Amen 1986

Amen is an American television sitcom produced by Carson Productions that ran from September 27, 1986 to May 11, 1991 on NBC. Set in Sherman Hemsley's real-life hometown of Philadelphia, Amen stars Hemsley as the deacon of a church and was part of a wave of successful sitcoms on NBC in the 1980s which featured entirely or almost-entirely black casts. Others included The Cosby Show, A Different World, and 227.


Pandamen is a 2010 Taiwanese TV series directed by and starring Jay Chou and co-starring Nan Quan Mama members Yuhao Zhan and Devon Song in the title roles of "Pandamen".

Moses and the Ten Commandments 2015

The story begins in the city of Pi-Ramesses, in Egypt, at approximately 1300 B.C, when the powerful pharaoh Seti, orders the death of every male newborn in his hatred of the Hebrew people. Amidst the horrors of mass infanticide, one brave Hebrew family defies Pharaoh`s command and hides their child in a basket set afloat on the river Nile, trusting that God would carry him to safety.

M*A*S*H 1972

The 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital is stuck in the middle of the Korean war. With little help from the circumstances they find themselves in, they are forced to make their own fun. Fond of practical jokes and revenge, the doctors, nurses, administrators, and soldiers often find ways of making wartime life bearable.

The Andromeda Strain 2008

A U.S. satellite crash-lands near a small town in Utah, unleashing a deadly plague that kills virtually everyone except two survivors, who may provide clues to immunizing the population. As the military attempts to quarantine the area, a team of highly specialized scientists is assembled to find a cure and stop the spread of the alien pathogen, code-named Andromeda.

Meteor 2009

Following an unparalleled series of meteor fireballs plummeting toward Earth, a renowned scientist, his assistant, and an on-target conspiracy theorist race against time to expose a government cover-up, reveal the truth, and prevent a massive meteor from destroying the planet.

Outbreak Company 2013

Shinichi Kanou's father writes novels and his mother illustrates erotic video games, so it's not unsurprising that he'd turn out a fan of comics and science fiction. However, rather than channeling his efforts into creating like his parents, he has instead become one of the world's foremost experts on "moe," with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things cute and adorable in every conceivable form of animation and media. This sort of explains Shinichi's recruitment as an ambassador for moe to the Holy Erudanto Kingdom, a parallel world where things that previously only existed in anime actually exist! How will a hot blooded young otaku react when dropped into a world with actual cute and adorable elf maids and dragons? More importantly, how will they react to this drooling devotee with diplomatic credentials? And even more to the point, exactly why does the Japanese government feel that sending someone to represent Japan's moe interests is a good idea in the first place?

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