Christmas Vacation '95 1995

Two Italians are on holiday in Aspen in Colorado. The first one is Lorenzo whose daughter is crazy about Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210 actor) and wants to meet him at all costs. The second one wants to win back his wife who has left him because of his gambling problem.

Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure 2003

Though Eddie's fired right at Christmastime, his boss sends him and his family on a South Pacific vacation, hoping Eddie won't sue him after being bitten by a lab monkey. When the Tuttle family winds up trapped on a tropical island, however, Eddie manages to provide for everyone and prove himself a real man.

Punk Vacation 1990

A peaceful California town is shaken after the brutal murder of diner owner by a gang of vicious punks. When the daughter of the slain man attempts to avenge her father’s death, she’s held hostage by the gang resulting in an epic battle between punks and rednecks.

Donald's Vacation 1940

Donald takes a kayak trip. When he gets to his campsite, he unloads the kayak, fights with his folding chair, and goes to sleep. Meanwhile, the chipmunks of the forest (precursors of Chip 'n Dale), attracted by his squawking, make off with the huge pile of food he carelessly unloaded. They get the attention of a bear, who Donald is soon battling.

Christmas Vacation '91 1991

This coarse bedroom farce takes place at the St. Moritz ski resort over a Christmas vacation. Among the couples whose lives intersect are a widowed artist honeymooning with his second wife, a gay man traveling with his son and his lover (and hiding each from the other), a snobbish couple from Milan who have been forced to share a suite with a pair of crass Romans, etc.

Family Ties Vacation 1985

In this two-hour TV movie episode of Family Ties, the Keaton family goes on vacation to London, England and becomes entangled in an espionage plot.

Blondie Takes a Vacation 1939

Blondie and Dagwood are in charge of operations at a mountain motel. The elderly owners of the establishment are in danger of losing their life savings. Among other things, arson threatens.

The Chaos Class Is on Vacation 1977

Lazy, uneducated male students mostly coming from money, share a very close band. They live together in the dormitory of this private highschool, where they daily plan their latest pranks on teachers or the other classes. Because of the financial crisis, the headmaster agrees to enroll female students. As the new students try to fit in, a struggle between both parties start, trying to prank the other part away. The prank war continues until PE-Teacher decides to take the class out on a trip for a becoming scouts.

French Fried Vacation 3 2006

After the Club Med and skiing, what happened to the Bronzés 27 years later? Early response: the same, and worse.

Permanent Vacation 2007

A camping trip results in some twisted family memories in this off-the-wall black comedy. Hoping for one last family vacation before his children leave the nest, laid-back dad Eric Bury (Frank Harper) takes his brood to a trailer park teeming with oddballs. The clan's plans for a relaxing holiday go down the drain as they encounter sex addicts, a sadistic cop (Michael Bowen), decapitated corpses, bloodthirsty fish and a sage (David Carradine).

Summer Vacation 1999 1988

Teenage friends spending the summer at boarding school become entangled in love triangles after one commits suicide.

Alternate Weeks (and Half the Vacation) 2009

A 12 year old girl and her 8 year old brother live one week with their mother and the next week with their father. The girl blamers her mother, a super businesswoman for the divorce and turns all her anger on her. She prefers the weeks with her father who is flat broke after leaving his bank job to give people free hugs on street corners. Her brother channels his sense of injustice into the battle to save the planet. As the school year progresses and her parents struggle to mend their lives and as the girl approaches her 13th birthday, she learns to see the world in a new way.

Two Weeks Vacation 1952

After several long days at work, Goofy finally takes a much needed vacation. However, his trip never quite gets off the ground mainly because he spends most of it stuck behind a slow moving trailer. When he gets a flat tire, the mechanic inspects every part of his car except the tire. The only motel he can find is a little shack too close to a railroad track. On the road once more, he gets stuck behind said trailer again only to pass it and discover no one is driving it.

Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation 1992

Term-time ends at Acme Looniversity and the Tiny Toon characters look forward to a summer filled with fun. Buster and Babs Bunny turn a water fight into a white-water rafting trip through the dangerous Deep South; Plucky Duck and Hamton Pig share the most impossibly awful car journey imaginable on the way to HappyWorldLand; Fifi's blind date becomes a "skunknophobic" nightmare; and a safari park is turned upside-down by Elmyra's search for "cute little kitties to hug and squeeze".

Hotel Hell Vacation 2010

Clark and Ellen Griswold embark on a trip to visit their son Rusty and his family, but along the way Clark has planned a romantic getaway where everything turns to disaster.

French Fried Vacation 1978

Holidaymakers arriving in a Club Med camp on the Ivory Coast are determined to forget their everyday problems and emotional disappointments. Games, competitions, outings, bathing and sunburn accompany a continual succession of casual affairs.

Great Sports Vacations

Great Sports Vacations was a travel-adventure series featuring frequent celebrity guests. It was at one time the highest rated show on The Travel Channel, and it was nominated for a Cable Ace Award in 1993. The show was produced by Raven Productions and was hosted by Joni Ravenna. It aired in America on Outdoor Network in Canada, Sky TV in Europe, and Star TV in Asia. Over 75 episodes were produced.

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