Valley of the Wolves: Iraq 2006

The movie opens with a fictionalized depiction of a real-life incident: the arrest on July 4, 2003 of 11 Turkish special forces soldiers and 13 civilians by U.S. forces of the 173rd Airborne commanded by Colonel William C. Mayville in the northern Iraqi Kurdish town of Sulaymaniyah. The Turkish soldiers suppose that this is an ordinary visit from their NATO allies. But this time is different.

American Soldiers: A Day in Iraq 2005

Iraq, 2004: during a routine sortie a US patrol is ambushed and the young soldiers are forced to put their training and skills into action fast. A determined foe with superior local knowledge, the Fedayeen insurgents soon draw them into close quarter combat and a desperate fight for survival.

Eyewitness In Iraq 2004

If a picture paints a thousand words, what will photographs from the Second Gulf War show us? This special focuses on the embedded photographers who traveled with fighting units on the cutting edge of the armored spear slicing into Iraq. The war was thereto be captured in all its raw truth by any photographer with the guts to step out and shoot the picture. In collaboration with the Associated Press, we view never-before-seen photos that portray the horror, struggle, and endurance of mankind.

Raw Iraq

From the rush of battle to the pain of being wounded in combat, follow SSG Roberts and his recon infantry company as they go after insurgents in the unforgiving streets of Iraq. Rawiraq was shot from a helmet cam and shows a first person perspective of the reality soldiers face on the ground every day.

Iraq in Fragments 2006

An opus in three parts, Iraq In Fragments offers a series of intimate, passionately-felt portraits: A fatherless 11-year-old is apprenticed to the domineering owner of a Baghdad garage; Sadr followers in two Shiite cities rally for regional elections while enforcing Islamic law at the point of a gun; a family of Kurdish farmers welcomes the US presence, which has allowed them a measure of freedom previously denied. American director James Longley spent more than two years filming in Iraq to create this stunningly photographed, poetically rendered documentary of the war-torn country as seen through the eyes of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

Frontline: Losing Iraq 2014

Examines the unfolding chaos in Iraq and how the U.S. is being pulled back into the conflict. Drawing on interviews with policymakers and military leaders, the film traces the U.S. role from the 2003 invasion to the current violence, showing how Iraq itself is coming undone, how we got here, what went wrong, and what happens next.

Uncovered: The War on Iraq 2004

The feature-length version of producer/director Robert's Greenwald's short documentary phenomenon "Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War." The film deconstructs the current American administration's case for war in Iraq through interviews with U.S. intelligence professionals, diplomats and former Pentagon officials, including a former director of the C.I.A., two former Secretaries of Defense, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and even President Bush's former Secretary of the Army.

Voices of Iraq 2004

Filmed and directed by the Iraqis themselves -- thousands of them, from all walks of life, all over their country. The producers, who distributed more than 150 digital video cameras across the country, condensed more than 400 hours of footage into an unprecedented, and startling, look at life in a war zone. It's a new genre of filmmaking.

Marooned in Iraq 2002

During the war between Iran and Iraq, a group of Iranian Kurd musicians set off on an almost impossible mission. They will try to find Hanareh, a singer with a magic voice who crossed the border and may now be in danger in the Iraqi Kurdistan. As in his previous films, this Kurdish director is again focusing on the oppression of his people.

Inside the Iraq War 2009

This two-hour documentary looks through the scope of a rifle to tell the inside story of the Iraq War. We interview the men and women who fought on the front lines and use rarely-seen footage, shot by US troops, to give the viewer a personal look at modern warfare.

Adventure in Iraq 1943

Five Allied soldiers in an airplane flying to Egypt crash-land in Iraq. They are taken in by a local sheik, but soon begin to suspect that he may not be quite as friendly as he appears to be.

Iran: The Next Iraq? 2005

Long seen as a potential threat to American security, the Islamic Republic of Iran has become an even greater concern since the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. This program explores the current situation in Iran and assesses what danger it poses. After a decline in power, Iran has caught the attention of the world's superpowers by developing its nuclear capabilities and making bold threats. But what risks are real and which merely rhetoric?

Iraq Paper Scissors

Iraq Paper Scissors follows a unique transformation from uniform to pulp, from battlefield to workshop, and from warrior to artist.

Iraqi Voices: Iraq Darkly 2016

Iraqi Voices is an ongoing collaborative mentorship program that gives Iraqis in Minnesota support and training to transform their stories into high-quality documentary video shorts. IRAQ DARKLY: A short film in three acts: Iraq Darkly presents multiple views of contemporary Iraq.

Iraq en mí 2008

The story of two Puerto Rican soldiers, struggling with their consciences, to forget what happened during the battle of Fallujah in the war in Iraq. It poses a great Puerto Rican problem, where should the loyalty of Puerto Rican soldiers lie?

My Vietnam, Your Iraq 2011

My Vietnam Your Iraq tells the stories of Vietnam veterans and their children who have served in Iraq. Their stories examine the pride, challenges, fears, and the myriad of emotions they have experienced during and after deployment.

The Warfighters 2016

Featuring first-person accounts of recent US Special Forces missions in the war on terror, this unnarrated series gives viewers an inside and candid look at the realities of war.

Generation Kill 2008

The first 40 days of the war in Iraq as seen through the eyes of an elite group of U.S. Marines who spearheaded the invasion along with an embedded Rolling Stone reporter. A vivid account of the soldiers and of the forces that guided them in an often-improvised initiative.

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