Monte Carlo 2011

Three young women vacationing in Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress.

Carlo 1983

Since retiring as a master wood carver, Carlo Fusetti has carved a gift, an inheritance for his granddaughter. But now his health keeps him from his work. A moving lyrical film about an artist facing mortality.

Monte Carlo or Bust! 1969

Sequel to "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines". This time an international car rally from England to Monte Carlo provides the comedic farce.

Carlo 2004

Nicky breaks both of his feet, and asks his cousin Carlo to stand in for him during a footballmatch. But when Carlo is picked up on the day of the match, he gets in the wrong car.

Pension Mimosas 1935

Mr. and Mrs. Noblet run a boarding house on the French Riviera. One day, they are led by circumstances to welcome a little boy Pierre, whose father is in jail, into their home. Which makes Louise Noblet all the happier as she can't have children herself. But, after a while, Pierre's father is released from prison and reclaims his son... Time passes and Pierre, now a young adult, lives in Paris more or less on the wrong side of the law. He has a mistress, Nelly, who does not say no to other men's money... Louise, who still loves Pierre as her own son, wants only one thing - to help him get by.

Don Carlo - ROH 2017

Bertrand de Billy conducts a cast led by Bryan Hymel and Kristin Lewis in Nicholas Hytner’s acclaimed production of Verdi’s opera on love, ambition and intrigue in 16th-century Spain.

Walter and Carlo - Up on Daddy's Hat 1985

Walter's a handsome airline steward who catches the eye of Inge, winner of Malaga's Miss Moonlight contest. Carlo is a motor-mouthed goof who has a "heel bar" (a combination shoe shop and tavern); his companion, Elly, is shooting a video of him. Inge discovers she's an unwitting smuggler, bringing diamonds into Denmark in the heel of a sandal she's won at the beauty contest.

The Monte Carlo Story 1956

Stylish, sophisticated and absolutely broke, Dino (Vittorio De Sica) and Maria (Marlene Dietrich) pursue a romance until they realize neither of them has any money, which forces the gold diggers to turn their attention to a wealthy widower (Arthur O'Connell) and his daughter (Natalie Trundy). A compulsive gambler who owes several anxious investors a small fortune, Dino has trouble cutting his losses, no matter how bad the losing streak. [Netflix]

Loser Takes All 1956

Bertrand, an accountant employed by a large London firm, is called to the office of the Managing Director, Dreuther, to explain a mistake in the accounts. Dreuther is highly impressed by the young accountant's skilful explanation of the error and, hearing that Bertrand is soon to marry his spirited young fiancée, tells him to spend the honeymoon not in Bournemouth, but Monte Carlo at the company s expense! However, events in the fabulous Mediterranean paradise do not work out quite as Bertrand had envisaged...

Don Carlo 1992

This opera was filmed live at La Scala in 1992. The all-star cast includes Luciano Pavarotti, Samuel Ramey, aolo Coni, Daniela Dessi, Luciana d'Intio, and Alexander Anismov. Riccardo Muti conducts.

The Widow from Monte Carlo 1936

In this romantic comedy, an aspiring socialite heads for a vacation in Monte Carlo where she befriends a wealthy widowed duchess and then begins blackmailing her after she steals a scandalous letter.

The Woman From Monte Carlo 1932

On the eve of WW-I the French Navy ship Lafayette returns to its Toulon base for one night. There is no shore leave, although wives are permitted to come to a party. The strain of command on the older captain and his new, young wife is very great.

Carlo and Clara 2013

In a curious-looking old hospital, an elderly couple, Carlo and Clara, is waiting for their turn tenderly holding hands. There is a choice to be made, and the woman begins to hesitate. Only the words of the loving Carlo will be able to transform fear into courage. At one point the setting makes way for animation, suggested and overlapped by the words of Clara. It leads the listener to a deep reflection on life. The brief evocation of the magic of existence is imprinted in the deeply moved smile of the woman, certain that life on Earth is nothing but a stage of eternity.

Prodigals of Monte Carlo 1925

Sir Hargrave Wendever learns that his days on this earth are numbered. When she hears that the Lord has canceled his order for a portrait, Betty Oliver, the fiancée of the artist, Robert Hewitt, who is sick, goes to him and begs for a loan. Touched by the situation, the Lord decides to use his fortune to brighten the days of the two unlucky souls and takes them to Monte Carlo. But Wendever's enemies try to make Robert jealous.

Don Carlo 1980

tt1943692. Don Carlo (1980) Metropolitan Opera. Verdi / italian. King Philip's court is plagued by rebels, family squabbles and intrigue. The Spanish Inquisition tries to exert its influence. The tension finally ignites at the King's coronation, where heretics are to be burned at the stake

Don Carlo 2010

Family jealousy, threat of rebellion, political back-stabbing and the Inquisition weigh heavy on the court of King Phillip II. The tension finally ignites at the King's coronation, where a number of heretics are to be burnt at the stake.

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