Freedom 2017

Rony is an ordinary man sentenced to 15 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. In jail he will have to face the gangs and hard life behind bars while he dreams of recovering his family and proving his innocence.

Libertad 2009

The detention of Ingrid Betancourt reviewed and revisited by a fiction.

Operation Libertad 2012

In April 1978, members of the Groupe Autonome Révolutionnaire (GAR) rob a bank in Zurich with the aim of bringing to light the covert ties between the Swiss financial system and dictatorships in Latin America. Wanting to secure concrete evidence, they film the entire operation.

Chasing Liberty 2004

The President's daughter, unable to experience life like a normal 18 year-old, escapes from her entourage of Secret Service agents while traveling in Europe. She falls in love with a handsome British stranger, who also happens to be working undercover for her father.

Protection 2001

A mobster moves to a new town as a protected witness and tries to start over, only to find he can't escape his old ways

Rampage 2009

The boredom of small town life is eating Bill Williamson alive. Feeling constrained and claustrophobic in the meaningless drudgery of everyday life and helpless against overwhelming global dissolution, Bill begins a descent into madness. His shockingly violent plan will shake the very foundations of society by painting the streets red with blood.

Cinema Libertad 2010

A boy living in an abandoned cinema meets a young girl. As their friendship develops, the boy entertains the other cinema residents with stories and shadow puppets.

La Libertad 2017

Produced out of Harvard's Sensory Ethnography Lab, Laura Huertas Millán's quietly masterful La Libertad follows a group of matriarchal weavers in Mexico, formally mimicking the examination of an object through subtle shifts in scale and space.

Cry Freedom 1987

A dramatic story, based on actual events, about the friendship between two men struggling against apartheid in South Africa in the 1970s. Donald Woods is a white liberal journalist in South Africa who begins to follow the activities of Stephen Biko, a courageous and outspoken black anti-apartheid activist.

Devil's Freedom 2017

Mexico, 2016. In some of the world's most dangerous cities life is not worth much. Looking into the eyes of the protagonists of violence, victims as well as executioners, helps to understand how fear inserted itself in the subconscious of our society. Through a network of concrete stories, we are facing the most obscure traits of the human psyche, the frail balance between humanity and evil.

Il tunnel della libertà 2004

Producer Carlo Degli Esposti envisioned a trilogy on Liberty, focused on three key moments in the second half of the twentieth century: the repression of Bucharest in 1956, the Prague Spring and the Berlin Wall. The first, and only time delivery of this trilogy, is THE TUNNEL OF FREEDOM. A tunnel that allowed 36 people to circumvent the strict and repressive surveillance of newly erected Berlin Wall.

The Network of Freedom 2017

France, beginning of World War II. Hélène Studler is a nun who has been dedicated to the care of orphans and the abandoned people. But the times have changed, the people are living a whole revolt, the Germansoldiers have entered their city and the reality that now faces far exceeds the harshness to which they are accustomed: Hélène discovers that near her locality, the Nazis have installed a concentration camp. Along with some people of the city, several of her Sisters Daughters of Charity plot a whole plan to free the captives from their tragic end.

Por la libertad 2017

In this portrait, Mexican light master Carlos Reygadas (Post Tenebras Lux, 2012) seldom addresses the camera directly, but allows himself to be filmed during his first commercial assignment. An unexpectedly playful approach from this solitary filmmaker, in which his driver has as much to say as he does.

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