Dos tipos de cuidado 1953

Jorge Bueno and Pedro Malo are best friends who consider giving up their womanizing ways when they each fall in love. As fate would have it, Pedro Malo unexpectedly marries Jorge Bueno's girlfriend, and the conflict between the former buddies begins. A year later they find themselves in the same town and confront each other once and for all.

Pedro infante vive? 1991

Reporter/photographer covering a Pedro Infante commemorative event discover an uncanny look-alike lurking on the periphery.

Asi Era Pedro Infante

Released as part of a film collection celebrating Mexican movie icon Pedro Infante, this documentary chronicles the career of the dynamic actor who starred in a string of box office hits before his tragic death in 1957, an event that prompted a national day of mourning. One of the most popular Mexican screen stars of all time, Infante was also famous for his recordings of songs such as "La Que Se Fue," "Flor Sin Retoño" and "Yo No Fui."

Pablo y Carolina 1957

Torn between three lovers and bored by her typewriting classes, Carolina (Dillian) writes a passionate love letter to fictional Pablo Garza from Monterrey. The letter is sent by mistake and received by real Pablo Garza's girlfriend. Pablo himself (Infante) flies to Mexico City looking for an explanation. Carolina is rehearsing a musical show for her school dressed as a man. When Pablo meets her, she pretends to be her brother Anibal, a shy and feminine sailor. Pablo likes Anibal and invites "him" to a cabaret. After that, Carolina falls inlove with Pablo but resists to unveil her real self. Meanwhile, Pablo feels himself confused, because young "Anibal" is cute as an angel and has "those blue eyes..."

Los gavilanes 1956

The story of two half brothers who do not know they are such, who fight over a woman and nearly kill each other. One of them belongs to Los Gavilanes, a group of men who live live hidden and looting to give to the poor. Revenge, love and hate will at the end bring out the truth and everyone will get what he deserves.

School for Tramps 1955

Alberto Medina is a very famous composer and is on a field trip when his car runs out of gas and goes downhill. While looking for help, he finds the Valverdes' house and is welcome by Emilia, the mother of the family, who is known for giving shelter to tramps. The rest of the family disagrees, because the last one disappointed her. In a story of family situations, funny moments and jealousy, Alberto ends up earning everyone's respect and has a special connection with the oldest daughter, the beautiful Susana, and they fall in love.

Los Tres Huastecos 1948

This is the story of three brothers (a priest, a soldier and an outlaw) that are raised separately by their godfathers once their mother dies. They cross their paths again when the soldier and the priest move into two towns near the town the outlaw lives in. The drama will unfold once the three brothers meet each other.

The Seminarian 1949

Returning to his home town, seminarist Miguel is forced to trade the robes for a charro costume in order to solve several problems that appear in his way, including the female kind.

Ustedes los Ricos 1948

Sequel to Nosotros los Pobres (1947). This time, Pepe "El Toro" (Infante) is married with "La Chorreada" (Pavon) and they have two children.

¿Qué te ha dado esa mujer? 1951

This musical comedy tells the story of two men whose friendship (whose beginning is told in "A toda máquina") is affected by assumptions love triangles and misunderstandings between the two, however, the value of that friendship overcomes all difficulties.

Ahora soy rico 1952

A sequel to "Un rincón cerca del cielo". Pedro Gonzalez first gets into trouble as part of a criminal gang and then works honourably to become rich. Money is his undoing allowing him to become a womanizer and drinker, almost losing his wife. Finally he rejoins her, they have a son and he pays for his mistakes.

El mil amores 1954

Carmen has a daughter, Patricia, who attends a school for young ladies where they think Carmen is married to a sailor. Viviano is a friend of Carmen and when she needs it, he poses as the father of Patricia and she believes is her father. Actually, Viviano is engaged with Marilu

Pepe El Toro 1953

The simple life and the values ​​of loyalty and solidarity of the poor people in the environment of professional boxing, is the plot of this film, where Pepe el Toro shows the effort and tragedies that are experienced in this profession.

Dicen que soy mujeriego 1949

Pedro has had many lovers but he only loves one of them, but this romance stop going on for his flirts with other women.

Los hijos de María Morales 1952

Two brothers known in town for their womanizing, drinking and rowdiness meet their matches when two girls who like them decide to tame the two machos.

La Mujer Que Yo Perdí 1949

A political revolutionary fights against injustice, his adoring wife by his side. But only in her death does he realize the depth of her love for him and their country. A dramatic romance from the 23 film library of the most iconic classic Mexican film and recording star, Pedro Infante.

A.T.M. ¡A toda máquina! 1951

A drifter lands a job as an officer in Mexico City's elite motorcycle police unit. Once there, he falls in love with a girl, who is also courted by his commanding officer. Both policemen try to avoid this from interfering with their friendship and profession. Written by Salvador Monroy Ordaz

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