A satirical movie about fame and obsession, "Waterstoned" tells the fictional story of the number one fan of British actress Daisy Waterstone who is interested in every detail of her life but after she appears nude in a short film, sees his infatuation grow more and more dangerously obsessive. A story for our celebrity obsessed times.

Latte and the Magic Waterstone 2020

Latte is not an ordinary and cuddly little hedgehog! She is full to the brim with energy and an almost too vivid imagination. When one day the animals of the forest wake up to discover that the magic waterstone has gone missing and that the forest is facing a drought that will lead them all to extinction, Latte bravely and loudly, announces that she herself will recover the magic waterstone from Bantur the dispicable Bear King. Much to her dismay, Tjum the squirrel is assigned to join her. But both Latte and Tjum will have to overcome their dislikes and learn to work together as a team as the two sudddenly find themselves on the most challenging adventure of their life.