Mysterious Ways 2015

The day a hit and run driver took the life of her little boy, Marilyn (Wendy Raquel Robinson) died inside. Not even the passing of time, the love of a good man or a job as choir director at her church could bring her peace. But a chance encounter with a mysterious homeless man, who calls himself Mozart (Gary Dourdan), will change Marilyn's world and let her see that there are no accidents, and true healing starts with forgiveness.

Mysterious Ways 2000

Declan Dunn has a fascination with mystical phenomena that began when he was buried under an avalanche and given up for dead. After he miraculously survived, he committed his life to investigating miracles and the absolute proof of their existence. Now a professor of Anthropology at a leading Oregon university, Declan has the training, support staff and the opportunity to study the uncanny, inexplicable phenomena people call "miracles". With the help of Peggy, a skeptical psychiatrist, and Miranda, a research student, the three embark on a quest to explain what science cannot.

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