Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation 1962

Banker Roger Hobbs wants to spend his vacation alone with his wife, Peggy, but she insists on a family vacation at a California beach house that turns out to be ugly and broken down. Daughter Katey, embarrassed by her braces, refuses to go to the beach, as does TV-addicted son Danny. When the family is joined by Hobbs' two unhappily married daughters and their husbands, he must help everyone with their problems to get some peace.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation 2018

The cast of Jersey Shore swore they would always do a vacation together. Now, five years, five kids, three marriages, and who knows how many GTL sessions later, the gang is back together and on vacation in a swanky house in Miami Beach.

Vacation Playhouse 1963

The concept of the series was the showing of unaired and unsold television pilots that did not make the television lineup for CBS. The show was successful during its first few seasons due to the fact that the show's concept, airing unsold and unaired television pilots, was a popular concept in the 1960s. But during its last two seasons on the air, the series did find some trouble due to the fact that the series were running out of pilots to air and, in their 4th season, they began airing repeats from the three seasons prior. During its 1966 summer run, the series aired eights new pilots and two repeats and during its last year airing five new pilots and four repeats.

Long Vacation 1996

A music school graduate, Sena worked part-time teaching piano after failing to move on to graduate school. One day, an older woman named Minami comes to visit Sena’s apartment, dressed in a bridal gown. Minami explained that she had been engaged to Sena’s roommate, but that he did not show up for the wedding. Minami then decides to stay in the apartment to wait for her fiancé. And so this is how Minami and Sena begin their strange life together. Sena tries to cheer up Minami by telling her that “when life isn’t going your way, just think of that time as a long vacation, given by God.” However, Sena also has his share of problems and is finding it hard to believe in himself. He is also dealing with frustrations in his relationship with a girl at school, which seemed to be going nowhere. With their own sets of problems, Sena and Minami slowly grow to be indispensible to each other. The story follows the heart of a man so pure that he has difficulty expressing himself, and his relationship with a woman who is inspired by his innocent soul to retrieve the emotions she had forgotten.

Drag me on vacation 2018

Magnus Devold has got rid of the car and got a caravan instead, but he still does not have a drivers license. This time he is therefore reliant on finding people he can literally hook up on.

Amazing Vacation Homes

Amazing Vacation Homes is a documentary-styled homestead and travel series on the Travel Channel that debuted in October 2004. The first two seasons of the show were hosted by Tom Jourden. In 2006, hosting duties were taken over by Didiayer Snyder, and the number of featured homes was reduced from three to two.

Two Years Vacation 1974

The story of a group of young New Zealand school boys. Because one of them is the nephew of a ship captain, they win the opportunity to go on a sailing trip. Some pirates (Forbes and Pike) are looking for a boat so they can go and find treasure on a deserted island. They manage to be recruited as crew members on that same boat as the school boys. After a mutiny, the pirates take over the boat and take the young boys as hostages. Helped by O'Brian, the young kids manage to escape from the pirates with the boat. After a storm, they have to land on a deserted island. They have learn to live together in harmony if they want their community to survive, despite the rivalry within the group. But is this island really a deserted one? And can they really get away from the pirates?

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