Helpless 2012

A woman suddenly disappears. Her fiance then sets out to find her and, in the process, uncovers layers of dark hidden secrets.

Helpless 2013

Leah confesses her true feelings to Chayse in the school library while unknown malice lurks in the hallways.

Helpless and Reckless 2012

Narumi (Nahana), who has an aggressive personality, stabbed her colleague and went to prison. After serving her time, Narumi is released and goes back to her hometown where she grew up. Narumi goes to her younger brother Kei's (Kuniaki Nakamura) home. At a young age, their parents died in a accident and Kei is the only one left Narumi can rely on. After Narumi sees Kei and his girlfriend Kana (Keiko Sugawara living together happily, Narumi decides to take her brother back. Narumi reveals a secret between her and Kei.

Self Helpless 2011

Simon, John Candy, Felix, and The Drake are assholes. They are stupid, scheming, self-regarding dudes who are convinced of their own greatness. They are also convinced that they can fix their pathetic lives with self-help books. Unfortunately for the guys, self-help is not moron-proof. The foursome's idiotic attempts at bettering themselves lead to lost jobs, poorly timed acid trips, and incarceration. Due to a gross mistranslation of a Mexican website, the guys become convinced that they must travel to Mexico to find an all-knowing guru named Don Rodrigo. On the road to enlightenment the group runs into drugs, guns, gangsters, hot Mexican babes and lots of tequila.

Helpless Stones 2010

An adventure of three begins with a casual meeting. With no destination in mind, three strangers carry on with frivolous conversation.This is a modern fairytale trying to sense the significance of life which could really be just a series of trivial events.

Heroic Ones 1978

A naive kung-fu student (Lung Ti) falls under the influence of a corrupt master. Soon the student realizes his master plans to dominate the martial arts community by stealing a legendary martial arts book that's supposed to bestow its owner with extraordinary powers. And his master will stop at nothing - including murder - to possess that book. Now, with the help of a sympathetic female fighter and an intriguing drunk, the student must lead a rival kung-fu sect in a deadly tournament against his master and his kung-fu stablemates to keep the book out of the wrong hands.

Helpless 1996

Yasuo is a gangster just released from jail. Believing his boss double-crossed him, enraged Yasuo is on his way to find the boss. But before setting out for the dangerous trip, Yasuo asks Kenji to take care of his mentally challenged sister, Yuri, and a mysterious black bag.

The Helpless Hippo 1953

The jungle animals and creatures have all come to the point where they are living together in peace and harmony, thanks to the efforts of the great Mighty Mouse. But the peace is broken when the buzzards attack a helpless baby hippo. The super hero is kept busy fighting off the attacks of the sneaky buzzards while also catering to the needs and whims of the hippo. Finally, after the attackers are vanquished, all the animal parents leave their babies with Mighty Mouse as their baby-sitter.

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