Rock 'N Learn: Money & Making Change

Penny and Bill know how to shake things up when it comes to counting money and making change. Cool songs and games provide plenty of practice with real-world skills. Learn about coins and how they relate to one another, strategies for counting cash, "skip counting," expressing money in written terms, how to make change, and more. You’ll have lots of fun as you gain valuable skills you can bank on. For ages 6 & up

Short Change 1994

Short Change was a consumer affairs programme for children, broadcast on BBC One and later also the CBBC Channel. It was essentially a version of the prime-time show Watchdog except that it was aimed at children. The show was first aired on 20 February 1994. It had 13 series; the last episode broadcast on 9 July 2005.

Winds of Change 2018

In the wake of the significant societal changes in the 1970s, the life of a Saudi family is turned upside down after sheltering a baby found at the mosque.

Telford's Change 1979

Telford's Change is a 1979 BBC television series by Brian Clark which stars Peter Barkworth.

All Change

All Change was an English children's television show on ITV in 1989 and 1990. It starred Frankie Howerd, Peggy Mount, Maggie Steed, Tony Haygarth and Pam Ferris, and was devised by Morwenna Banks and Chris England. The storyline concerned Uncle Bob, played by Howerd, who would give all his money when he died to one branch of his family. One branch was poor and common, the other branch was rich and snobbish. Each family had two parents and a son and a daughter. The rich family lived as the poor family and vice versa, although one child stayed in their own home with the newcomers, finding out how the other half lived. After the end of the series, it was all revealed as a hoax and no-one was any better off.

Oil Change 2010

Oil Change is a Canadian documentary television series, following the Edmonton Oilers. Produced by Alberta's Aquila Productions, Oil Change features exclusive access inside the Edmonton Oilers organization through the 2010–11 NHL season and 2011–12 NHL season. Don Metz is the executive producer of the series, Gord Redel is the producer, and Scot Morison is the writer/story developer. The first season aired on TSN. Season 2 premiered locally on CKEM-DT October 21, 2011. The national premiere was on Sportsnet October 23, 2011. The six-part series will air approximately once a month, until the end of the NHL regular season.

A Change of Destiny

A Change of Destiny is a TVB costume drama series broadcast in April 2007. The series is about two young men having the same birthday but have both of them have a different life. Benny Chan is from a rich family while Steven Ma is poor and they both hope to change their destiny with tui bei tu.

Ai Mai! Moe Can Change! 2012

The AMB Company is a leading electronics manufacturer. Their latest idea is an alternative to animal therapy; moe therapy, using bishojo androids. This story follows the lives of Kiyan Chie and Moegi Anna, two girls involved in AMB's public relations work, during this exciting time.

Getter Robo: Armageddon 1998

Dr. Saotome returns from the dead after being seemingly murdered by Getter pilot Nagare Ryoma and threatens the world with his ultimate creation: the Shin Dragon. Ryoma reluctantly teams up with his former co-pilots Jin Hayato and Tomoe Mushashi to combat Dr. Saotome. The pilots must also deal with the mysterious Invaders, aliens that have the ability to possess humans and warp their flesh to form hideous creatures.

Switch 2018

A man is a swindler. He is smart enough to take the bar exam, but he could not become a prosecutor. Disregarding favoritism and biases by prosecutors, the man makes criminals pay for crimes that prosecutors did not.

Change of Heart

Change of Heart was a dating game show that was hosted by Chris Jagger and Lynne Koplitz and syndicated by Warner Bros. Domestic Television. During the 2001-2002 season, Phil Kollin would also serve as a fill-in host during some episodes. The show was also featured on The Jamie Foxx Show. The rapper The Game was also featured on this show in 1999. The show was originally taped in Los Angeles for the first three seasons and then moved to New York in 2001 where it would remain for the last 2 seasons of the show. In season 1, Change of Heart paired of with a revival of Love Connection. The Love Connection revival was cancelled after one season and eventually became a standalone show for the 1999-2000 season. From 2000-2003, Change of Heart was also paired in some markets by another game show Street Smarts. The premise of the show involved dating couples who are matched up with other singles and then sent out on respective dates. During the taping, they discuss their relationship, then their new dating experience. At the end of show the couples have to decide if they want to Stay Together, or if they've had a Change Of Heart.

Chala Change Ka Chakkar

Chala Change Ka Chakkar is an Indian reality show, which began airing on March 23, 2008 on STAR Plus channel. It aired every Sunday at 7:30 pm IST until April 6. The show was hosted by Shruti Seth.

Sex Change Hospital (US) 2008

Sex Change Hospital is an American six-part documentary series following trans men and women having genital reassignment surgeries. Dr. Marci Bowers performs the surgeries and calls upon her own experiences as a transgender woman to guide her patients as they go through the ultimate life changing procedure.

Ready, Set, Change!

Ready, Set, Change is TV Guide's home makeover show in which everyday rooms and spaces inside and outside of your home are transformed into rooms and spaces inspired by the sets of your favorite television shows.

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