Encyclopedia Britannica 1971

One frame of film for each page: the history of human knowledge becomes an illegible, strobing stream of images.

Windsurfing Encyclopedia

The world of windsurfing is documented in this award-winning film from director Dobri D. Kiprov. Following the athletes in their worldwide quest for wind and waves, the film puts viewers in the middle of the action as the best windsurfers take on some of the biggest waves ever sailed. Spectacular cinematography captures both the sport and its athletes, including the father of windsurfing, Jim Drake; champion Ian Boyd; and many others.

Cosplay Encyclopedia 1996

What is Cosplay? Well, Cosplay is short for costume play, and it occurs when thousands of anime fans crowd a convention center dressed as their favorite anime characters. This encyclopedia gives Western anime fans a detailed experience of this slightly bizarre phenomenon. Features characters from series like Magic Knight Rayearth, Sailor Moon, Sorcerer Hunters, and Evangelion.

An Encyclopedia of Unconventional Women 2009

This is an omnibus of six short films by six different directors, whose lead characters are unconventional women. They are "Hijoshi," females who live true to themselves and their desires.

Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series Encyclopedia 1999

"Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series Encyclopedia" is a bonus DVD in the Nightmare on Elm Street Collection. This boxed set boasts beautiful anamorphic transfers of all seven Elm Street films. Rather than adding trailers, outtakes, and other supplements to each of the seven movie DVDs, New Line decided collect all of their extra material on an eigth disc. The result of this decision was the Nightmare Series Encyclopedia. It contains interviews with the cast and crew of the Elm Street movies, "Krueger Quips" from the set of Elm Street 5, snippets from Freddy's appearances on MTV, music videos from the films, still galleries, alternate endings to Elm Street 1, and trailers for all seven movies. In all, there are 93 video clips and 3 still galleries on the disc adding up to more than 3.5 hours of material.

Encyclopedia of Modern Armor: The Medium Tank 2006

Using authentic military footage as reference material, this volume of the Encyclopedia of Modern Armor aims its sights on the medium tank, a classification that refers to the vehicle's weight. Segments explore the capabilities of the German-built Panzer IV tank and the Soviet T-34 tank, used primarily during World War II; the U.S. Army's M48 and M60 "Patton" tanks used to fight the Cold War; and the Swedish-designed S-tank.

Encyclopedia of Modern Armor: The Anti-Tank Weapons 2006

Documentary, Military Documentaries - With a focus on anti-tank weaponry, this visual encyclopedia of knowledge chronicles the development of 20th-century warfare technology via authentic military footage. Segments explore the use and effectiveness of the 37mm PaK 35 and 36; the Jager-tiger; land mines; the MIG-23; the American F-4 Phantom; the MIL-24; the German PAH-1; the MacDonell Douglas AH-64 Apache; and the British Harrier jump jet.

The Insects Unlisted in the Encyclopedia 2007

A freelance writer (Iseya Yusuke) is given a bizarre assignment by the sexy editor of "Black Book Monthly" (Mizuno Miki): find a bug with the power to bring humans back from the dead, in order to report on the afterlife. With his trusty companion Endo (Matsuo Suzuki) in tow, he sets off on a quest for the elusive insect and along the way meets the mysterious Sayoko (Kikuchi), a former dominatrix and habitual wrist-cutter who delights in rubbing wasabi into her wounds.

Grandma's Encyclopaedia 1963

A short film by Walerian Borowczyk. This first volume looks at the first three letters in Grandma's encyclopaedia: A for 'Automobile', B for 'Ballon', and C for 'Chemin de fer'.


Encyclopedia is a television series created by the HBO Network and the for-profit branch of the Children's Television Workshop, Distinguished Productions. The series premiered on the HBO network in 1988. Each episode covered a letter or series of letters in the alphabet, with short skits of sketch comedy devoted to up to twelve corresponding encyclopedia topics. Several topics were related through song. Three of the six writers of the show had also been writers for NBC's Saturday Night Live: Patricia Marx, Brian McConnachie, and Mitchell Kriegman. The series featured the band BETTY, who performed both the opening and closing themes as well as individual songs for selected topics.

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