Power Elite 2002

The President of the United States, Jonathan Caine, prepares to sign a treaty banning chemical weapons. This signature, hoped for many years, is eagerly awaited. However, this gesture for peace does not delight everyone. An unknown terrorist organization appears suddenly. These criminals want to sabotage the treaty. As a warning, they strike a great blow by removing the right arm of Caine and destroying Air Force One, the plane reserved for the President.


Airforce is a Singapore Chinese miniseries produced by the SBC in 1988. It was produced in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence and features the Republic of Singapore Air Force and its aircraft such as the Northrop F-5, Aermacchi S-211 and Aermacchi SF.260. Most scenes were filmed on-site at Changi Airport and its adjoining air base. The series creator was Jiang Long, who also co-created the 1984 classic period drama The Awakening. It was one of several SBC drama series re-aired on Channel 8 in 2007 as part of MediaCorp's anniversary celebrating 25 years of local Chinese drama production.