characters as Koko the Clown, Betty Boop, Popeye and the "strongest" of them all, Superman. Through their many contributions to the genre, the Fleischers helped animation become what it is today.

How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made 1939

Behind the scenes of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, as well as a general look at the different departments involved in making a cartoon.

Random! Cartoons 2008

Random! Cartoons is a spin-off of the Nickelodeon animation showcase Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Produced by Frederator Studios and Nickelodeon Animation Studios for the Nicktoons Network, it was premiered on December 6, 2008.

Oh Yeah! Cartoons 1998

Oh Yeah! Cartoons was an American animation showcase that appeared on the Nickelodeon cable channel. Oh Yeah! was an animation project guided by Fred Seibert, former Creative Director of MTV Networks and President of Hanna-Barbera. Produced by Frederator Studios, it ran as part of Nickelodeon's Nicktoons lineup, and in its second season, was hosted by Kenan Thompson of All That and Kenan & Kel fame; Then later by Josh Server, from All That, for its third season. Bill Burnett composed the show's theme music. Oh Yeah! Cartoons was distributed by Nelvana outside of the United States. In terms of sheer volume, Oh Yeah! Cartoons remains TV's biggest animation development program ever. Giving several dozen filmmakers the opportunity to create nearly 100 seven-minute cartoons, the series eventually yielded three dedicated half-hour spin-offs: ⁕The Fairly OddParents ⁕ChalkZone ⁕My Life as a Teenage Robot Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! half-hour featured in its first season, a total of 39 brand new seven-minute cartoons in 13 episodes, surpassing the number of new cartoons and characters on any other single network. In its full run, Oh Yeah! Cartoons featured and produced over 99 cartoons and 54 characters.

Fox cartoons

Fox cartoons refers to animated television series presented by the American TV network Fox Broadcasting Company. During the more than twenty-year existence of the Network, there have been many successful prime time animated series and Fox cartoons. The first and most famous of these, The Simpsons, was the first such series since the end of The Flintstones in the 1960s.

Cartoon Cartoons

Cartoon Cartoons è stata una serie collettiva di cartoni animati trasmessa su Cartoon Network dal 1996 al 2003.

Sports Cartoons

Sports Cartoons is an animated series, produced by Derek Lamb and Janet Perlman's Lamb-Perlman Productions in 1985. The series featured various sports being played by anthropomorphic animals, including cats, dogs, pigs, and hippopotami. Some of these sports included ice hockey, shot put, soccer, American football, and table tennis.

MGM cartoons

MGM is an American animation anthology series. These shorts were on Cartoon Network, but MGM was the first original series to air on Boomerang. This series is a collection of classic Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoons from 1934 to 1958. It doesn't actually show Tom and Jerry or Spike and Tyke shorts from MGM. The show debuted in 2007 and ended in 2010.

ComiColor Cartoons 1933

The ComiColor Cartoon series was a series of 25 animated short subjects produced by the Ub Iwerks studio from 1933 to 1936.

Terrytoons Cartoons 1930

Terrytoons was a studio in New Rochelle, New York, that produced animated cartoons for theatrical release from 1930–1971. Terrytoons was founded by Paul Terry and operated out of the "K" Building in downtown New Rochelle. The studio created many cartoon characters including Heckle and Jeckle, Mighty Mouse, Gandy Goose, Sourpuss, Dinky Duck and Luno. The "New Terrytoons" period of the late 1950s through early 1970s produced such characters as Deputy Dawg, Hector Heathcote, Hashimoto, Sidney the Elephant, Possible Possum, James Hound, Astronut, Sad Cat and The Mighty Heroes.

100 Greatest Cartoons

The 100 Greatest Cartoons o los 100 mejores dibujos animados es un documental que se hizo por una encuesta realizada por el canal británico de televisión Channel 4 en el 2004. [1] Son en total 105 caricaturas - incluyendo una combinación de programas de televisión de animación y cortos animados, características de los dibujos animados y el nombre de los dibujos animados y fueron nominados por Canal 4 y clasificadas por encuesta pública, y sólo los 100 primeros se muestran

The Cartoonstitute

The Cartoonstitute was a planned Cartoon Network project created by Cartoon Network executive Rob Sorcher that would have been a showcase for animated shorts created without the interference of network executives and focus testing. It was headed by Craig McCracken and Rob Renzetti. 39 shorts for the project were in development at Cartoon Network Studios, but only 14 of these were completed. Eventually, balancing 5 upcoming shows and adding another was just impossible and the project was scrapped. Of the shorts which were made, only Regular Show and Uncle Grandpa have been greenlit to become animated series. On May 7, 2010, Cartoon Network uploaded nearly all of the shorts to their website. The only shorts not uploaded were Maruined, 3 Dog Band, and Joey to the World.