Monte Carlo 2011

Three young women vacationing in Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress.

Monte Carlo or Bust! 1969

Sequel to "Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines". This time an international car rally from England to Monte Carlo provides the comedic farce.

Carlo 2004

Nicky breaks both of his feet, and asks his cousin Carlo to stand in for him during a footballmatch. But when Carlo is picked up on the day of the match, he gets in the wrong car.

Carlo 1983

Since retiring as a master wood carver, Carlo Fusetti has carved a gift, an inheritance for his granddaughter. But now his health keeps him from his work. A moving lyrical film about an artist facing mortality.

Mission: Monte Carlo 1974

Two episodes of the TV series "The Persuaders" joined into a movie. Two playboys, Roger Moore, Tony Curtis, investigate crimes along the French Riviera.

Walter and Carlo in America 1989

The steward Walter and the cobbler Carlo is tasked to provide not the Little, but the High Mermaid to two agents in Kennedy airport in New York. Already on arrival complicate the hapless heroes into a series of spy intrigue involving agents from both sides of the Iron Curtain

Don Carlo 2013

Verdi wrote this five act opera with a French Libretto for the Paris opera. Premiere 1867. Then there are three versions of this opera, the French 1867 version, the revised Italian four Act Don Carlo 1884, plus the Modena version 1886. This version is the 1884 version with Act One reinstated, as well as the original beginning of Act 2. To complicate matters the French opera was simply translated into Italian, and then the changes were made. There is an even newer edition completed in 1980 by Ricordi, and others floating around as well.

We Will All Go to Monte Carlo 1951

As they are waiting for a divorce, young movie star Malissa Farrell and famous pianist Rudy Walter have left their baby, Johnny, with a child minder in Le Vésinet. Marinette, the latter's daughter, who has been assigned to return the young Dubois to his parents, mistakes Johnny for the other kid. As she can't find Mr. and Mrs. Dubois, Marinette entrusts Max, Mrs. Dubois' father and the drummer in Ray Ventura's orchestra, with the care of the baby. Max, who must join the other musicians in Monte Carlo, where the band is due to play for the Jazz Festival, has no other choice but to rake the little one along with him.

A Ghost in Monte Carlo 1990

A chance meeting between British nobleman and lovely young Mistral foils a plot by her manipulating Aunt Emilie to avenge the death of her sister, Mistral's mother, who died in childbirth. But when an unscrupulous blackmailer and a rapacious Rajah enter the plot, the growing attraction between Lord and convent girl becomes yet more fraught with Danger.

Walter and Carlo - Up on Daddy's Hat 1985

Walter's a handsome airline steward who catches the eye of Inge, winner of Malaga's Miss Moonlight contest. Carlo is a motor-mouthed goof who has a "heel bar" (a combination shoe shop and tavern); his companion, Elly, is shooting a video of him. Inge discovers she's an unwitting smuggler, bringing diamonds into Denmark in the heel of a sandal she's won at the beauty contest.

Carlo and Clara 2013

In a curious-looking old hospital, an elderly couple, Carlo and Clara, is waiting for their turn tenderly holding hands. There is a choice to be made, and the woman begins to hesitate. Only the words of the loving Carlo will be able to transform fear into courage. At one point the setting makes way for animation, suggested and overlapped by the words of Clara. It leads the listener to a deep reflection on life. The brief evocation of the magic of existence is imprinted in the deeply moved smile of the woman, certain that life on Earth is nothing but a stage of eternity.

Prodigals of Monte Carlo 1925

Sir Hargrave Wendever learns that his days on this earth are numbered. When she hears that the Lord has canceled his order for a portrait, Betty Oliver, the fiancée of the artist, Robert Hewitt, who is sick, goes to him and begs for a loan. Touched by the situation, the Lord decides to use his fortune to brighten the days of the two unlucky souls and takes them to Monte Carlo. But Wendever's enemies try to make Robert jealous.

