Amazing Stories 1985

A truly amazing, fantastical, science fiction, funny and odd, and sometimes scary, sad and endearing anthology series presented by Steven Spielberg with guest appearances by many famous actors, actresses, and directors.

Piers Morgan's Life Stories 2009

Piers Morgan's Life Stories, also known as Life Stories, is a British television chat show on ITV, presented by journalist Piers Morgan. Filmed in front of a studio audience, each programme is devoted to one celebrity guest. Episodes are currently recorded at The London Studios, although episodes were previously recorded at Teddington Studios and BBC Television Centre between one and two weeks before they are aired on television. Since 2011, Morgan pretapes all of the episodes before the start of a series. This is due to his U.S. filming commitments for CNN.

Ghost Stories 2000

When nearby construction disturbs a spiritual resting place, its disgruntled denizens do what any supernatural being would do after a rude awaking - they terrorize the local school. And that means it’s up to a scruffy band of young ghost hunters to expel their satanic schoolmates before everyone gets sent to permanent detention! Meet Satsuki, her crybaby brother, the resident class stud, the school nerd and “psychical researcher,” a born again beauty, and a resentful, demon-possessed cat in the funniest, scariest school you’ve ever enrolled in. The series was originally dubbed in to English by ADV Films, whose dub replaces the original script with a comedic one. The series has also been translated and dubbed into English by the anime television network, Animax, who has broadcast the series unedited and uncensored under the title Ghosts at School.

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On 2016

In a world where both men and monsters exist. Those who hunt the monsters are called Hunters. But in a small corner of the Hunter's world, there are those called Riders who bond with and coexist with monsters. With their Kizuna Ishi (Bonding Stones) that allow them to awaken the hidden power inside monsters, Riders live in secrecy together with their Otomon, the monsters they formed a connection with. Ryuto, a young boy living in the Rider village of Hakum, dreams of becoming the world's best Rider. Having just turned 12, he sets out to find his own Otomon for himself before the ceremony where he is given his own Kizuna Ishi. Together with his kind-hearted childhood friend Cheval, his inquisitive childhood friend Lilia, and his partner Naville, he sets out deep into the forest, and has a miraculous encounter with a Rathalos.

Celebrity Ghost Stories 2009

Celebrity Ghost Stories is an American reality-documentary television series on The Biography Channel. The series debuted on October 3, 2009 with the pilot for the series airing on September 26, 2009. The series interviews various celebrities who talk about paranormal events that have happened in their lives. A spin-off, The Haunting Of, features footage from this series as celebrities go back to the places of their haunted experiences and find out the truth behind the haunting.

Just So Stories 1983

Just So Stories is an 80's BBC series animated by Sheila Graber, based on the collection of short childrens stories by Rudyard Kipling.

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is an American horror anthology television series that ran from 1997 to 1998 on the cable channel FOX Family. The show was narrated by Rip Torn and originally two episodes were presented back to back in an hour-long segment. However, towards the end of the series it was broken down into 30 minute episodes with just one story, most featuring a style similar to episodes of The Twilight Zone in which there would be a twist at the end. There have been five DVD releases and is currently being shown in the United Kingdom on the TV channel Zone Horror.

Masha's Spooky Stories 2014

Masha explains why there's no need to be scared of things like monsters, the dark, going to a new school, thunder and other common childhood fears.

Women: Stories of Passion 1996

Women: Stories of Passion is a dramatic series that aired on the American cable television network Showtime and distributed by Playboy Entertainment overseas. The episodes were based on stories of love, and passion from a woman's point of view.

Lady Chatterley's Stories 2001

Lady Chatterley's Stories is an erotic softcore TV show that aired on Showtime where it continues running in syndication to this day.

Stories of the Century 1954

Stories of the Century is a 39-episode Western television series starring Jim Davis that ran in syndication through Republic Pictures between January 23, 1954, and March 11, 1955.

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