Strictly Sexual 2008

Two successful women, sick and tired of dating and relationships, decide to keep two young men in their pool house for strictly sexual purposes.

Strictly Sexual The Series 2011

Joe and Stanny are two likable losers who are unlucky in love, but lucky with sex. Summer and Georgia are two girls who make a deal to swear off dating to focus on their careers and keep things strictly sexual. One girl starts dating another girl to avoid falling in love, while Georgia starts having sex with Stanny, knowing she could never fall for him. To everyones surprise, real feelings arise, causing the drama and heartache everyone was trying to avoid. The show addresses the entanglements of love and sex. Over the course of the series, we follow the lives of 5 people, two guys who are best friends, two women who are best friends, and their aggressive lesbian friend, as their friendships and relationships are tested by the ups and downs of life and love. It is a frank and funny dramedy, mixed with both the comedy that is our lives, and the drama that unfolds when people fall in and out of love. This is a spinoff of the hit indie film of the same name, directed by Independent Spirit Award winner Joel Viertel, and written and starring Stevie Long.

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