Lạc Giới 2014

Trung is a prisoner, guilty for robbery and murder. On the way to a new camp, he plots to escape. He robbed a gun to escape before the police chase. In desperation, Trung jumps into Kim's car. Kim is a solid, beautiful nurse who lives on an isolated farm, owned by a Vietnamese man living overseas. The farm is set up for his son, Hai, a 20-year-old boy who has a particular illness. Kim is responsible for taking care of Hai. Kim drives to the farm, unknowingly carrying Trung. Then a relationship forms between these three strange people. Both Kim and Hai have fallen in love with Trung with all joy, anger, and happiness.

Zen for Subtitle 2017

What does subtitle translation mean in my eyes? I have devoted my youth and effort of 4 years of campus life and 2 years of work life. When I have given up translating subtitle, I want to look back to and remember such a bygone by documentary. Subtitle is equal to public: By this documentary I want to show how a cinephile makes a link with film and makes effect to more cinephile in such a special situation in China. This documentary also displays a tip of the iceberg of the cinephile cultural history in China. Subtitle is equal to privacy: I hope to experience the progress of subtitle translation again, in order to cast my ambition and burden in the old days. I want to say goodbye to that ego with subtitle translation and move forwards to that ego with indie-documentary direction. I want to search more possibilities to the films.

No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo & Vilmos 2009

The artistry, triumph and lifelong friendship of the great cinematographers Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond. With film school equipment, they shoot the Soviet crackdown of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. As refugees they struggle in Hollywood, finally breaking into the mainstream with their pivotal contribution to the "American New Wave."

Landscapes and Subtitles 2013

Fictitious subtitles from imagined non-English language films are synchronized to landscape videos shot by the artist on consumer equipment, often using existing structures, such as bus windows, as makeshift dollies or tripods.

The TE:RM - Opposing Putin (English subtitles) 2014

Recent history repeats itself as both tragedy and farce in this fly-on-the-Kremlin-wall documentary about the rising opposition movement in 2012 against Vladimir Putin’s rule in Russia.

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