Billy Blanks' Tae Bo: Instructional 1999

Billy Blanks Ultimate Tae-Bo Total Body Workout For Men And Women! A mixture of boxing punches and martial arts kicks, Tae-Bo is fun and easy.

Smothers Brothers Yo-Yo Man Instructional Video 1988

A new craze is sweeping the nation! The “Yo-Yo” has come out of retirement and is back into the hearts and minds of every hard working, right thinking, up-and-coming, true blue American yo-yo lover. And there are millions of them. Emerging from his all knowing state of yo, Tommy Smothers of TV and stage fame, is the voice of the “Yo-Yo Man” and Dick Smothers is the voice of Yo. Hecan now come into your home in this brand new video for your entire family and friends to enjoy. Learn tricks like “Walk the Dog”, “Over the Falls” and “Loop the loop”. Fast forward the tape to color coded markers to watch and rewatch the “Yo-Yo Man” and the “Yo Master” Daniel Volk demonstrating each trick.

Jeff Porcaro: Instructional DVD for Drums

In this DVD, Jeff describes his approach to straight time, triplet and shuffle feels, as well as Latin grooves. Jeff breaks down a variety of drum patterns, including his most famous groove from Toto's megahit "Rosanna". This jam-packed 34-minute program is full of helpful suggestions on such topics as half-time shuffles, bass drum pedal technique and a host of other personal tips. You will see that by using different accents and timing techniques you can achieve a wide variety of effects on the high hat. A live band setting, featuring his brother Michael Porcaro on bass and studio musician, songwriter David Garfield on keyboards, creates an exciting atmosphere to help demonstrate Jeff's famous grooves. This is truly a unique opportunity to receive a private drum lesson from a versatile and respected musician.

Skydiver (Instructional Video #4: Preparation for Mission)

A young man, reeling from a long-distance romance gone awry, spirals increasingly deeper into depression and desperation as he video chats with his close friends and gets involved with a New Age, Right-wing, domestic terrorist cell.

Magic the Gathering Starter Series Instructional Video 1999

This instructional video takes you deep into the Magic: The Gathering universe, teaching you step by step how to play the world's most popular trading card game. It's packed with all the tips and strategies you need for a fast start. Removing this video from the case is like opening Pandora's box: unimaginable monsters with razor-sharp teeth are dying t escape. This video shows you how to summon them at will and unleash them on your friends. So... ready to defeat the enemy?

Higher Education - The Complete Wakeboard Instructional 2001

From the makers of Class In Session, Bump Films brings you the newest DVD to help you improve your wakeboarding way! Higher Education teaches you every aspect of wakeboarding. The best pro riders and instructors in the sport give you the skills you need to be up and ripping in no time. Instructors break down each trick for you and you get to see slow motion footage of top pros from different angles performing the tricks.

The $178.92 Movie: An Instructional Guide to Failure 2009

Destined to become a cult Classic, this comedy tells the story of a struggling rock band that decides the biggest way to advance their career is to make a movie. Unfortunately the band can only scrape together a combined budget of $178.92.

The Opening of the British Instructional Film Studios 1928

An unedited and untitled film of the opening of the new British Instructional Film Studios by the Rt. Hon L.S. Amery. Invited guests are seen arriving by train and walking toward the studio. Mr Amery is then seen speaking to an audience in the studio (with him on the platform is Mr Bruce Woolf and Mr A. Bundy). The final scene shows an actress performing in front of the cameras in long distance for a female director.

1 on 1 with Lincoln Brewster (Instructional DVD for Electric Guitar Volume 1) 2009

Lincoln Brewster's long anticipated Instructional DVD for guitar is finally here! Sit down for a private guitar lesson with Lincoln Brewster, former lead guitarist for Steve Perry (Journey) and chart topping CCM solo artist. Lincoln offers a step by step, in-depth look into guitar technique and soloing. With everything from tuning to note-by-note explanation of his solos, Lincoln gives great insight so you can take your guitar playing to the next level. On this volume Lincoln discusses and demonstrates: * exercises * hammer-ons and pull-offs * bending and vibrato * soloing technique * improvisational philosophy * stylistic approach to soloing Beyond that, Lincoln also unpacks his signature solos and rhythm parts in a note-by-note method so you can play some of his most popular tunes like: Everlasting God Let the Praises Ring All to You Another Hallelujah Multi-camera angles, with "Fret Cam" and "Picking Cam" all shot in 1080i High Definition (HD) and nearly 3 hours long!

1 on 1 with Lincoln Brewster (Instructional DVD for Electric Guitar Volume 2) 2009

Join chart topping CCM artist Lincoln Brewster for a private guitar lesson as he continues his up close and personal approach to electric guitar. In Volume Two of his acclaimed 1 on 1 series, you'll enjoy nearly 3 1/2 hours of instruction as Lincoln dives deeper into his playing style and philosophy, picking up where he left off in Volume One. Lincoln continues to give great insight into a variety of techniques so that you can take your guitar playing to the next level. Filmed close-up, in multi-camera, high definition, Lincoln explores and explains: Warm-ups and Exercises Legato and Staccato Technique Modes... and how to apply them Scale Patterns Knowing and Linking the Entire Neck More of Lincoln's Signature Riffs Composing Solos In addition, Lincoln also unpacks more of his signature solos and rhythm parts in a note-by-note method so you can play some of his most popular songs like: Today Is the Day God You Reign Give Him Praise Let Your Glory Shine

Step by Step 2010

Your Step-by-step guide for the "Te Extraño" choreography created by Ataca Jorgie & La Alemana. Learn the choreography that took the Bachata scene by storm since May of 2008. In this DVD you will find each part of the famous choreography broken down step by step by both Ataca and La Alemana. You now can perform this incredible choreography at your next event. For the first time ever, Island Touch Dance Academy brings yuo a step by step guide for learning a professional choreography in your own home.