Yugoslavian Home Movies 2014

Made from a collection of home movies, news footage and photos gathered from a residency in Belgrade in memory of a country that no longer exists.

The Movies March On 1939

A "March of Time" presentation of the evolution of movies compiled primarily from film clips of silent movies through the early sound pictures to the present (1939) date. Industry executives such as Jack and Harry Warner, Walt Disney, Cecil B. DeMille, et al are seen taking bows in the live (non-archive) footage.

Marilyn at the Movies 1951

Through film trailers and newsreel footage, this program pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe's silver screen legacy -- and The Misfits director John Huston goes behind the scenes to examine her tumultuous personal life.

Vancouver Midnight Movies 2014

"Vancouver Midnight Movies" are a patriotic music video tribute to the city and people of Vancouver; for being the most glamorous, peaceful and party oriented city in Canada. Local actors and dancers parade over Surrey, New Westminster, Burrard Street, Robson Street, Davie Street and all over downtown Vancouver in a celebration of the city's happiness and fancy life style. The videos explore multiple themes based on sex, religion, fashion, glamour, dance , music, cityscapes and fantasy life. A compilation of endless music videos by Omer Pasha as leading vocalist/singer takes you on an endless voyage of eccentric ecstasy of dance, animation, sexuality, religion, spirituality, crazy fun, fashion, vogue all over Vancouver that can be called the craziest fun of your entire life.

Movies Are Adventure 1948

Produced in association with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences as part of a twelve part series called The Industry Film Project, meant to inform the public about specific facets of production and industry life. It shows that the "magic seat" of a movie theater can transport the movie-goer to all types of adventures, such as the Oklahoma land rush; being rescued by a sheik in the Sahara Desert; watching a huge ape climb the Empire State Building; or experiencing a hurricane in the south Pacific. No matter what type of thrill your looking for, you'll find it on the big screen.

Brady Bunch Home Movies 1995

The Brady Bunch Home Movies was aired on CBS, May 24, 1995. It is hosted by several former cast members and is a collection of clips from Super 8 camera's as well as selections from the television show. Each cast member of the 'Brady Bunch' received a camera from Robert Reed and some of the footage is of their trips abroad.

Goofy Movies Number Three 1934

This "complete show on one reel" starts with Super-Stupid Picture's "The Heel of a Nation", in which the narrator tells a humorous story while the audience sees scenes from a totally unrelated, unidentified silent movie. Then comes a "Wotaphony" newsreel. The last segment is a spoof of James A. FitzPatrick's Traveltalk series. We see a Pitts Fatrick Travel Squawk titled "A Visit to Schnozzle Isle." Schnozzle Isle is just off the coast of a Polynesian land which, when seen from the air, has a profile that looks remarkably (or perhaps not so remarkably) like 'Jimmy Durante' .

Goofy Movies Number Seven 1934

This comedy short contains a "Wotaphony" newsreel and a short film from Super-Stupid Pictures entitled "The Downfall of Thaddeus G. Blotto, Esq." As the audience views footage from unidentified silent movies, the narrator makes humorous comments while telling the (alleged) story.

Goldthwait Home Movies

See the Goldthwait family as you remember them best, with commentary by 3 of the actors.

America at the Movies 1976

A compilation of scenes from 83 films, divided into 5 segments: The Land, The Cities, The Families, The Wars, The Spirit.

We Make Movies

A hilarious and heartfelt look "behind the scenes" as a group of college kids spend their summer making a movie for their town's Film Festival. Cameras chronicle the tumultuous ups and downs (mostly downs) as an egotistical student Director rounds up his friends (and some bystanders) to help make his masterpiece: a movie that blends together all the greatest films ever made.

Stewart Family Home Movies 1939

“Between 1926 and 1985, amateur Archie Stewart shot over seventy thousand feet of film. In 1936 he purchased a sound-on-film 16mm camera and began to make talking pictures. The result is that we can not only see what Archie saw but hear what he heard. Stewart primarily focused on his family, watching them grow and mature as the years passed. Here we partake in four years of family activities, trips, and holiday seasons, as well as technical experiments. The record, intimate and endearing, shows people comfortable in front of the ever-present camera and microphone.” — Bruce Posner

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