Giddy Vacations 1987

A family of boisterous children expect their father to organize a really exciting holiday. So when the chance comes up of spending it on a boat, the Ramona, it seems that the problem is solved.

Oddballs 1984

A Canadian sex comedy about saving a summer camp from becoming a shopping mall.

The Joke's on You 1925

Billy West comedy produced by Cumberland and distributed by Arrow.

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers 1988

Angela Baker, a psychotic transsexual, escapes from a mental hospital and surfaces at a summer camp as a counselor who lectures her teenage charges on proper moral behavior. Those teens who break her strict rules -- from the camp chatterbox or a sex-obsessed girl to the boys who are peeping Toms -- are murdered by the impostor in various gruesome ways. As more campers go missing, intrepid counselor Molly begins to piece together the truth.

Madness 1980

An escaped convicted murderer invades the cottage of a man, his wife and the wife's sister, whereupon he proceeds to torment this already dysfunctional trio with rape and violence.

PWG Card Subject to Change 2 2006

1. Fergal Devitt, Bino Gambino & TJ Perkins vs. Disco Machine, Nemesis & Ronin / 2. "Classic" Colt Cabana vs. Alex Koslov / 3. Cape Fear (El Generico & Quicksilver) vs. Dark and Lovely (Human Tornado & Scorpio Sky) / 4. Excalibur vs. Top Gun Talwar / Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Title Match 5. Super Dragon & Davey Richards (c) vs. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) / 6. "The Future" Frankie Kazarian vs. "The Professional" Scott Lost / Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title 4-Way Elimination Match 7. Joey Ryan (c) vs. "Photogenic" Chris Bosh vs. "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen vs. AJ Styles / Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship Title Match 8. Super Dragon & Davey Richards (c) vs. Kings of Wrestling ("Double C" Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero)

Silver Path 2002

Two childhood friends head out from San Francisco one summer to see how far they can go hitching rides by freight train. Together they embark on a dizzying, back road journey through the Southwest, armed with only camcorders, blankets and a good book to read. The two dodge train yard cops and encounter a colorful cast of off beat characters on their quest for the perfect train, along the way witnessing a rarely seen side of the American landscape.

Return to Sleepaway Camp 2008

It's summer camp as usual at Camp Manabe where the kids torment each other for fun while the underpaid camp staff provides as little supervision as possible. Greedy camp owner Frank and junior partner Ronnie do their best to keep everyone in line, but something sinister is about to put a slash in the roster. When campers and staff mysteriously begin disappearing and turning into gruesome corpses, paranoid Ronnie can't shake the memory of a series of grisly murders that took place at Camp Arawak. As the paranoia worsens, Ronnie's list of possible killers starts growing just like the body count. Only one thing is for certain, something is carving a bloody new trail at Sleepaway Camp where kids can be so mean and surviving this summer is gonna be a real killer!

Mainichi ga natsuyasumi 1994

The Rinkaiji family, by all appearances, is a well-to-do Japanese family. The father, Nariyuki, works in an elite corporation, which gives his wife Yoshiko status in their suburban neighborhood. But the daughter Sugina, who herself has secretly stopped going to school because she is being bullied. One day, they discover that Nariyuki has quit his job. As Nariyuki decides to find a new job along with Sugina, Yoshiko, a firm believer in a life based on the company, soon finds her world falling apart.

Amanda & Jack Go Glamping 2017

With his marriage and career against the ropes, dejected author Jack Spencer travels with his wife, Amanda, to an isolated glamping retreat in search of a spark. When a surprise double booking finds their private retreat anything but private, Jack spins into a comedic exploration of love, lost dreams, small-town-wisdom, and friendship with a miniature donkey to get over himself before he loses all he holds dear.

The Stolen Airship 1967

The Stolen Airship (Czech: Ukradená vzducholod) is a 1967 live-action/animated film by Czech filmmaker Karel Zeman. The story is based loosely on Jules Verne's novels Two Years' Vacation and The Mysterious Island. The film in Art Nouveau style consists of live-action scenes, generally shot in black and white, as well as hand-drawn, stop motion, and cutout animation. Various live-action and animated elements are often composited into the same scene.

Pin-up Playmates 1972

Massage parlors are spread all over the world. Masseuses advertise even in "serious" newspapers in order to loose up every muscle. This movie reports about the experiences in the massage parlours of Rome, Bangkok, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna, Zurich, Stockholm, Berlin, Nice and Munich. There is more truth in it, then you would believe.

Kakashi to Racket 2015

A 3rd year transfer student from a Tokyo middle school, was emotionally hurt in the soft tennis club she belonged to at her previous school. Unaware of this, Tamako pesters Aki to teach her soft tennis. Together, they go about creating a court on the campus of a closed-down school.

Free and Easy 12: Big Holiday Bonus Project 2001

Mr. Takano, a company employee, announces plans to take an early retirement so he can return to his home town and spend his days fishing. Su-san and Hama-chan envy his decision, and Hama-chan conspires to visit Takano, even though he has no vacation time left.

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger vs. Kamen Rider Drive: Spring Break Combined Special 2015

Five flashy Roidmudes seem to be causing a “thick air” event, and when Shinnosuke goes to investigate, turns out the problem was being caused by a yokai. After arresting the red one, Shinnosuke starts interrogating. He claims to be a ninja fighting yokai and that he’ll show Shinnosuke. While this uneven pair squabble, Kyuemon Izayoi and the Roidmudes were putting a terrible plan in progress.

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