Order No. 027 1986

Heroes never die, especially in the Korean War, as we see from watching endless Hollywood movies. Well, when the conflict is viewed from the other side, and the movie is THE NORTH KOREAN produced ORDER NO. 027, the HEROES OF THE (NORTH) KOREAN PEOPLE's ARMY never die either! This is basically a Korean War martial arts movie, with a commando scout team skilled with the magical powers of Taek-Won-Do on a secret mission behind the enemy lines of the U.S imperialist aggressors and their South Korean puppet army allies during the Korean War. They have to retrieve vital papers from a female spy who is working in a local headquarters of the Southern army, and annihilate a South Korean ranger corps. Non-Stop martial arts and gun fights finally lead the HEROES OF THE (NORTH) KOREANS PEOPLE ARMY to their goal and victory.

Dream Theater: [2006] In The Land of the Myungs 2006

DVD1: Intro The Root Of All Evil Panic Attack Another Won Afterlife Under A Glass Moon Lie Peruvian Skies Fatal Tragedy About To Crash (Reprise) Losing Time/Grand Finale DVD2: As I Am I Walk Beside You Sacrificed Sons Octavarium Someone Like Him Medicate (Awakening) Full Circle Intervals Razor’s Edge Highway Star The Spirit Carries On Pull Me Under

Feng Shui 2018

PARK Jae-sang was a royal geomancer, who helps people designate propitious site for houses, store and even graves under the belief that a grave in a good site will bring future fortune for descendants. But he loses his family because he exposed a conspiracy about crown Prince's grave site. PARK Jae-sang plans to make a revenge of his family and learns that there is a much bigger conspiracy about propitious grave site; the place that would make grave owner's son the King of Joseon.

Pluto 2012

is a story about elite high school seniors, the top 1%, who are prepared to go to extremes to get into prestigious universities. A student who has ranked number one at an esteemed school dies in a remote mountain. Finding out why and the ultimate impact of his death make up the bulk of this thriller’s elaborate narrative, whose shocking conclusion could lead us to comment, “We’ve seen a devil.” Despite a structure that freely weaves together past and present, and a cast of appealing actors including Lee David, Gung Jun and Kim Kkot-bi, the most remarkable thing about the film is the theme itself. It touches on and raises the critical issue of the demands of Korea’s education system, which are becoming more extreme and competitive by the day.

Love Bakery 2000

Ju No-myeong is very happy in his work as a baker. He is content with his simple life but his happiness is shattered when his wife reveals that she is anything but content.

Princess Ja Myung 2009

Ja Myung Go is a 2009 South Korean historical drama starring Jung Ryeo-won, Park Min-young and Jung Kyung-ho. It aired on SBS from March 9 to July 21, 2009 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 39 episodes. It is based on the Korean folk tale Prince Hodong and the Princess of Nakrang, which touches the story of the failed Nakrang Kingdom. According to the tale, there was a famous drum called the jamyeonggo, literally "the drum that beats by itself," that possessed the mysterious power to automatically sound an alarm whenever enemies would invade its kingdom. The self-sounding drum caused neighboring nations, including the warrior state of Goguryeo, to hesitate about attacking Nakrang. A prince of Goguryeo named Hodong infiltrated Nakrang with the mission of destroying the drum. But the prince unexpectedly fell in love with the princess of Nakrang. For her love, the princess eventually chose to tear off the drum to betray her country. As a result, her nation fell into ruin and she was killed. Prince Hodong mourned over her death, holding her body. The drama series, however, gives a new twist in that the drum is in fact a person, embodied by Ja-myung, the hidden sister of the Nakrang Kingdom's princess. Growing up as the princess of Nakrang, Ra-hee is adored by her people, while Ja-myung survives a murder attempt and lives as a commoner. Prince Hodong, from Nakrang's enemy, the Goguryeo Kingdom, is torn between two nations and two women, and must make a choice between love and responsibility.

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