The Buddha of Suburbia 1993

Naveen Andrews plays the charismatic Karim, a half-Asian, half-English, wholly hedonistic chancer who is mortified when his civil servant father (Roshan Seth) plunges into an affair with the exotic Eva and begins passing himself off as a spiritual guru. This brings Karim into contact with Eva's wayward son, Charlie, and ostensibly offers an escape from suburbia. The story follows his break-out, from London to New York, constantly snagging himself on cultural barbwire and falling into situations a raconteur would die for.

Substitute Princess 2013

King Flower is a 2013 Taiwanese idol comedy romance television drama series. The television drama was produced by SETTV and started filming on November 26, 2012. The show stars actor James Wen as the main male lead and actress Nikki Xie as the main female lead. The show was supposed to star Sonia Sui as the main female lead but it was reported that Nikki Xie replaced Sonia as the main female lead. It was first aired on January 6, 2013 on TTV.

The Substitute Bride 2010

The Substitute Bride is the sixth episode of the Precious Hearts Romances Presents TV series of the Philippines. It stars Paw Diaz, Rafael Rosell and Carla Humphries.

Submarine Super 99

Submarine Super 99 is a television series created by Leiji Matsumoto. Video was distributed by TV Tokyo. Enoki Films USA Inc. holds the distribution rights of English version, but it is not releasing it.

Sealab 2021 2000

The year is 2021. Deep below the ocean's surface, looms a vast, magnificently high-tech compound: Sealab. A multi-national scientific station with an annual budget in the trillions, manned by a motley collection of malcontents and screw-ups who were unfit for work in the private sector. They really don't get any research done, but instead spend their time bickering among themselves or just plain goofing off. The crew have manipulated their luckless leader, Captain Murphy, into submission, and are content to ride the government clock, raking in fat, hazardous-duty paychecks.

Suburban Secrets

Suburban Secrets is a 2007 American non-fiction television series created by truTV. It is produced by Sirens Media. The show is described as being a cross between City Confidential and Desperate Housewives. Some cities that the show has documented: ⁕Pleasant Garden, North Carolina ⁕Grapevine, Texas ⁕Aliquippa, Pennsylvania ⁕Little Compton, Rhode Island ⁕Marion, Virginia ⁕Red Bluff, California ⁕Bridgton, Maine ⁕Olathe, Kansas Notable cases documented: ⁕Sarah Marie Johnson ⁕Christopher McCowen ⁕Hope Schreiner ⁕Rachelle Waterman ⁕Diane King ⁕Mark Mangelsdorf and Melinda Harmon Raisch

Urban Suburban

Urban Suburban is a Canadian reality television series, which debuted in 2011 on HGTV.

Style & Substance

Style & Substance was a television situation comedy that premiered on CBS July 22, 1998. The show starred Jean Smart as Chelsea Stevens, a Martha Stewart-like star of a how-to home show, and Nancy McKeon as her producer, Jane Sokol, a small-town girl new to New York City. Chelsea Stevens was an expert cook, decorator, and party planner who knew much more about thread-count than she did relationships. She was well-meaning at times, but her narcissism usually got in the way of actually understanding anyone else's problems. Jean Smart's official website describes Stevens as a "neurotic control freak" and a "one-woman cooking, decorating, and entertaining machine who thinks every crisis can be solved by a decorative centerpiece". It was rumored that Martha Stewart had complained to CBS about the similarities between her and the Chelsea Stevens character, even though on more than one episode Chelsea was referred to as Stewart's rival. Whether Stewart's complaint was true or not, the network cancelled the show after airing only a handful of episodes. CBS tried another show similar in content in 1998. This show, "The Simple Life", starring Judith Light as a lifestyle expert did not fare any better.

Underground 2016

A group of slaves plan a daring 600-mile escape from a Georgia plantation. Along the way, they are aided by a secret abolitionist couple running a station on the Underground Railroad as they attempt to evade the people charged with bringing them back, dead or alive.

The Subject is Jazz

The Subject is Jazz was a television program that aired on NBC in 1958. Hosted by Gilbert Seldes with the musical direction of Billy Taylor, the show featured prominent jazz performers. One episode featured Ed Thigpen playing drums with his hands with Billy Taylor on piano. Other episodes featured Duke Ellington, Wilbur de Paris, Aaron Copland, Johnny "Hammond" Smith, Willis Conover, Lee Konitz, Cannonball Adderley, Willie "The Lion" Smith, Marshall Stearns and others.

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