Limbo 1999

Unconventional narrative about the interactions amongst a group of people in a small town in Alaska, each of whom has guards a secret.

Limbo 2018

Limbo is the tale of a woman trapped in a trance she struggles to break. Chased by her demon, the woman faces against her fears in a battle of predator and prey that is reminiscent of contemporary dance. Can she break the spell, or will she falter and fall?

In Limbo 2018

Acquitted of a fatal on-duty incident but tormented by its harrowing personal repercussions, a police officer and impending father struggles to piece his uprooted life back together while sent on leave to a holiday resort in Greece.

Children of the Night 2014

A vampiric dark-comedy, Limbo centres around a secluded colony of child-vampires between the ages of 4 and 120, who were all the victims of shameless adult vampires. They are led by a formidable and deeply religious ex-nurse whose destiny in life is to find these ‘lost souls,’ and raise them in her colony. Through religious teachings and rituals adapted from Catholicism, and the occasional visit to local towns for blood, she prepares the children for what God had in mind for them… creation of a new race of men through ‘natural cloning,’ (which amounts to being bitten by her children). However, they are neither the only colony of their kind, nor are they as secluded from the outside world as they think

Limbo 2016

The leopard shall lie down with the goat. The wolves shall live with the lambs. And the young boy will lead them. 12+1 kids and the carcass of a whale washed ashore…

Limbo 2010

Sonia arrives in Trinidad with her two children to join her husband Jo who is working as an oil engineer. On the surface she lives a life of luxury in a large houses with servants. The days are uneventful and blend together into an everlasting holiday, where the women nurse their superficial relationships over cocktails poolside – the perfect climate for self-delusion.

Limbo 2004

Limbo is the story of a man in search of his identity. Through a series of events and broken relationships Bill tries to find meaning and purpose in his life. In the end he realizes that he can run from his life, but not from himself.

Limbo 2017

Samantha "Sam" Carpenter lived her life making nothing but bad decisions. One fateful night at a bar puts her in a car accident. Upon waking up, Sam realizes she is no longer on earth but in Limbo, a world between Heaven and Hell. In order for her to get back into her body, she must overcome her selfish tendencies or face eternal damnation.

Limbo 2008

The story of a woman, lost in her own thoughts and world, going about her business without anyone taking any notice of her strange behaviour.


An offbeat observation of refugees waiting to be granted asylum on a fictional remote Scottish island. It focuses on Omar, a young Syrian musician who is burdened by the weight of his grandfather’s oud, which he has carried all the way from his homeland.


A short story of a shy man who finds the love of his life and then what happens next.

Limbo 2009

Running away from trouble, a gay teen boy slips and suffers an almost fatal accident. He goes to limbo, a magical and mysterious place where he will meet a suicide lawyer and a crazy nurse, two characters that will change his life forever.

Limbo 2014

LIMBO is set in a small town in rural Denmark, teenager Sara and young teacher Karen develop a connection. A quiet drama interested as much in the lives of its female protagonists as their surroundings.

Limbo 2015

Synesthesia and whatnot.

Limbo 2004

A labyrinthine neo-noir thriller with a tense psychological slant, this dark, existential drama follows the surreal journey of a man trapped in a place where time stands still, yet determined to fend off madness by pursuing a mysterious assassin while finding a means of escaping his otherworldly prison. Limbo was Thomas Ikimi's micro budget student film, made in his sophomore/junior year in University.

Limbo 2004

A woman makes a descent into Hell after she kills a man she brought home as a one-night stand.

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