A visual documentary that examines the human body as landscape.

Full Body Massage 1995

Nina, an art dealer, has her weekly massage appointment and is surprised to find out her usual masseur, Douglas, has sent a replacement named Fitch. The pair develop an easy rapport during the session, with talk about past relationships. As Nina lies topless on the massage table, Fitch also takes time to explain various massage techniques, including those used by Hopi medicine men.

Massage Parlor Murders 1973

A vicious serial killer is stalking the streets of New York City, murdering Times Square massage girls in a variety of brutal ways. It's up to a rogue detective team to solve the case as the body count continues to rise!

Blind Massage 2014

A drama centered on the employees of a Nanjing massage parlor who share a common trait: they are all blind.

Sensual Massage: The Touch Of Love 1980

Massage can be a thoroughly sensual experience for two people, providing pleasure though touch. The Touch of Love... Massage presents a simple and beautiful way for adults to learn the techniques of full body massage. The steps involved in giving and receiving a massage are portrayed as nude couples demonstrate how to stroke and relax each area of the body. This videodisc invites you to learn and experience, in the privacy of your home, the art of sensual massage--a special form of physical communication.

The Massage Professionals 1976

Dr. Brochard, the owner of the massage clinic "Academia Mãos de Ouro" in Rio de Janeiro, fires two employees for prostituting themselves on the side to the customers. In their place he hires two virgins, Virgem and Berta who are both immediately set upon by the womanizing driver Duda de Almeida.

Ambush Massage 23 2014

William Higgins has done it again, with another hot addition to the Ambush Massage series. Don't miss these sexy massages that turn into an unexpected good time!

Massage Parlor of Death 2015

A young, deranged girl runs an illegal Massage Parlor in the back of her house. When the patrons come in, she kills them and uses their blood in a ritual to resurrect her dead lover.

Massage the History

Massage the History records amateur dancers, whom Jamie found accidentally online, who freely engage the quotidian domestic scene with their own sexually suggestive movements. Unintended for an actual audience, the automatic nature of their body language evolves from an intimate spectacle into a dreamlike scenario of transcendence through onanistic desire.

Massage with Christina and Amber

Massage therapist Christina demonstrates her thoughtfully conceived technique with the assistance of model Amber Dawn. Christina's gentle but thorough method helps relieve the tensions of modern life. The film is not rated, and contains nudity.

Massage Tantei Joe 2017

Yabukihara Joe starts working as a masseur with the encouragement of Eko-baba, the owner of a massage shop whom he happened to become acquainted with about one year ago. Recognising that he is gifted in massage, Eko-baba makes Joe go to the homes of all kinds of customers although it agonises him because he dislikes people and has anxiety around strangers. One day, the wealthy husband of Joe’s customer, is murdered and Joe finds himself suspected by police detectives. At the suggestion of fellow masseur Aguri, Joe uses his massage techniques and powers of observation to solve the mystery and clear his name. This becomes the turning point in his life. After that, he keeps getting involved in strange murder cases at customers’ homes and demonstrates his unexpected talent each time.

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