Crying Freeman 5: Abduction in Chinatown 1992

In L.A.'s Chinatown, the crime cartel known as K.O. hatches a plot to bring down Ron Tayan and the 108 Dragons. Ron joins forces with the computer-savvy daughter of the local boss; she tracks the attacking gang via electronics, Ron goes to their stronghold via plane. They are kidnapers of young children, using ransom money to fuel their other activities. The troops are ex-Green Berets; the leaders are Larry Park, an expatriate Yank, and Nina Heaven, a killer with a soft spot in her heart for Ron. He's her captive, but she wants him to be her partner. Meanwhile, Fu, armed with her Muramasa sword, and Dark Eyes arrive on the island surreptitiously. The battle lines are drawn.

Billy Crystal: Don't Get Me Started 1986

In this parody of "Spinal Tap," a documentary film crew follows comic Billy Crystal as he prepares for a concert; the second half of the film is the actual concert itself.

Paul F. Tompkins: Crying and Driving 2015

Paul F. Tompkins tells tales of haunting one’s own house, disastrous attempts at pretend fatherhood, carrying a learner’s permit to kill, and marrying a woman who used a fine-print loophole to breach a castle.

Crystal Hunt 1991

Two cops search for a mysterious crystal with healing powers to cure a sick old man. On the trail they come up against a team treasure hunter/smugglers with impressive combat skills and big guns.

Crying Freeman 6: The Guiding Light of Memory 1993

CRYING FREEMAN: FINAL CHAPTER -- THE GUIDING LIGHT OF MEMORY (1993) is the sixth and last volume in the OAV series of Japanese anime adaptations of the "Crying Freeman" manga. A hard-hitting tale of violent criminals engaged in a brutal turf war, it is easily the best-written and most stylishly directed since the first in the series (PORTRAIT OF A KILLER). This one tells the story of a young Japanese Yakuza who takes over the Russian supply of drugs and weapons to Japan and cuts out the involvement of the Hong Kong-based 108 Dragons. Freeman, the hitman of the title and the 108 Dragons' star player, goes to Japan to investigate and gets framed for a succession of assassinations of top Yakuza bosses. The chief enemy here, Tsunaike, is aided by an icily sexy Arctic hit lady, Tanya (described as "Eskimo" in the subtitles, although she looks more Siberian), who is frequently seen in the nude in regular trysts with Tsunaike.

Tales from the Cryptkeeper: Stacks of Fear

Capitalizing on the immense popularity of the creepy HBO hit show "Tales from the Crypt," this animated series features the voice of the original show's host, The Cryptkeeper (John Kassir), but is slightly less sinister since it was geared toward a Saturday morning cartoon audience. Follow along as the young characters find themselves entangled in a host of terrifying predicaments that keep you guessing until the very end.

Naica: Secrets Of The Crystal Cave 2008

In 2008, a team of international scientists explore a Mexican cave filled with giant crystals. In one of the deadliest environments on earth, without specialized suits and equipment, the scientists would die in minutes. Can they unlock the secrets of the huge crystals, despite the challenges?

Kranked 2: Trails from the Crypt 1999

A non-stop bombast of sick and twisted mountain biking capable of raising the dead. THis film pushes the limits with an epic barrage of herculean stunts. Shot on 16mm. Arizona, BC, California, Colorado, Utah, France and Italy. Dustin Adams, Cody Begon, Elladee Brown, Dean Collingridge, Dangerous Dan, Greg Herbold, John Jesme, Chris Lawrence, Brian Lopes, Craig Olsson, Richie Schley, Andrew Shandro, Wade Simmons, Kim Steed, Dave Swetland, Fabrice Taillafer, Brett Tippie and John Tomac.

The Crystal Light National Aerobics Championships 1986

Crystal Light Aerobics Competition, held in 1985, was the first of its kind. Since then, competitive aerobics has become a popular sport. Highlights of the national aerobics finals, featuring choreographed exericise routines, mixed pairs and individuals. Taped in Burbank, California on December 14 and 15, 1985. Hosted By Cathy Lee Crosby and Ed Marinaro.

Sexual Predator 2001

A female parole officer unwittingly gets involved with a handsome photographer who might be a serial killer.

Moron 5 and the Crying Lady 2012

Half-witted longtime friends Albert, Isaac, Mozart "Mo", Michaelangelo "Mike" and Aristotle "Aris" were used to living moronic yet pretty normal and hassle-free lives until successful career woman Becky Pamintuan accused them of killing her father and ruin everything for them. The Moron 5 are more than sure of their innocence but for the life of them, they can't find any single satisfactory argument on how to prove it especially when their opponent would do everything to punish them for whim.

Liquid Crystals 1978

Title cards introduce images we watch without narration; they are displays of shape and color. François de Roubaix's electronic music accompanies these images, photographed under a polarizing microscope. Some liquids obey the laws of crystallization; we observe those transformations. Sometimes objects flowing, other times they change as if in a kaleidoscope. Colors give way to sepia, then back to multiple colors. The crystals can look like tiny organisms: small four-part fans share the frame with flowing lines of pink. Multiple patterns appear side by side.

Stop Crying Little Boy 1977

Because his mother is too poor to feed her young children, Empoy is sent to work for his exploitative and cruel aunt.

Crystal Nights 1992

In this supernatural-themed romance, a German woman in the between-wars period is being initiated into some kind of esoteric/psychic order and learns at that time that her ideal mate won't even be born for quite a few years. By 1936, she has moved to Greece with her Greek husband, and there she meets Alberto, a very young Greek man, a Jew, who is evidently the man she has been seeking. They are able to read each other's thoughts and do so in the midst of a sexual encounter. Despite the boy's attraction to her, he spurns her due to her age (she is forty). She commits suicide and is born almost immediately as someone able to protect her ideal mate from the Germans. Later, as a young woman, she again has a liaison with Alberto, who again spurns her due to their age differences. Flashbacks indicate that this situation has been part of their lives for many incarnations.

Earth Crying 2002

Set in Isaan, this is the story of a mother who struggles to lead her needy family through seemingly endless hardships and pressures. To help the family survive, the father endures greedy capitalists who heartlessly take advantage of him and his family, forcing him to slave at the harvest of an infertile field. That is until he loses both his arms. Then all the burdens fall on the mother: bread-winning, taking care of her crippled husband and raising the kids, all amid external pressures from drought to vile businessmen.

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