Patterns 3 2007

The third film in Jamie Travis’ PATTERNS trilogy.

Negative Patterns 2012

Negative Patterns is a short animation which uses decorative patterns and colourful props to playfully depict the sinister, destructive and unattractive aspects of human behaviour.

Patterns 2 2006

Stop motion telekinesis is just the beginning. Though riddled with familiar motifs (nods to Bernard Herrmann’s scores, Stanley Kubrick's unnerving spaces, the mesmerizing portraits of women in VERTIGO and LAURA), the second film in Jamie Travis’ PATTERNS trilogy achieves a singular blend of horror, melodrama and musical. This installment centers on Michael, a nervous guy puzzling over an unexpected Chinese takeout order. Even as some of the mysteries from the first PATTERNS are revealed, the trilogy plunges deeper into a quicksand of shared dreams, hidden anxieties and romantic yearning.

Almost Friends 2017

A man in his mid-20s, still living at home with his mother and stepfather, puts all his eggs in one basket: the girl who works at his local coffee shop. The problem is, she has a serious boyfriend. As they become closer, the line between friendship and intimacy is blurred, and the situation forces both to examine where they are in their lives.

Patterns of Attraction 2014

This romantic comedy is a story that emphasizes the importance of commitment, true love and breaking old love patterns in order to create new beginnings.

Binary Bit Patterns 1969

Kaleidescopic computer-made film by Michael Whitney. Optically printed from images generated on a digital computer, the film is a delightful burst of vibrant colour, movement and sound, exploring the graphic variations of simple patterns.

Teletubbies: Look! Playful Patterns and Simple Shapes

When you need something fun for the kids to do on a rainy day or lazy afternoon, you can't go wrong with the Teletubbies! On this disc, lovable Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po play with patterns, shapes and forms in Teletubby land. The fun includes the usual adventures with Tubby toast and playtime on the meadow -- and even features two new characters.

Woman Draped in Patterned Handkerchiefs 1908

Woman Draped in Patterned Handkerchiefs is a 1908 British short silent documentary film, directed by George Albert Smith as a showcase his new Kinemacolor system, which features a woman displaying assorted tartan cloths, both draped on her body and waved semaphore-style. The patterned handkerchiefs are, according to Michael Brooke of BFI Screenonline, “presumably the same cloths featured in Tartans of Scottish Clans (1906), this time shown from various angles.”

Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

Josh and Brennan are about to get married in Palm Springs on a lovely Saturday afternoon. However, the night before becomes a drunken, drug-fueled riot, because their friend Gerry has arrived, furious that their invitation says "Please refrain from wearing bright colors or bold patterns." In the struggle for equality, what do we really want? What do we lose? And is there any cocaine left?

Patterns of Lights and Shadows 2017

A super 8 short film ”Patterns of Light and Shadow”: commissioned by Echo Park Film Center with support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts, 2017 Sound DJ Bruce Leenus

Patternless Blouses on The Sewing Connection 2014

Shirley Adams demonstrates the secret to making beautiful blouses for any occasion without a pattern. Use this technique to make a coat, a dress, anything. You are limited only by imagination!

The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld: Patterns and Textures 1992

The Orb's Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld: Patterns and Textures is a 1992 video by the UK electronic music collective The Orb. It was filmed and recorded at a live performance at Brixton Fridge, London, 12 May 1991. A limited edition of the original UK VHS tape release came with a bonus CD (catalogue number ORBFREECD1) of the soundtrack. The soundtrack was also included as a bonus disk on a limited edition of the initial UK vinyl pressings of U.F.Orb.