Horus, Prince of the Sun 1968

Horus, a kid living in a unnamed Scandinavian/Eastern Europe culture of the Iron Age, recovers the Sword of the Sun from the rock giant Moog and learns from his dying father that he must returns to his ancestral territory. In the process, he defends a village from the attacks of Grundewald, a warlord/ice demon and befriends the enigmatic Hilda, a lonely and beautiful girl who sings haunting songs (and who hides a terrible secret).

Doraemon the Movie 2017: Nobita's Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi 2017

Unable to endure the midsummer heat, Doraemon transports Nobita and his friends to a huge iceberg floating in the South Pacific. While creating an amusement parks with the secret tool "Ice-working Iron" the group finds a mysterious golden ring in the ice. Upon closer examination, they determine that the ring was buried in Antarctica 100,000 years ago - before people could have lived there. Doraemon and friends head to Antarctica looking for the owner of the ring and come across the ruins of a huge city buried in the ice. Using Doraemon's Time Belt, the group travels back 100,000 years ago and meets the young girl Kara who is connected to the mysterious ring. But now the group must fight for survival as Doraemon faces the crisis of the entire Earth freezing.

Drums Along the Mohawk 1939

Set in America's Colonial period, John Ford's adventure tale follows Gilbert (Henry Fonda) and Lana Martin (Claudette Colbert) as they try to survive the rugged frontier. After their settlement is repeatedly attacked by Indians, the couple is taken in by a spinster (Edna May Oliver). Lana bears a son, while Gilbert heads off to fight the Indians and the British. He returns, wounded, to find his family once again under attack by the Indians.

Denver and Rio Grande 1952

Jim Vesser and his team of railroading men try to build a rail line through a mountain pass, while a group of less scrupulous construction workers sabotage the entire operation in the hopes that they can get their tracks laid first and get the money from the railroad.

Circus World 1964

Circus owner Matt Masters is beset by disasters as he attempts a European tour of his circus. At the same time, he is caught in an emotional bind between his adopted daughter and her mother.

Prep & Landing: Tiny's Big Adventure 2011

Tiny's Big Adventure is a two-minute computer animated short that debuted on Disney.com. The short features Magee's assistant, Tiny, trying to make a pot of coffee and in the process, accidentally ruins the elves' break room.

The Three Musketeers Aramis' Adventure 1989

Aramis fell off her horse and received the aid of a man named Francois. They fell in love with each other at first sight and spent their time happily for a while. Francois was killed by Manson and the Ironmask's people, so Aramis swore revenge. Then she went to Paris to be a musketeer. 1 year after the end of TV series, D'Artagnan had a drink with 3 musketeers and found that Jussac and the Cardinal's Guards harrassed a woman in a tavern in Paris. Of couse, they fought Jussac and the Cardinal's guards and won. On his way to home, D'Artagnan witnessed the woman whom he rescued from Jussac about to jump into the river, and rescued her again. D'Artagnan brought her to home but she disappeared soon. After a day, D'Artagnan heard that the woman was killed last night and Rochefort and Cardinal's guards arrested him for murder because his hat was found by the woman's body. Aramis discovers that the story has a link with Catherine de M├ędicis, and launches out an investigation.

Over the Garden Wall 2014

Two brothers, Wirt and Greg, find themselves lost in the Unknown; a strange forest adrift in time. With the help of a wise old Woodsman and a foul-tempered bluebird named Beatrice, Wirt and Greg must travel across this strange land, in hope of finding their way home. Join them as they encounter surprises and obstacles on their journey through the wood.

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