The Safety of Objects 2002

In a suburban landscape, the lives of several families interlace with loss, despair and personal crisis. Esther Gold has lost focus on all but caring for her comatose son, Paul, and neglects her daughter and husband. Lawyer Jim Train is devoted to his career, not his family. Helen Christianson wants to find a new spark in life, while Annette Jennings tries to rebuild hers.

Love Objects 1971

A portrait of polymorphous lovers that references the Medieval parable of Les Noces du Roi et Reine and the marriage of opposites... dichotomy resolved in unity.

Secrets, Objects 2011

40-year-old Sociology professor Hye-jung falls for a 21-year-old Usang, a male student who helps her project research on women's extramarital affair. Their prohibited love and secrets are watched and told by two secretive observers. They are her copy machine and his digital camera.

The Objects of Love 2016

Luz emigrated to Italy in search of a better future. In Colombia she has left his two years son by his family. But her European dream begins to truncate and turn into a series of misfortunes. She assumes her new social status and start from scratch, working in the cleaning sector. Until unexpectedly she meet Fran, a person who breaks all schemes. Luz and Fran decided to own their own lives, with the world ahead, and Rome at their feet.

The Objects' Statement 2017

Everything changes the day Sofia decides to take on her relationship with Paloma. Behind the supposed acceptance of her parents hides a plan to redirect their daughter to heterosexuality. And behind the apparent facade of tenderness and understanding in the couple hides a situation of maltreatment and instability that will take them to the limit.

The Lady Objects 1938

A former college football hero and his college sweetheart get married. Marital turmoil ensues as her criminal law practice soars while he cannot get his career as an architect off the ground. They separate, and the man begins making extra money by singing in a nightclub. When he is unjustly accused of murder, it is up to his estranged wife to defend him in court.

Moving Objects 1991

“Moving objects” are the subject of this film, a portrait of six Dutch theater groups that make performances with puppets and other objects. Manipulation and creating illusions is their profession. For them, the visual aspect of theater making is of great importance. These theater makers all have a special relationship with fine arts, they often use theater as a complement to express themselves. This form of theater has a great variety: from traditional to contemporary visual art events and everything in between. However, the starting point is always the same: bringing objects to life. By following theater makers with the camera - before, during and after the performance - we get to see things that otherwise we would never get to see: improvisations, dilemmas, the carpentry and construction. The film confronts the audience with the ingenuity of the performers and explores the genre through observation and dialogue.

Objects Attack! 2013

Film starring Bobby Buckets, Aaron Cockroft and Kasey Daley

Impossible Objects

Professor Shapiro shows us a range of objects that seem simple and unremarkable at first glance, but which on closer examination simply cannot be constructed in reality – or are not at all what they seem.

Unbelievable Flying Objects 2007

A hilarious countdown of the black sheep of aviation, aircraft that have embarrassed their builders, enraged the owners and terrified their pilots. These are stories of aircraft that should have never been built, including highly imaginative concepts to “fly” tanks and jeeps directly onto the battlefield, a real flying saucer and starkly bizarre efforts to design and build a submarine that flies. We come to understand why these ideas were doomed from the start…

Untitled (Objects 3) 2008

A pink shape is examined through a clear plastic cassette case in a series of combinations of found objects held up together in front of the camera. Colours and transparencies pose as gels and lenses until the sequence shifts, making materials behave unnaturally--mixing up insides with outsides; light with colour; time with place; left with right, forced together to prevent any physical point of contact. A filmic and sculptural enquiry into the depth and slippage between a two-dimensional field and its actual location in three-dimensional space.

Objects in the Rearview 2013

A group of college friends staring down their 30s examine how close, or how far, they are to achieving their goals, driving one of them to make an unconscionable decision.

Wounds and Other Absent Objects 1997

Short film by Anish Kapoor commissioned by BBC Channel 4 as part of the 'TV Sculpture' programme. The impact of Anish Kapoor's sculpture is immediate while its full meaning is more elusive and mysterious. His visual puzzles are tailor-made for television. For Wounds and Other Absent Objects Kapoor has created an electronic palette with which to explore the physical power of colour. Premiered 6 October1997.

Soldiers and Other Cosmic Objects 1977

This begins the fourth chapter of The Book of Film and entertains directly the considerations of chapter two (THE WEIR-FALCON SAGA, THE MACHINE OF EDEN, and THE ANIMALS OF EDEN AND AFTER). Person begins to be defined by what it is not. It might be said that chapter one (SCENES FROM UNDER CHILDHOOD) set forth birth and being, chapter two - consciousness, chapter three (SINCERITY) - self-consciousness; thus SOLDIERS AND OTHER COSMIC OBJECTS begins that strictly philosophical task of distinguishing (from, in this case, the rituals and trials of public school). I like to think of it as a work that Ludwig Wittgenstein might have found more enjoyable.

Everyday Objects 2013

Merle follows the invitation of her lover to spend the summer in the South of France. She is surprised to find only his children in the summer house. Did she expect more than she should have? An ambiguous summer full of silent desire.

What!? Animism: People Who Love Objects 2013

The course of true love never did run smooth, especially when people fall for their favorite inanimate objects in what's defined as animism, the act of developing sexual and emotional relationships with objects.

Two Found Objects of Charles Boultenhouse 1996

A thin oval of green-tinged light in thick darkness persists, then gradually descends below the bottom of the frame and, after a pause, rises again to its original position. Out of the surrounding darkness a figure slowly emerges, a woman in a purple robe who moves with stately steps back and forth across the screen, finally fully apparent in the "line" (or circle) of light. She throws off her robe and appears in her white shift, lies prone upon the floor, then rises into a dance of rhythmned postures which subside to a kneeling and bound-down position from which she retrieves her robe, enrobes herself again, circles the "pool" of light and is obliterated by four yellow flashes of light (simultaneously, at the four corners of the frame).

Still Life with Woman and Four Objects 1986

A film portrait that falls somewhere between a painting and a prose poem, a look at a woman’s daily routines and thoughts via an exploration of her as a “character”. By interweaving threads of history and fiction, the film is also a tribute to a real woman, Emma Goldman.

Sharp Objects 2018

Reporter Camille Preaker confronts the psychological demons from her past when she returns to her hometown to investigate the murders of two young girls.

Foreign Objects 2001

Foreign Objects was a Canadian television series, which aired on CBC Television in 2001. A short-run dramatic anthology series, the series was written and produced by Ken Finkleman. Finkleman starred as documentary producer George Findlay, the same character he had played in his earlier series The Newsroom, More Tears and Foolish Heart. Apart from Findlay, each episode focused on a different set of characters, and portrayed a self-contained story around the theme of human frailty and obsession. The cast also included Colm Feore, Karen Hines, Tom McCamus, Arsinée Khanjian and Rebecca Jenkins. Finkleman's next project for the CBC was the television movie Escape from the Newsroom.

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