Bangkok Dangerous 2008

When carrying out a hit, assassin Joe (Cage) always makes use of the knowledge of the local population. On arriving in Bangkok, Joe meets street kid Kong and he becomes his primary aide. But when Kong is nearly killed, he asks Joe to train him up in the deadly arts and unwittingly becomes a target of a band of killers.

Bangkok, We Have A Problem! 2014

Serge Renart, a television journalist who's now a has-been, and Natacha Bison, a war reporter who has been laid off because she posed too much of a danger to her colleagues, find themselves forced to investigate a story together, which will take them to Thailand, in search of one of the best kept secrets of contemporary history. What really happened during the televised broadcast of the Apollo 11 mission, when man first walked on the moon?

Bangkok Loco 2004

The story involves a gifted young rock drummer named Bay who commits a grisly murder and becomes a fugitive from the law. Trained by a monk in a style of drumming called the Drums of the Gods, which treats drumming as a martial art for the forces of good, he must face his opposite drummer from the dark side.

Bangkok Adrenaline 2009

Four backpackers arrive in Thailand to party and drink. A gambling game goes wrong and with their lives on the line they desperately decide to kidnap a billionaires daughter. Things go wrong when her 'father' doesn't play ball and prefers to use the kidnapping to further his own interests.

Bangkok Nites 2016

Bangkok, 2015. Ozawa, a Japanese man who had nowhere to go, meets Luck, a woman has reached the height of her glory on Thaniya Street, a place that flourishes by servicing only Japanese men. Through a trip to trace the scars of colonialism, they look for paradise that we had lost.

BKO: Bangkok Knockout 2010

A group of martial arts students are enjoying a reunion party when a bomb goes off in the building. When they wake up, some of their friends have been kidnapped and they soon find a group of assassins coming after them. The only way to survive is to fight their way out.

Bombay To Bangkok 2008

Bombay to Bangkok is a Bollywood film starring Shreyas Talpade and Lena Christensen in the lead roles. It is written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and produced by Elahe Hiptoola and Rahul Puri. Shankar (Shreyas Talpade), a petty thief, in desperate need of money, steals from the local don (Naseeruddin Shah) and escapes his way into a team of doctors heading for relief work to Bangkok. Unfortunately, he loses the all-important money bag in the chaos. In Bangkok, his world turns upside down at a massage parlour where he bumps into Jasmine (Lena Christensen). The hitch is, she is all Thai and he can't converse with her at all. A ray of hope comes his way the next day when Jasmine turns up desperately in need of a doctor. Shankar, posing as a doctor along with the Sardar buddy Rachinder, jumps into this whirlpool, while Jasmine soon gets pulled into his bumbling adventures while running away from the don and his son (Vijay Maurya).

Bangkok Traffic Love Story 2009

Mei Li is a 30 year old woman who has one bad habit of getting drunk at her friend’s weddings. All because weddings seem to remind her of her single, manless, lonely life. One night, Mei Li wakes up in the middle of the night and went up to the roof to drink beer alone, which became a big scandal that led her to meet Lung, a maintainance engineer of the BTS electric train system. Meeting this strange innocent man without being drunk stirs something within Mei Li for the first time in all of her 30 years.

Bangkok Haunted 2001

Three young women gathered in a coffee bar in Bangkok tell and discuss three original ghost stories with each other. The first tale: In Bangkok, the young Jieb receives an ancient drum not listed in the order from the truck of Transportation Company owned by Mr. Anake. She calls her former Professor Arkom, who identifies the markings for good luck that she describes and tells the story of the orphan Paga. In 1917, the renowned music teacher Jangwah-Chuem and his wife Peng raise the beautiful Paga with their deformed son Gnod. Paga is a good and loving sister and daughter and becomes a great beautiful dancer. When Paga falls in love for the handsome Fond, the jealous Gnod and she vanish from their village. Jieb investigates the mystery of their disappearance and discloses the eerie truth with tragic consequences. The second tale: The gorgeous Pam receives a sample from her next-door neighbor of a love potion that makes the user irresistible to men...

Oriental Vixen 1974

A group of tourists on the flight back home remembers on their sexual adventures they had in several nightclubs at their vacation in Bangkok.

Trip to Bangkok, Coffin included 1985

The colonel Daniel Blimp, of the secret British service, travels to Bangkok to investigate the murder of the Brittish Ambassador happened during a holiday in his residence. Blimp receives the help of Keats, agent of the secret service. Both men discover that the man who shot against the Ambassador is blind, and it takes the black skin as a result of a strange phenomenon of mutation.

Panic in Bangkok 1964

A secret agent sets out to stop an evil scientist who is about to unleash on the world a virulent biological strain he has developed during experiments on rats.

Drei Bayern in Bangkok 1976

Three Bavarians travel to Bangkok, allegedly to start exporting German beer there. But the local vicar hears that they only go there to have fun and follow them to watch over them.

Schicksalstage in Bangkok 2009

Six weeks after the accidental death of her husband, Wessendorf Vicky decides to travel to Bangkok to investigate the background of the scene of the tragedy. Her husband George had bought a luxury apartment in the city, Vicky wants to sell as quickly as possible.

Brokedown Palace 1999

Best friends Alice and Darlene take a trip to Thailand after graduating high school. In Thailand, they meet a captivating Australian man, who calls himself Nick Parks. Darlene is particularly smitten with Nick and convinces Alice to take Nick up on his offer to treat the two of them to what amounts to a day trip to Hong Kong. In the airport, the girls are seized by the police and shocked to discover that one of their bags contains heroin.

Bangkok Hooligans 1994

1994 film by Thai martial arts director, Panna Rittikrai. Thai action supermo Panna Rittikrai stars as a hard boiled gangster who takes control of a Bangkok suburb with a violent and iron grip. Great fights and stunts galore.

Bangkok summer 2011

The film tells the story of Shrihari who, in search of his brother Madavan, makes it to Bangkok. In the middle of this search, Shrihari has to face lots of problems and struggles.

Bangkok Sweety 2011

Bangkok Sweety revolves around many love stories that begin on Christmas Eve's night and end on Valentine's night.

Bangkok Hilton 1989

Bangkok Hilton is a three-part Australian mini-series, made in 1989 by Kennedy Miller Productions and directed by Ken Cameron. The title of the mini-series is, in the story, the nickname of a fictional Bangkok prison in which the protagonist is imprisoned, a mordant reference to Hanoi Hilton, the prison known as such used by North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Bangkok Airport 2015

Following British tourists checking in and out of the south-east Asian airport. The show follows employees and passengers at the airport as they come across issues that they face daily and other more bizarre cases.


Variety show featuring South Korean boy band NCT and their life in the city at various locations around the world.

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