The Duke 1999

When his nephew tries to wrest control of his estate from him, the Duke of Dingwall removes the boy from his will and leaves everything to his dog.

The Duke of Burgundy 2014

Day in and day out, lovers Cynthia and Evelyn enact an elaborate sadomasochistic fantasy as mistress and maid. But as their ritual of domination and submission begins to turn stale, Cynthia yearns for something more conventional, while Evelyn tries to push their taboos even further.

VeggieTales: Duke and the Great Pie War 2005

When the armies of Rhubarb go to battle against the Kingdom of Scone, The Great Pie War breaks out and things get really messy. Sweet Petunia, a charming young rhubarb, is forced to flee her homeland and live in a tree stump in a foreign land. When the Duke learns of the Princess's plight, he risks his life to help her and learns that true love means thinking of others first. Filled with serf music, Three Dog Knights, hurling catapults of slime and loads of silliness, Duke and the Great Pie War delivers a royal lesson in loving your family. Plus, Laura the Carrot stars in Baby Sitter In DeNile - a charming retelling of the story of Miriam and Moses.

The Finances of the Grand Duke 1924

The likeable and carefree Grand Duke of Abacco is in dire straits. There is no money left to service the State's debt; the main creditor is looking forward to expropriating the entire Duchy. The marriage with Olga, Grand Duchess of Russia, would solve everything, but a crucial letter of hers about the engagement has been stolen. Besides, a bunch of revolutionaries and a dubious businessman have other plans regarding the Grand Duke. With the intrusion of adventurer Philipp Collins into the Grand Duke's affairs, a series of frantic chases, plots and counter-plots begins.

The Black Duke 1963

Cesar Borgia--a cardinal in the Catholic church, a confidant of the Pope and a member of one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in 16th-century Italy--must deal with a host of political and personal crises. He is having problems with his mistress, and members of a secret society called The Black Carnation are out to assassinate him.

The Lady and the Duke 2001

This breathtaking, visually experimental film from New Wave director Eric Rohmer tells the true story of Grace Dalrymple Elliot (Lucy Russell), a British aristocrat trapped in Paris during the French Revolution. Determined to maintain her stiff upper lip and pampered life despite the upheaval, Grace continues her friendship with the Duke of Orléans (Jean-Claude Dreyfus) while risking her life and liberty to protect a fugitive.

The Duchess of Benameji 1949

Bandits in Sierra Morena assault the carriage in which the Duchess of Benamejí travels. A romance starts between her and the boss of the gang, Lorenzo, that arouses the jealousy of Rocio a gypsy who lives with the bandits. Meanwhile, the Marquis of Peñaflores, a captain in love with his cousin the Duchess, chases the bandits. Rocío reveals to the Marquis where Lorenzo and his men are and taking advantage of the tumult of the fight, she kills the Duchess. Her death will cause a change in attitude both Lorenzo and Peñaflores

La duquesa roja 1997

An Andalusian duchess has the dilemma of what to do with a grove, whether to convert it into a natural reserve or to make a luxury urbanization. The duchess, who is torn between her aristocratic privileges and a social commitment that has cost her more than one dislike in the past, must make a decision about her lands, to which she wants to get some money without harming the people. On the other hand, An ambitious Basque financier, Antónón Ibarrondo, intends to build a luxury urbanization in the Marbella style in the grove. Around the duchess, the businessman, environmentalists and other members in the conflict, problems begin to arise and everything will be decided in a referendum, convened with the idea that it is the people who decide, which coincides with the annual celebration of the Pilgrimage del Pueblo.With a cast "

The Armchair and the Grand Duchess 1943

A Russian duke who's fallen on hard times tries to recover a stash of jewels hidden inside an armchair, but the chair gets sold at auction to a millionairess and he's forced to marry her in order to retrieve the treasure.

The Duchess 2008

A chronicle of the life of 18th century aristocrat Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, who was reviled for her extravagant political and personal life.

George Washington's First War: The Battles for Fort Duquesne 2003

In the early years of the French and Indian War, a young, hot-tempered colonel named George Washington is chosen by the leaders of Virginia to defend Fort Duquesne from a guerilla alliance of French and Native American fighters. Under the tutelage of British Maj. Gen. John Forbes and Swiss deputy Col. Henry Bouquet, Washington hones the legendary military acumen that would later forge a new country, as evidenced in this absorbing documentary.

The Dukes of Hazzard 2005

Cousins, Bo and Luke Duke, with the help of their eye-catching cousin, Daisy and moonshine-running Uncle Jesse, try and save the family farm from being destroyed by Hazzard County's corrupt commissioner, Boss Hogg. Their efforts constantly find the 'Duke Boys' eluding authorities in 'The General Lee', their 1969 orange Dodge Charger that keeps them one step ahead of the dimwitted antics of the small southern town's Sheriff, Roscoe P. Coltrane.

The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox 1976

A female hustler is chasing after rich men, but becomes repeatedly mixed up with a suave con man and card shark through a series of misadventures before falling in love with him.

Isabella, Duchess of the Devils 1969

An Alsacian Baron massacres the family of a French Duke, and takes his lands and his title. Isabella, the Duke's baby child, escapes the massacre, is raised by gypsies, and comes back twenty years later to exact revenge.

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