The Miracle of Marcelino 1955

Left on the doorstep of a monastery as an infant, Marcelino was raised by the monks. He was well-cared for but lonely and missed having a mother. One day he found a special friend in the forbidden attic, hanging on a cross. A friend that would repay Marcelino's kindness by granting him one heart-felt wish.

The Miracle of Marcelino 2010

Marcelino Pan Y Vino (English: "Marcelino Bread And Wine") is a 1955 Spanish film. It was a success, and other countries have produced versions of it. The 1955 film was written by José María Sánchez Silva, who based it on his novel, and directed by Ladislao Vajda. Its stars were Rafael Rivelles, Juan Calvo (who also starred together as Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in the 1947 Spanish film version of Cervantes's Don Quixote and the young child star Pablito Calvo (no relation to Juan) as Marcelino. The background score and the film's theme song are by Pablo Sorozábal. The film became the inspiration for the highly praised Philippine drama, May Bukas Pa.The story, revised and modernized in both the book and film, dates back to a medieval legend, one of many gathered together in a volume by Alfonso el Sabio.

Marcelino pan y vino 1979

Marcelino's bread and wine (title: Marcelino pan y vino) is a Filipino TV movie from 1979 directed by Mario O'Hara. The film is a remake of Ladislao Vajda's 1955 film of the same title.

Miracle of Marcellino 1991

In the 15th century, in a poor Italian village, the monks of a modest convent take up an abandoned baby. Unfortunately, for all their efforts, they prove unable to trace his parents. So they set up providing tender loving care to the little boy. Marcellino lives a happy life among the men of God but, as he grows up, he misses his mother more and more. To compensate for her absence, he tends to identify her with the Virgin Mary. One day, the local lord, in search of a child to raise, decides to adopt Marcellino and to bring him up in his castle. He dresses him in rich attire and gives him a strict education. But Marcellino feels miserable there and eventually runs away.Back in his dear convent, he gleefully resumes his former life. He still misses his mother but his life changes when he finds a crucifix in the attic. A wonderful friendship between Jesus and him is born.

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