Sucker Punch 2011

A young girl is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the mental facility.

The Love Punch 2013

Retirement at last! Middle-aged and divorced, company owner Richard Jones is looking forward to a worry-free existence as he arrives at his office on his last day of work. Much to his dismay, he discovers that the management buyout of his company was fraudulent. The company is now bankrupt and the employee pension fund — including his own — has been embezzled. Enlisting the help of his ex-wife Kate, Richard sets out to track down the shady businessman behind the fraud...

Donkey Punch 2008

Three hot girls, four guys, and one mega-swanky yacht collide for a serious night of drugs and sexual deviancy. One debaucherous act goes too far though, turning this teen joy ride into a weekend of bloody bedlam.

Shinjuku Punch 2018

Hosei, a 22-years-old man tries luck Kabukicho. The area is a red-light district in Shinjuku, Tokyo. There, he meets Rumi (Aoi Yoshikura) who works at a hostess bar and falls in love with her at first sight. He learns that she suffers violence from Takashi who works at the same bar. Hosei tries to help Rumi escape from her situation.

Welcome to the Punch 2013

When notorious criminal Jacob Sternwood is forced to return to London, it gives detective Max Lewinsky one last chance to take down the man he's always been after.

Blood Punch 2014

Milton, a college dropout, was only supposed to cook meth for one day. Broken out of rehab by a brash young woman and her trigger-happy ("ex") boyfriend and driven to a remote cabin the woods, Milton finds himself drawn into a dangerous love triangle gone haywire. The couple's deadpan half-truths spin around Milton like a song on repeat. They seem to read him like an open book, until a mysterious message opens his eyes to his cursed existence. With unlimited ammunition, any hunting tool they could desire, and an ever-growing body count, for what did Milton really sign up?

The Punch Bowl 1944

Die Feuerzangenbowle from Director Helmut Weiss is based on the novel by the same name from Heinrich Spoerl and Hans Reimann that has turned into a cult German film. The film tells the story of a writer Johannes Pfeiffer who goes undercover as a student in a high school after his friends told him that he missed out on a great life experience since he was home schooled.

Phantom Punch 2009

From his discovery by a priest while serving time at the Missouri State Penitentiary to the infamous 'Phantom Punch' by Cassius Clay which effectively ended his career, the movie spans the years from 1950 to Liston's mysterious and untimely death in 1971.

Sucker Punch 2008

Ray 'Harley' Davidson is a hustler. With flash clothes and a fast mouth, Harley lives life in the fast lane. With his passion for all things gambling, money runs like water through Harley's hands and as quickly as he makes a killing he takes a beating, normally at the poker table. Nominally an illegal prize-fight manager, Harley hasn't produced a live one in months, until Charles Buchinsky literally wanders into his life. Charles Buchinsky, street fighter extraordinaire. He's from out of town looking for a fight and the chance to tie up a few loose ends. Keeps himself to himself, lets his fists do the talking and his word is his bond. Victor Maitland, top illegal fight promoter and porn baron. Hates losing and loves the prestige of managing the best hitter in town. Harley dreams of bringing Maitland down and after seeing Buchinsky at work, engineers a fragile partnership. The duo soon becomes a hot ticket...

Punch Trunk 1953

A tiny elephant emerges from a banana boat and wanders about town, causing an uproar among the populace. Sightings are attributed variously to mass hysteria, insanity and dipsomania.

Punch Drunks 1934

Moe discovers Curley's unknown boxing talent when he knocks out the Champ at a restaurant when Larry plays "Pop Goes the Weasal" on the violin. Moe becomes Curly's manager, and they win every fight, with the help of Larry. At the championship game, though, Larry's violin breaks. Curly is getting beat down bad when Larry makes his unexpected entrance and helps Curly prevail.

Punch Lady 2007

Do ji-won stars in this tense and cathartic South Korean drama as a battered housewife whose husband’s regular beatings drive her to the absolute breaking point. In defiance, she tears away from him and trains as a boxer, then publicly challenges him to an organized fight before an audience of spectators.

Punch 2003

Ariel is a troubled girl with more than the usual teenage problems. When her emotion and temper get the best of her, she is drawn into a world where she can take out her anger with her fists. In the tradition of 'Girlfight' comes a wildly original story of rage and redemption.

Punch 2004

A couple working behind a hotdog stand on Blackpool Beach try to hide their differences while serving their customers. A take on the Punch & Judy tradition.

Fruit Punch 1991

Five young men threw themselves with heart and soul into the work force. They have different approaches and different life styles.

Avec Punch 2011

High school students Isaki and Hiramasa can't stand being bored. One day, while walking across town, they bump shoulders with two other people. An argument ensues and, as usual, Hiramasa is ready to fight. Hiramasa is supremely confident when it comes to fighting. An unusual thing happens though, Hiramasa gets knocked out ...

Punch and Judy 1906

A group of people watches a guignol (the French version of a Punch and Judy show). Outtake from a longer, now lost, film.

Sucker Punch 2003

Mike Sullivan spends his nights kidnapping runaways so his boss, Lamar, can turn them into prostitutes. He is a crack addict and a thief and he is in love with a resentful prostitute, Rhonda, who doesn't love him back. Although he has aspirations of escaping this world, it isn't until he is nearly killed by corrupt cops for stealing money from his boss that he decides to redeem himself. In an attempt to save his own soul, he tries to get Rhonda out of the business, and is forced to battle Lamar and his henchmen, as well as Rhonda's unwillingness to change. As punishment for betraying Lamar, Mike is forced into a series of misdeeds, and in a shocking ending, must commit unredeemable acts as he tries to save Rhonda and himself.

Judy and Punch

In the anarchic town of Seaside, nowhere near the sea, puppeteers Judy and Punch are trying to resurrect their marionette show. The show is a hit due to Judy's superior puppeteering but Punch's driving ambition and penchant for whisky lead to a inevitable tragedy that Judy must avenge.

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