The Bride 2015

Based on the famous play "Bodas de sangre" (Blood Wedding) by Federico García Lorca, La novia tells the story of a passionate love triangle. A bride leaves her groom, no longer able to withstand the surging desires of her lover, Leonordo.

Bride of the Gorilla 1951

The owner of a plantation in the jungle marries a beautiful woman. Shortly afterward, he is plagued by a strange voodoo curse which transforms him into a gorilla. But is his transformation real or is it all in his head?

The Desert Bride 2017

Teresa’s life is turned upside down when she is forced to accept a job far away. On her way, she loses her bag, causing her to cross paths with El Gringo, a traveling salesman.

Son of the Bride 2001

At age 42, Rafael Belvedere is having a crisis. He lives in the shadow of his father, he feels guilty about rarely visiting his aging mother, his ex-wife says he doesn't spend enough time with their daughter and he has yet to make a commitment to his girlfriend. At his lowest point, a minor heart attack reunites him with Juan Carlos, a childhood friend, who helps Rafael to reconstruct his past.

The Blood Spattered Bride 1972

A young husband's sexual fantasies frighten his new wife and cause her to seek advice from Carmilla, a descendent of Mircalla de Karnstein. Carmilla seduces the young bride and forces her to commit gory acts of mutilation.

Lazaro's Girlfriend 2002

Lazarus is a Cuban appeal that makes a living in Madrid. When his girlfriend Dolores travels from Cuba to Spain to live with him, he is in prison for kidnapping and attempted rape. Dolores tries to survive with a broken heart, but his sympathy and sensuality will make adjusting to life in Madrid and try to exceed the Lazarus drug addiction.

Bride of Chucky 1998

Chucky hooks up with another murderous doll, the bridal gown-clad Tiffany, for a Route 66 murder spree with their unwitting hosts.

The Bride 2017

This is a story of a small town girl named Nastya. Her newly married husband Ivan drives her to his hometown to meet his family. Upon their arrival Nastya feels she made a wrong decision: she is surrounded by weird people and she sees creepy photos all around the house. Ivan disappears while his family prepares Nastya for a mysterious traditional Russian wedding ceremony. She struggles to calm herself down hoping all this will end and they will live happily ever after. Only if she stays alive...

Runaway Bride 1999

Ike Graham, New York columnist, writes his text always at the last minute. This time, a drunken man in his favourite bar tells Ike about Maggie Carpenter, a woman who always flees from her grooms in the last possible moment. Ike, who does not have the best opinion about females anyway, writes an offensive column without researching the subject thoroughly.

Bride of Re-Animator 1989

Herbert West once again revives the dead. This time, he brings Dan's ex-girlfriend's heart back inside a 'perfect' body. Dr. Hill returns as the evil nemesis who lost his head.

Spring Bride 1942

To impress friends and family, Cristina pretends to be the fiancée of best-selling author Pablo Reyes. When Reyes shows up in town, he good-naturedly agrees to keep up the pretense.

La novia de medianoche 1997

A wealthy woman twice widowed, lives with his family and two servants in a shady country house in Galicia in the late nineteenth century isolated from the world to hide a serious incident occurred in the family ten years earlier. This event is subject to certain blackmail the family of which will be released by the arrival at the mansion of two strangers who triggered the investigation of the facts and a change in the future family life.

Novia a la medida 1949

Door-to-door salesman falls for a young woman, implements hare-brained schemes to separate her from her fiance.

Kiss The Bride 2002

Sibling drama overshadows the impending nuptials of Danni Sposato and her longtime boyfriend, Geoff Brancato. Television actress Niki brings her manager-boyfriend, Marty, to meet the family for the first time, while spiky youngest sister Toni shows off her bandmate and lover, Amy, and driven Wall Street banker Chrissy flashes the status symbols of her financial success.

Father of the Bride 1991

George Banks is an ordinary, middle-class man whose 21 year-old daughter Annie has decided to marry a man from an upper-class family, but George can't think of what life would be like without his daughter. He becomes slightly insane, but his wife tries to make him happy for Annie, but when the wedding takes place at their home and a foreign wedding planner takes over the ceremony.

Soldier's Girl 2003

The true story of Soldier’s Girl, which takes place in Fort Campbell, KY, tells the heart-wrenching story of the life and tragic death of soldier Barry Winchell. His love for Calpernia Addams, a beautiful transgendered nightclub performer was misunderstood by fellow soldiers and eventually leads to his brutal death.

I Was a Male War Bride 1949

Captain Henri Rochard is a French officer assigned to work with Lieut. Catherine Gates. Through a wacky series of misadventures, they fall in love and marry. When the war ends, Capt. Rochard tries to return to America with the other female war brides. Zany gender-confusing antics follow.

Istanbullu Gelin 2017

Faruk is the owner of a bus company and the leader of a powerful family in Bursa which is a metropol in Turkey. Faruk meets a violonist girl and falls in love with her. But the dominant mother of Faruk isn't happy with her son's relationship.

The Ancient Magus' Bride: Those Awaiting a Star 2016

A prequel to the manga The Ancient Magus' Bride, this movie tells the story of how the dispossessed 15 year old girl Chise Hatori (Hatori Chise in Japanese) is bought by a monstrous sorcerer named Elias. However, things are not as dire as they seem. Elias informs Chise that she has a rare magical talent, and that he will therefor take her on as his apprentice... and in the future, as his bride.

Bride's Avenue

La calle de las novias is a Mexican telenovela produced by TV Azteca and Zuba Producciones. Directed by Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, it stars Silvia Navarro and Juan Manuel Bernal as protagonists.

Ex-Girlfriend Club 2015

A popular webtoon writer writes about his ex-girlfriends. While his webtoon is being made into a movie, he meets a female film producer.

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