Aviation Vacation 1941

Spot gags on an around-the-world trip by airplane. The plane takes off like a bird by hopping into the sky, then follows along the railroad tracks dodging obstacles and going through the tunnel. A modernized Mount Rushmore includes Franklin W. Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie, the Democratic and Republican Party nominees for president in 1940. In Ireland, a tenor sings until a hair gets stuck in the projector gate. The tenor yells, "Hey you up there, get that hair out of here!", and a silhouette hand plucks the hair away. In Africa, an ostrich can't find any of his friends, who all have their heads stuck in the sand.

The King's Vacation 1933

The king of an unnamed European country abdicates and tries to recapture the happiness with the wife he had to give up for the throne.

Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation 1939

All work and no play makes Mr. Moto a busy detective! Mr. Moto heads to Egypt to thwart a criminal mastermind determined to steal the priceless crown of the Queen of Sheba. But the action heats up and the suspense soars when the precious treasure begins its perilous journey to America and Mr. Moto must race against time to unmask a cunning thief who will stop at nothing—not even murder—to get what he wants!

Boy's Vacation 1988

A father/son get-together trying, in their inept way, to do some repair work to their home that they have out in the country.

Love's Vacation 2007

Zhenia is a Roman’s wife and they have got a son, Ilya. Sasha is Sergey’s wife but they don’t have children. Roman is a good painter by his vocation but he is a bad businessman by definition. His wife wants to succeed in a little family polygraph business. Sergey is a good entrepreneur but not a very attentive husband. And Sasha is a lonely housewife. It happened so that their families turned out neighbors. They got acquainted and Sergey offered to start a common business of printing pornographic issues. Zhenia agreed immediately but it took much time to persuade Roman. Meanwhile, the men switched their wives.

Max's Vacation 1914

Max is invited to join his uncle for a holiday, but he hasn't invited his wife, so he sneaks her in in his suitcase, always hiding her from his uncle...

Mr. Rossi's Vacation 1977

A story about Mr. Rossi and his dog who go on vacation and all the adventures they have, from leading an animal revolt to climbing the Andes, or heading to the beach and being serenaded by strange fish.

Permanent Vacation 2007

A camping trip results in some twisted family memories in this off-the-wall black comedy. Hoping for one last family vacation before his children leave the nest, laid-back dad Eric Bury (Frank Harper) takes his brood to a trailer park teeming with oddballs. The clan's plans for a relaxing holiday go down the drain as they encounter sex addicts, a sadistic cop (Michael Bowen), decapitated corpses, bloodthirsty fish and a sage (David Carradine).

The Chaos Class Is on Vacation 1977

Lazy, uneducated male students mostly coming from money, share a very close band. They live together in the dormitory of this private highschool, where they daily plan their latest pranks on teachers or the other classes. Because of the financial crisis, the headmaster agrees to enroll female students. As the new students try to fit in, a struggle between both parties start, trying to prank the other part away. The prank war continues until PE-Teacher decides to take the class out on a trip for a becoming scouts.

A Beautiful Vacation 2006

This 2006 documentary was filmed on the occasion of director Dino Risi's ninetieth birthday. It features interviews with his collaborators, friends, and family, as well as Risi himself, who talks candidly about his personal successes and the obstacles he has faced.

September Vacation 1979

Engineer Zilov, having woken up, finds the funeral wreath at his place – his friends' present. This rather symbolic joke makes him recollect the previous night as well as 2 last months...

Unpaid Vacation 1982

Young girl takes unpaid vacation in order to fly from Sibir to Moscow to visit the guy she loves but finds that she's not so welcome in his life.

Summer Vacation 2012

Sea, sun, island, a family on vacation. And all Yuval wants is to get the heck out of there.

Family Vacation 2015

The Kellys are a bourgeois family that have fallen into hard times. Deprived of the bragging rights of their typical summer vacation at a posh Chilean beach resort town, they pretend that they are instead going to Brazil for their vacation. They feign leaving on vacation but instead spend the time locked up at home and avoiding the suspicions of a nosy neighbor.

Portuguese Vacation 1963

Françoise and her husband Jean-Pierre invite some friend couples to spend a weekend in their large villa on the Portuguese coast. What follows is a romantic intrigue, with each character discovering a little more about himself.

Pirate Vacation 2006

Story about a family that was set out on a lonely island.

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