Woo 1998

Gorgeous and extraverted Woo meets insecure and straight-laced law clerk Tim at a blind date.

Woo-Woo Blues 1951

Hugh's former girlfriend tries to blackmail him with old love letters.

Woo, Woo!

Hugh, the Chief Worrier of Why Worry Inc., is hired by a pretty young wife to make her husband jealous.

Brotherhood 1976

Liao Jiang is the lowest ranking member of a gang that holds up a jewelery store. Subsequently the three other gang members die, and their gold haul goes missing. Liao Jiang and his new gang member Huge Eyes are then forced to turn to a triad gang to help get back their gold from a rival group.

The Story of Woo Viet 1981

The Story of Woo Viet, seven years before they traded wistful looks in An Autumn’s Tale. Chow, in one of his earliest and meatiest film roles, plays the title role of Woo Viet, a Vietnamese refugee who hopes to immigrate to the United States.

DuckTales: Woo-oo! 2017

Donald Duck reluctantly takes his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie to the home of their reclusive great-uncle Scrooge McDuck. Enthralled by their once legendary great-uncle and the wonder of McDuck Manor, the triplets and their newfound fierce friend Webby learn of long-kept family secrets and unleash totems from Scrooge’s epic past, sending the family on an adventure of a lifetime to the Lost City of Atlantis.

Er Woo Dong: The Entertainer 1985

Er Woo Dong translates to "entertainer," a rough approximation of the duties of 14th-century Korean courtesan Er Yoon Chang. After a lifetime "in service," Er Yoon Chang retires to a faraway village. Meanwhile, her powerful father, ashamed of his daughter's lifestyle, dispatches an assassin to do her in. Er Yoon Chang is protected by her faithful deaf-mute bodyguard, but only up to a point.

Young and Dangerous: Reloaded 2013

On a dark Mongkok night, May, the cousin of Dai Tin-yee (Dominic Ho), was gang-raped to death by Med King (Deep Ng) and his men. The furious Tin-yee, together with his buddies, Ho-Nam(Him Law), Chicken (Oscar Leung), Pou-Pan (Jazz Lam) tracked down Med King to revenge May’s death. As Med King was under the wing of Ugly Kwan (Sammy Sum), a leader of the Hung Hing triad, Kwan gave orders to get rid of Ho-Nam by all means….

The Woo 2016

Following a breakup, a introverted pot dealer becomes addicted to a virtual reality avatar of his ex-girlfriend while the building he lives in mysteriously refuses to let him leave.

Foxbat 1977

In Hong Kong, a Chinese cook swallows a microfilm by accident and becomes a target.

Escape from Coral Cove 1986

A group of young, rich, boring idlers spends some summer days in the beach resort of Coral Cove. They waterski. They dive. They are jealous. They are potential final girls. One of 'em is called Four-Eyes (Louis Kong) and has a little brother. After hours of painful "excitement" with them, a friendly dead guy (Roy Cheung) starts to kill off the annoying people. Instead of thanking the dead guy or making him president of the yacht club or something, a security guard calls his uncle, a buddhist exorcist. Too bad for him that he's a crap exorcist, and doesn't survive the meeting with dead guy.

Lost Flower: Eo Woo-dong 2015

A triangular relationship between Eo Woo-dong, her husband Lee Dong, and fantasy character Moo-gong, highlights on the first half of the Joseon Dynasty and portrays the contradicted life of the high class people, criticizing the modern day Korean society.

Parlez Vous Woo 1956

Olive is so captived by "The International", a radio personality with a French accent, that she'd rather stay home than go out on a date with Popeye. Bluto, overhearing this, comes to the door as the character.

Crossings: John Woo 2004

Crossings: John Woo starts with Woo's emotional homecoming to Hong Kong in 2004 to promote his latest blockbuster Paycheck. It leads you through his teen years where he made avant garde films, his apprenticeship with Shaw Brothers' martial arts director Chang Che, his coming of age as a director directing slapstick Hong Kong comedies through the 70s and 80s. It charts the genesis of the groundbreaking A Better Tomorrow starring Chow Yun Fat, a film that creates a new genre in Hong Kong cinema and launches Woo's career into the international arena.

The Art of Woo 2001

Alessa Woo (Lee) is an ambitious art dealer who meets her match in gifted painter Ben Crowchild (Beach) in this romantic comedy.

Woo Who? May Wilson 1970

A portrait of artist May Wilson, former “wife-mother-housekeeper-cook” and a grandmother who, at age 60 after the break-up of her 40-year marriage, moves to New York City and discovers an independent life of her own for the first time.

Pitchin' Woo at the Zoo 1944

Popeye takes Olive to the zoo, where she's spotted by zookeeper Bluto, who tries various stunts to impress her and/or get rid of Popeye. But Olive walks into the leopard cage, and before Bluto can get into his armored suit to save her, Popeye has eaten his spinach.

Woo dung saai yan si gin

Pop star Anna has been kidnapped. Kidnapper Jash uploads the video clip of Anna being tortured onto the internet, which instantly becomes the talk of Hong Kong. A week later, Jash contacts the police, asking not for a ransom but for retired police inspector Mo to be his police contact. Inspector Mo eventually discovers through a tabloid magazine that a self-proclaimed psychic named Shana had phoned a radio program on the day of the kidnapping to warn of the incident.

The Jang Sun-woo Variations 2001

Known to court controversy with erotic films like LIES, maverick Korean filmmaker Jang Sun-woo is the subject of the 2001 documentary THE JANG SUN-WOO VARIATIONS. Directed and narrated by British film critic and scholar Tony Rayns, who is well known for his work with Asian cinema, THE JANG SUN-WOO VARIATIONS offers a fascinating profile of Jang's life, mind, and work as he prepares two films, an animated shamanist feature and RESURRECTION OF THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL. The documentary gives voice to Jang through candid interviews and an in-depth look into his films and career, while also placing his work in a wider social and cinematic context and examining the controversy surrounding LIES.

Strongest Chil-woo 2008

During the tumultuous reign of King Injo (1623-1649) of Joseon-era Korea, Chil-woo witnesses the brutal murder of his family and village at the hands of the government.  As an adult, Chil-woo joins the Uigeumbu, a governmental body in charge of investigating injustices.  But when tragedy visits his life once again, he becomes an avenger, hunting down those who have wronged the innocent.

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