Remembrance 1996

To overcome the emotional scars of her own past, Vanessa Fullerton recounts her mother Serena's extraordinary life - and tragic death. Serena marries a dashing U.S. colonel, relinquishing her family's fortune. When her husband dies, an impoverished Serena struggles to care for her young daughter until noted photographer Vasili catapults Serena to fame. But Vasili hides a dangerous secret, a secret that leaves a painful legacy.

Remembrance 2003

The documentary film Remembrance is an outline of the past century taking as a motif the life of Luis Frank, a Lithuanian emigrant. It is a journey through a time wich the world was made by war, that of wich we have so many times heard of and by wich we live constantly under menace. Emigration, war, freedom, childhood, the quest for something, a country -Mexico- kept in memories, are some of the subjects dealt within this film. Remembrance is the story of people who have traveled the world in search of a place where to belong, people whose lives were punctuated by ruptures.

Remembrance 2013

Peter von Bagh takes us on a trip to his homeland and Oulu, a small Finnish town, tracing the turbulent changes it has undergone in the 20th century. A life of the filmmaker, a history of his home and a history of cinema intersect in this magical film that works like a time machine. (text: International FIlm Festival Rotterdam

Remembrance 2008

Jia Zhangke’s short for Modern Weekly’s special tenth anniversary issue.

Remembrance 2001

Remembrance is an unusual wartime romance, inspired by two true but little-known stories: a man with an extremely rare memory condition, synesthesia, which literally prevented him from forgetting; and Camp X – a top secret training facility near Whitby, Ontario, that was used to train Canadian and Allied spies during World War Two. Against this backdrop, two strangers meet and, each for their own reasons, must struggle against an unexpected and dangerous attraction.

Remembrance 1990

A short remembrance of growing up gay, searching for an identifiable image on the movie screen. This character chose Bette Davis in All About Eve. The film includes clips from Davis' performance and the narrator's childhood home movies.

Remembrance 1922

Although he graduated from that time-worn university, the college of hard knocks, the tireless efforts of John P. Grout have paid off. He owns a number of department stores and his wife and children are well provided for. However, his family is completely ungrateful and takes him -- and his money -- for granted. Grout's attempts to keep them all happy are driving him to bankruptcy and he eventually becomes seriously ill. Eventually his wife and kids come to realize how badly they've treated Pops.....

Remembrance 1982

A group of Devonport-based Royal Navy ratings, due to sail to America for a six-month NATO exercise, go out on the town on their last night in port, hitting Plymouth's notorious Union Street district, with violent results.

The Passion of Remembrance 1986

Co-directed by Blackwood and Julien, the first full-length feature film by Sankofa Film and Video offers a radical and necessary interrogation into what constitutes 'post-colonial' identity at a time of political and social restlessness in Britain. Set within an isolated desert landscape contrasted with recognizable scenes of the intensity of family life, this vanguard work demonstrates the richness and variety of the black experience; it is a poetic and hard-hitting commentary on the complexities of race, gender and sexuality.

Remembrance 2011

Hannah, a young Jewish girl, is rescued from a concentration camp by her Polish boyfriend, and believes he died after their perilous escape. More than 30 years later, the married Hannah faces an emotional crisis when she learns he's alive.

Remembrance Of Love 1982

Joe Rabin is a Holocaust survivor. After the war he went to America, married someone and had a family. Today, he is on his way to Israel for a reunion of Holocaust survivors. It seems that he has another reason for going. It seems like during the war, he had a girlfriend and they were separated and she was pregnant. He has never found out what happened to her, or their baby, he hopes to find out now.

Park of Remembrance 1988

Parco delle Rimembranze is a film which offers us the opportunity to reflect, to observe and to listen and thereby experience something that happens when we slowly close our eyes and expose ourselves, not yet asleep to dreams, to uncertainness and chance, to unwanted events.

Torch of Remembrance

Melodramatic war drama by Francis Martin about a family of which the father died during the Great War. In the aftermath of the war his best friend watches over the woman and the child.

Remembrance of Georgia 2002

The doyen of national theater, Dado Telebuh, goes through psychological crisis after being dumped by his lover Ivan Starcevic, who got involved in a romantic relationship with Jurica Pavicic. Alone in his apartment, Dado tries to find comfort in all-night telephone conversations via SOS service, who provide him with psychological support in the form of nun called Sanja Separovic. For his characters, much disputed Croatian director Jakov Sedlar used real names of the film critics and public figures who disdained his cinematic work.

Remembrance: A Portrait Study 1967

“The music is by Marilyn Monroe singing ‘Running Wild’ from Some Like It Hot, because it’s a film portrait of Nettie Thomas. She did floors in white women’s homes, like black women did to support their families in the olden days. My mother is sitting in a wicker chair with an ostrich feather boa, a grey worsted wool skirt, a silk belt. For her portrait, I used ‘All Cried Out’ by Dusty Springfield...I was advised by Gregory Markopoulos not to play the music. Because Gregory didn’t think it was proper.” - Edward Owens

In Remembrance of Martin

Personal comments from family, friends, and advisors fill this remarkable documentary honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Coretta Scott King joins the Reverend Ralph Abernathy, Julian Bond, Jimmy Carter, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Senator Edward Kennedy, John Lewis, Bishop Desmond Tutu, and Andrew Young, who recall Dr. King's career and trace his leadership in the civil rights movement. Includes portions of his "I Have a Dream" speech.

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