Saddam 2006

The story of two Italian men who are posted to Iraq on a mysterious mission to guard the cell of a prisoner in Abu Ghraib prison. What's strange is that neither man knows who is inside; they must simply follow orders not to let anyone enter or leave the cell. As time passes their nerves are tested and they begin to wonder whether their charge could be Saddam Hussein...

Le Gaya Saddam 2013

The story is based on the Muslim divorce system. The 1500 years old Muslim religion has its own rules and regulation for its followers as mentioned in Shariyat. According to Muslim Shariyat if once divorced couple decides to marry each other again, the girl has to marry a third person at first. They must spend one night and the next morning the groom will give her a divorce. Only then can the former couple marry each other. Muslims take this ritual as punishment for divorcing their loving partners out of silly anger. But sometime they take disadvantage from this rule.

Saddam Goes to Hollywood 2016

The extraordinary true story of Saddam Hussein's farcical venture into the movie business: a story involving Oliver Reed, big budgets, war, debauchery and a film lost in a Surrey garage for 35 years

Saddam: America's Best Enemy 2005

Documents a 40-year relationship between Saddam Hussein and the U.S., through accounts given by those who were witness to and participants in those years of violence. It is about a man and a superpower who used each other, in a marriage of convenience between strange bed-fellows. Includes selected archival footage of Saddam's beginnings, filmed to immortalise his exploits, at 20 years of age, in 1959. Includes also images from the film, Saddam Hussein, le maître de Baghdad, directed by Michel Vuillermet (Zarafa Films)

Saddam's Tribe 2007

The invasion of Iraq in 2003 brought a dramatic end to Saddam Hussein's brutal regime. But behind the headlines lay an even more extraordinary story of family and tribal loyalty, rivalry and betrayal. Inspired by interviews with Saddam's daughter Raghad and other key eye-witnesses, as well as extensive research, this drama gets to the heart of the dictator's tyranny and his eventual downfall.

Saddam's Mass Graves 2004

The documentary depicts the suffering of the Kurds and Iraqis under Saddam's regime through dozens of testimonies by survivors of Saddam's Anfal campaign on the Kurds and by Shia Arabs in the south of the country, as well as with US/UK coalition officials, forensics experts and human rights representatives, The documentary reveals 330 mass grave sites that had been uncovered throughout Iraq, containing as many as 300,000 bodies.

America at a Crossroads: The Trial of Saddam Hussein

Through courtroom footage, expert interviews and secret videos, investigate the trial of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and discover the behind-the-scenes storylines of mismanagement and dysfunction that permeated this courtroom drama. Featuring interviews with Iraqi witnesses and officials, Saddam's lawyers and United States government officials, this documentary also dissects many of the grave problems plaguing the new Iraq.

Ace in the Hole - The Story of How U.S. Troops Captured Saddam Hussein 2005

Baghdad fell after just twenty-one days of combat, but the capture of Saddam Hussein took a further eight months and was played out amid a brutal guerrilla war in which the hunters frequently became the hunted. The dictator had simply disappeared and finding him dead or alive was a top priority for US forces. The search for Saddam quickly became a real life crime drama as investigators combined sophisticated software and old-fashioned police work to tighten the noose on Saddam's inner circle. Ace in the Hole is the first-hand story of the US Army investigators who tracked down every lead until their final raid uncovered the Iraqi dictator cowering in his 'spider-hole.

House of Saddam 2008

The intimate world of Saddam Hussein and his closest inner circle is in this gripping four-part drama that charts the rise and fall of one of the most significant political figures in recent history.

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