Don Carlo 1992

This opera was filmed live at La Scala in 1992. The all-star cast includes Luciano Pavarotti, Samuel Ramey, aolo Coni, Daniela Dessi, Luciana d'Intio, and Alexander Anismov. Riccardo Muti conducts.

Don Carlo 1980

tt1943692. Don Carlo (1980) Metropolitan Opera. Verdi / italian. King Philip's court is plagued by rebels, family squabbles and intrigue. The Spanish Inquisition tries to exert its influence. The tension finally ignites at the King's coronation, where heretics are to be burned at the stake

Monte Carlo 1986

An American writer on the Riviera courts a Russian singer who is spying on Nazis for revenge.

The Monte Carlo Show

The Monte Carlo Show is a variety show set in Monte Carlo and presented by Patrick Wayne. The show was taped live in Monaco and featured talents from around the world. The series was broadcast in USA during 1980.

Carlo J. Caparas' Bangis

Carlo J. Caparas' Bangis is Philippine TV’s first higante-serye and another primetime offering aired on Philippines by TV5 and starred by Oyo Boy Sotto, Danita Paner and child actor BJ Go. It is also the first TV adaptation of Caparas comics novel Matatalim na Pangil sa Gubat.

Carlos, Rey Emperador 2015

The series tells the story of Charles I or Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, one of the most powerful men Europe has met, the ruler of a empire as great in size as in diversity. As the life of Charles of Habsburg is told since his arrival to Spain, it can be seen how the heir to the crowns of Germany, Burgundy, the Netherlands, the Free County, Artois, Nevers and Rethel, of the territories of the Crown of Aragon and its related Italian territories, and of the territories of the Catholic Monarchs in Castile, North Africa and the Americas, matures as a statesman and gets stronger in face of menaces around him and good and bad advice from his counselors.

Carlos / Le prix du Chacal 2010

Carlos is a French-German television and cinema biographical film from 2010, about the life of the 1970s international terrorist Carlos the Jackal, from his first series of attacks in 1973 until his arrest in 1994. It premiered as a three-part TV mini-series on French pay channel Canal+, with the three parts airing on 19 May, May 26 and June 2, 2010. On the same day it premiered on Canal+, the full 5½ hour version was also shown out of competition at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. Produced by Daniel Leconte of French production company Film En Stock and Jens Meuer of German production company Egoli Tossell Film, in association with Canal+ and French Arte, it was directed by Olivier Assayas from a screenplay by Leconte, Assayas and Dan Franck, and stars Édgar Ramírez as Carlos. The film exists both as a three-part mini-series and a feature film of various lengths between 338 and 319 minutes, but also in several abridged versions, from 187 minutes down to 166 minutes. Classified as a theatrical film as well as a TV film/TV mini-series, Carlos has been awarded both theatrical awards and TV awards; among them the 2010 Golden Globe award for the 'Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television', the 2010 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Director, the National Society of Film Critics 2010 award for Best Director, the New York Film Critics Circle 2010 award for Best Foreign Language Film, the 2010 European Film Award for Best Editor, the 2010 Critics Award for Best Film at the São Paulo International Film Festival, and Édgar Ramírez won the 2010 César Award for Most Promising Actor.

Cállate con Carlos Sicilia

Cállate con Carlos Sicilia was a Venezuelan talk show hosted and written by Carlos Sicilia, a famous Venezuelan comedy screenwriter. It began airing on Radio Caracas Television in 1989. The show followed the same format that the talk shows and variety shows of David Letterman, Johnny Carson, and Jay Leno and was known for a lack of the double entendre humor that is overly common in the Venezuelan television.

Charlemagne 1993

Charlemagne, le prince à cheval is a 1993 television miniseries about the life of Charlemagne. It consists of five episodes and covers the period from the death of his father, Pepin the Short in AD 768 until Charlemagne's corronation as the first Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day, AD 800. However, there is a minor chronological anachronism: in an earlier episode, we see Widukind, the king of the Saxons surrender and convert to Christianity, which didn't happen until AD 803. This program was directed by Clive Donner and based primarily on the contemporary biography of Charlemagne written by Einhard, who knew Charlemagne personally.

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