Whatcha Wearin'? 2012

Yoon-Jung accidentally calls a stranger, instead of her boyfriend, and has phone sex with the unknown man. When Yoon-Jung's relationship with her boyfriend turns sour, Yoon-Jung meets Hyun-Seung, the stranger she had phone sex with.

Partner 2009

"Partner" centers around two law firms as they struggle to defend the accused and those around them. Kang Eun-ho, a widowed single mother & attorney, tangles with the charismatic and ruthless attorney Lee Tae-jo. In the first two episodes the attorneys work on cases involving a step-brother chraged with murdering of his step-sister and a lawsuit between a wealthy mother-in-law and her divorced daughter-in-law. Each successive episode will cover provocative cases like these, while also bringing to light the charms of the attorneys and their daily lives.

Suspicious Partner 2017

Noh Ji Wook is a prosecutor in the Central District Prosecutors’ Office who ends up switching professions to a private attorney. He harbors a trauma stemming from an event in his childhood involving his parents and his first love. Eun Bong Hee, a Taekwondo athlete in her youth, is a prosecutor trainee who has become a murder suspect. Eun Bong Hee and Noh Ji Wook both find themselves being the focus of a killer.

The Partner 2017

Marcus Lemonis, serial entrepreneur and host of CNBC’s The Profit, has invested nearly $50 million dollars in different companies over the course of three seasons. And now, he’s looking for the perfect partner to help him run it all.

Partner In Darkness 2015

year after manga master Fumiya Ajima's death, 50 unpublished sketches are discovered. The sketches appear to be the work of Fumiya Ajima, but the sketches shows details from several missing women cases that occurred 35 years earlier. Fumiya Ajima’s wife asks the Department Head of Yukihide Ozawa to find out if the sketches are the work of her late husband. Ex-police officer Yuki Mizuno receives a request to investigate the origins of the 50 sketches. Yuki Mizuno then enlists the help of Shinji Daigo, an expert of the manga world.

Good Partner

Sakisaka Kento is a lawyer with an outstanding career. He seems cool and handsome, but he is a zealous person who will confront things that are unreasonable and wrong head-on. There are times when he values the words of a single person and not a lawyer. Sakisaki is regarded as the ace of the law firm, but his only weak point is a lawyer at the same firm who also happens to be his ex-wife Natsume Yoshie. He has been raising their daughter Mizuki as a single father since their divorce. A stylish lawyer who holds her head high, Yoshie is down-to-earth and a perfectionist. These two rival lawyers often have well-reasoned legal arguments regarding the cases of their clients. However, when they wander off topic, they will call each other “papa” and “mama” the moment they lose their cool and start quarreling like a couple.

My Partner Knows Best 2018

How well married couples know one another will be put to the test as they compete in a series of hilarious challenges based on real-life relationship obstacles. Three couples compete each week, but only one will walk away with the money and be able to say My Partner Knows Best!

My Gym Partner's a Monkey 2005

My Gym Partner's a Monkey is an American animated television series created by Tim Cahill and Julie McNally-Cahill and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The story revolves around Adam Lyon, a human who, after a clerical error listed his surname as "Lion," is forced to transfer to Charles Darwin Middle School, a school for local anthropomorphic zoo animals, where he is partnered with Jake Spidermonkey in gym, with whom he quickly becomes best friends. d.

Partners 2014

Allen Braddock and Marcus Jackson are two attorneys with very different views on the law. After getting fired from his father's prestigious firm for employing questionable tactics, Allen is forced to team up with Marcus, a self-made man always willing to fight for the people of his neighborhood, even if it doesn't mean collecting a check. When the two partner up, they take on cases that challenge their moral, personal, and ethical boundaries, but always manage to find common ground.

Partners 1995

Partners is an American sitcom that aired on Fox from 1995 to 1996.

Partners in Crime 2015

Set in a 1950s Britain rising from the ashes of the Blitz into the grip of a new Cold War, our beekeeping duo stumble into a world of murder, undercover agents and cold war conspiracy. Tuppence is a woman who sees adventure round every corner, throwing herself head first into every mystery with passion and fervour, determined to get to the truth no matter what it takes, much to the dismay of her more cautious husband Tommy.

The Partners 1971

The Partners is an American sitcom that aired on September 18, 1971 through September 8, 1972 on NBC.

Partners in Crime 1984

Partners in Crime is an American crime drama television series that aired from September 22 until December 29, 1984.

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