The Patience Stone 2012

A woman in an unnamed, war-torn Middle Eastern country delivers an engrossing, emotional monologue to her comatose husband, in novelist and filmmaker Atiq Rahimi's poetic and politically charged allegory based on his award-winning novel. (TIFF)

Lord, Give Me Patience 2017

An ultraconservative family father must spend a weekend with his dysfunctional children for the burial of his wife.

Zero Patience 1993

The ghost of "patient zero", who allegedly first brought AIDS to North America - materialises and tries to contact old friends. Meanwhile, the Victorian explorer Sir Richard Burton, who drank from the Fountain of Youth and now works as Chief Taxidermist at the Toronto Natural history Museum, is trying to organise an exhibition about the disease for the museum's "Hall of Contagion".

Patience Has a Limit, We Don't 1974

During the Civil War, corporal MacDonald from the Cavalry Regiment, is entrusted with a large shipment of gold. Along with the men accompanying him, Mac Donald decides to keep the cargo, and hides it for later rescue. He is the only one who knows where it is buried, but is killed in a skirmish. Now, Lieutenant Pollock will have the mission to find out where he hid the gold

Patience 1982

In a world gone mad with languid ladies and affected gentlemen, the lovesick maidens of Castle Bunthorne forsake their handsome soldier suitors to pursue poet aesthete - and fake - Reginald Bunthorne. But he loves the village milkmaid, Patience, who doesn't like poetry or understand love. When Patience finally learns what love is, it's Reginald's rival she falls for.

With a Little Patience 2007

An office clerk as seen during her daily routine - all the little vibrations of her face. And a man, impatiently waiting for her, beyond the windows.

The Patience of the Spider 2006

Inspector Montalbano is puzzled by the kidnapping of Susanna Mistretta, a young woman whose once-wealthy family has fallen on hard times. When the kidnappers contact the family to demand a ransom, the responsibility of coming up with the money falls on an estranged relative. But something in the case just doesn't add up.

Patience Labour 1987

Short film about a school of figure skating. The film shows the hard training and the apotheosis of sports victories.

PATIENCE episode 2 Raid Day Off 2013

The gang celebrates "Raid Day" a day off from medicinal marijuana delivery in recognition of the other state-legal cannabis companies who have been raided by the feds. A mystery gift basket sends the guys to the massage parlor which doesn't really turn out quite how they imagined.

Patience (After Sebald) 2012

A richly textured essay film on landscape, art, history, life and loss, Patience (After Sebald) offers a unique exploration of the work of internationally acclaimed writer W.G. Max Sebald (1944 - 2001) via a walk through East Anglia tracking his most influential book, The Rings of Saturn. The much anticipated new feature by the Grierson Award-winning director of Joy Division, Patience is the first film about Sebald internationally, marking ten years since the writer's untimely death, and with contributions from major writers, artists and film-makers.

Patience The New Guy 2013

Patience TV show episode 1 The New Guy This is the premier of the first show about a medical marijuana delivery service in California. Medi Mike, Jon Allen, Cody Morley, Tommy Lucero and Tony Kim star in this wacky comedy series.

Patience, Patience, You'll Go to Paradise! 2016

Fifty years after emigrating to Brussels, seven North African Muslim women are finally starting to taste freedom after decades raising their families behind closed doors. In the 1960s, thousands of North Africans came to work in Belgium. Among them were women who had left everything behind to follow their men to an unknown country. “Patience, patience — you’ll get to heaven,” is what these women are repeatedly told to encourage them to put up with their lives without complaining.In this heartwarming new documentary we follow as seven women decide to experience a life of freedom before it’s too late. Together, everything becomes possible and slowly but surely the seven women venture out discovering a whole world they hadn’t previously known.

The Plain Of Patience 2015

Two old friends meet after 40 years to unearth a treasure they had buried in the desert.

I Am Patience 2012

A soulful encounter between a small creature, a snail called Patience moving about a banana leaf, and the filmmaker who captures the serenity of it all

Courage & Patience & Grit: Great Big Sea in Concert 2006

Courage & Patience & Grit is a DVD/CD set released by the band Great Big Sea on November 14, 2006. It contains video of the live performance from a concert at the Empire Theatre in Belleville, Ontario along with music videos for the songs "Captain Kidd", "When I Am King", "Lukey", and "Shines Right Through Me". The live performance was recorded during their The Hard and the Easy tour.

Patience 1995

A 1995 Opera Australia performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's classic operetta, recorded at the Sydney Opera House. Bunthorne, a poet worshiped by every lady he meets, loves only one woman: Patience. But Patience does not share the other women's fascination with Bunthorne. She loves Archibald, her childhood friend who is now also a poet.

Patience Has An End 1971

Young coal miner Takeda leaves Kyushu in search of a better job in Tokyo, only to fall into the lucrative yet dangerous life of a yakuza.

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