The Bridge on the River Kwai 1957

The classic story of English POWs in Burma forced to build a bridge to aid the war effort of their Japanese captors. British and American intelligence officers conspire to blow up the structure, but Col. Nicholson , the commander who supervised the bridge's construction, has acquired a sense of pride in his creation and tries to foil their plans.

Return from the River Kwai 1989

A group of war prisoners has spilt blood, sweat and tears to construct a bridge over the river Kwai in Thailand. Just when the bridge is ready, an American bomber arrives and destroys it. Camp commander Tanaka wants to set an example and orders that some of the prisoners must be executed. Just in time major Harada arrives with orders that the healthiest prisoners must be transported to Japan by train and boat. A treacherous journey since the allied forces keep a close eye on railroads and practically own the seas.

Lan Kwai Fong 3 2014

Shin and Sara have been engaged for two years. They once had an argument and agree to have fun individually. Sara’s best friend Jeana who always has a soft spot on Shin, she then tried every means to seduce him. In the meanwhile, Jeana’s boyfriend Jacky is also getting close with Jolie who’s fun and wild. Lan Kwai Fong is as bustling as usual this weekend. The girls are all gathered to rock the clubs. Since Sara met the Korean hot guy Kim, the relationship between all of them started to change…

To End All Wars 2001

Based on a real-life story, this drama focuses on a small group of Allied soldiers in Burma who are held captive by the Japanese. Capt. Ernest Gordon (Ciaran McMenamin), Lt. Jim Reardon (Kiefer Sutherland) and Maj. Ian Campbell (Robert Carlyle) are among the military officers kept imprisoned and routinely beaten and deprived of food. While Campbell wants to rebel and attempt an escape, Gordon tries to take a more stoic approach, an attitude that proves to be surprisingly resonant.

Lan Kwai Fong 2011

Lan Kwai Fong (LKF), a well-known party location in Hong Kong with loads of nightclubs and bars. Everyone likes to go to LKF for fun, one night stands or even true love. LKF has captured the joys and sorrows of many... One night, Steven - a regular of LKF met the flight attendant - Jennifer. They had sex on the first night they met but both could feel love come along. They had another date on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, misunderstanding tore them apart and Jennifer decided to disappear from LKF. After eight months, Steven meets with Jennifer again and hopes to restart a relationship with her. However, Jennifer is no longer single, she's now his boss, Leslie's girlfriend. At the same time, Steven receives a call that his close friend collapsed and had to be sent to hospital. His friend encouraged him to follow his heart. When he finally decides to tell Jennifer about his feelings...

Lan Kwai Fong Swingers 1993

The sexy antics of four now-adult classmates. Chu, the only male, is unsure which of two of the group he really fancies. The girls are conveniently named Lan, Kwai and Fong. Lan fools around with her wealthy boss. Later, the group make an amateur X-rated film to make money.

Lan Kwai Fong 2 2012

Promiscuous things going on every night at LKF. Tonight, a photographer hits it off with a girl that just broke up with her rich ex-boyfriend; an office boy in advertising mistakes his cell phone for a pretty married woman’s; a broker gets to know a prostitute a lot more than he should; a patrol officer comes across a female DJ working at a night club, they’re like familiar strangers to each other.

Tiger From River Kwai 1975

A secret agent from Thailand goes to the United States on a mission to find out why a Mr. Stone died and bring his ashes and fortune, a jeweled elephant, back to his homeland.

97' Lan Kwai Fong 1997

Seven young ladies who grew up in the housing projectget along well together, although they have different personalities. The seven always hang out around the Lan Kwai Fong area and named the group "Lan Kwai Fong Seven Princesses". Later after a dispute with the "West Kowloon Center Pair of Queens", the seven princesses suddenly are swept into the midst of a crime wave, as the seven even begin to fight among themselves...

On Tour Exploring the Extraordinary River Kwai 2015

For many years the infamous Bridge on the River Kwai has attracted a great deal of tourists to the city of Kanchanaburi. The bridge owes its worldwide fame to a novel by French author Pierre Boulle and a distinguished film by David Lean. However, due to its natural beauty, the province, which is located around a hundred and thirty kilometers west of Bangkok, is also a popular holiday area.

The Pacific War: A Trilogy - Kwai

Kwai tells the story of the 'railway of death' immortalized in David Lean's movie The Bridge on the River Kwai. The rail line linked Rangoon and Bangkok and was part of Japan's war strategy to send troops throughout Asia. The building of this railway by frail and weak prisoners proved to be a living hell: 100,000 coolies and 26,000 Allied POWs died of disease, hunger and exhaustion in 15 months. The survivors and compelling images retell their nightmare first-hand. This series sheds light on three tragic episodes of the war in the Pacific that are often overlooked in the history books. During several years of research, the director recorded the memories of both Western and Asian eyewitnesses, while uncovering never-before-seen archival footage.

The True Story of the Bridge on the River Kwai 2001

Made famous by the 1957 Hollywood movie, the bridges of the River Kwai emblematize one of the most misunderstood events in history. Contrary to the romanticized film version, the structures represent a period of terror, desperation, and death for over 16,000 POWs and 100,00 local slaves. The Thailand - Burma Railway was the vision of the Japanese Imperial Army: a 250-mile track cut through dense jungle that would connect Bangkok and Rangoon. To accomplish this nearly impossible feat, the fanatical and ruthless Japanese engineers used POWs and local slaves as manpower. Candid interviews with men who lived through the atrocity - including Dutch, Australian, British, and American POWs - illuminate the violence and horror of their three-and-a-half-year internment. From Britain's surrender of Singapore the enduring force of friendship, The True Story Of The Bridge On The River Kwai narrates a moving and unforgettable account of a period in history that must be remembered.

Time Machine: The True Story of the Bridge on the River Kwai 2000

This installment of A&E's "Time Machine" series tells the true story Lt. Col. Philip Toosey, the British officer portrayed in the Oscar-winning film The Bridge on the River Kwai who, according to his soldiers, was a hero, not a traitor. Talking to the men who fought alongside him and containing excerpts from the 50-plus hours of tapes Toosey left behind to document his wartime memories, the program tells his side of the story for the first time.

Kwaidan 1964

Taking its title from an archaic Japanese word meaning "ghost story," this anthology adapts four folk tales. A penniless samurai marries for money with tragic results. A man stranded in a blizzard is saved by Yuki the Snow Maiden, but his rescue comes at a cost. Blind musician Hoichi is forced to perform for an audience of ghosts. An author relates the story of a samurai who sees another warrior's reflection in his teacup.

Sharp, Sharp! - The Kwaito Story 2003

This documentary explores kwaito music developed in South Africa in the late 1990s and includes interviews with musicians, DJ's and producers as well as music clips. It was made for Dutch television and later sold to the SABC for repeated broadcasts.

Yes-Ja! The Kwaito Documentary 2011

A musical trip through southern Africa to the tunes of the post-apartheid generation. Kwaito music originated in the 1950's in the dusty streets of South Africa's townships such as Sophiatown, Pimville and subsequently in Soweto. It is inseparable from the Pantsuela culture of the rebellious youth gangs during the Apartheid regime. Since there was no money for musical instruments or for extravagant costumes, they concentrated on their dancing and singing skills and, turning the streets into their stage. Currently almost fifty years later - Kwaito culture is experiencing a renaissance in a manner completely inconceivable in those days.

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