The Last Princess 2016

Under the oppressive Japanese colonial rule, Deok-hye, the last Princess of the declining Joseon Dynasty, is forced to move to Japan. She spends her days missing home, while struggling to maintain dignity as a princess. After a series of failed tries, Deok-hye makes her final attempt to return home with help of her childhood sweetheart, Jang-han.

Diana: Last Days of a Princess 2007

A film about the last weeks of the life of one of the most famous women of the twentieth century - Diana, Princess of Wales. The sudden and tragic death of Diana in August 1997 shocked the world as much as the assassination of President Kennedy. The tragedy, which occurred August 31, 1997 from the beginning was surrounded by many conflicting rumors and the most improbable assumptions.

The Last Princess 2008

After the Akizuku clan fall in defeat to rival clan Yamana, Princess Yuki (Nagasawa Masami) and general Rokurota (Hiroshi Abe), take cover in a hidden fortress, along with their clan and gold treasury. Fortuitously stumbling into the hideaways, brash young miner Takezo (Matsumoto Jun) and his bumbling sidekick Shinhachi (Miyagawa Daiuske) hatch a daring plan to help transport the gold out of enemy terrain - in exchange for a share of the stash, of course. With assassins hot in pursuit, Yuki disguises as a male and ventures into the real world with Rukurota and her peasant companions, getting her first taste of danger, toil, and budding romance with the strong-minded and willful Takezo.

Kawashima Yoshiko: The Last Princess of Manchuria 1990

Kawashima Yoshiko was originally the 14th daughter of Emperor Xu. She was sent to Japan to train in the ways of the Samurai but lost her virginity to Samurai. She then married a Mongolian prince and set her mind to fight for the independence of Mongolia but the marriage failed. Arriving Shanghai, she met an opera singer Wan Hoi. Because of her beauty and background, she achieved a great deal, including successfully smuggled a Queen, Yuen Yung and helped Pu Yi to establish Manchuria. Unexpectedly, she met up again with Wan Hoi, who was the number one singer at that time but also part of the rebel force, and tried to unsuccessfully assassinate Yu-Yeh resulting in his own death. Yoshiko saved him but he could not be bought, so she set him free without Japanese' permission. The Japanese were dissatisfied and eventually she was exiled back to Japan. She later returned to China. However, because of the lost of Japan, she got arrested and executed. (Joy Sales)

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