Alvin and the Chipmunks Go to the Movies: Star Wreck 1990

The Chipmunks head for outer space in this affectionate Star Trek spoof. Theodore stars as Dr. McRoy, who's abducted by aliens. Now it's Capt. Dirk (Alvin), Mr. Speck (Simon), Uhaha (Brittany) and the crew of the USS Boobyprize to the rescue. But will they reach McRoy before he's brainwashed by his captors? Two additional episodes from the beloved animated series, "Elementary, My Dear Simon" and "Chip Tracy," are included as a bonus.

Ava Gardner: Life Is Bigger Than the Movies 2016

A barefoot contessa, a screwed-up princess, an exquisite drunk, a bawdy aristocrat, a nightmare for puritanical America and the moguls of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Ava Gardner never stopped loving those she loved. She turned women green and made men sweat. And rejected with all her force the bulwark of normality.

A Night at the Movies: George Lucas & The World of Fantasy Cinema 2014

A Night at the Movies, the ongoing TCM series of one-hour "Film Studies 101" specials, takes up the subject of "Fantasy" in its seventh and latest installment. Once again Laurent Bouzereau has created a documentary examining the many different ways that writers and directors have explored a particular genre--in this case, the limitless world of the imagination as portrayed in fantasy films.

Little Movies. No. 6: On the Transient Nature of an Electronic Image 1994

"Little Movies" is a lyrical and theoretical project about the aesthetics of digital cinema, and a eulogy to its earliest form--QuickTime. The project began in 1994 when the World Wide Web was just beginning to gain mass exposure. Manovich's intention was to create cinema for the Web, employing the network limitations as a new aesthetic. The project was begun in 1994 when the World Wide Web was just beginning to gain mass exposure. From the beginning, my intention was to create cinema for the Web. I wanted to turn the network limitations into a new aesthetic. Is it possible to create films with the resolution of 1 pixel? Is it possible to have a meaningful and an emotional experience under 1 MG in size? This "Little Movies" Web Site presents Volume I, and contains six movies, created between 1994 and 1997. All movies are set to loop indefinetely. You may click on a movie at any time to go back to the catalog page. -Lev Manovich

In the Shadow of Hollywood: Race Movies and the Birth of Black Cinema 2007

This documentary captures the sounds and images of a nearly forgotten era in film history when African American filmmakers and studios created “race movies” exclusively for black audiences. The best of these films attempted to counter the demeaning stereotypes of black Americans prevalent in the popular culture of the day. About 500 films were produced, yet only about 100 still exist. Filmmaking pioneers like Oscar Micheaux, the Noble brothers, and Spencer Williams, Jr. left a lasting influence on black filmmakers, and inspired generations of audiences who finally saw their own lives reflected on the silver screen.

Har Har Byomkesh 2015

Famed detective Byomkesh Bakshi investigates the murder of a man who had just thrown a party to celebrate his recovery from a long illness.

Mower Minions 2016

The Minions need to raise $20 to purchase an as seen on TV banana blender. So they take up lawn mowing at an old folks home, with hilarious antics!