The Ambush Murders 1982

An African-American political activist is wrongfully imprisoned for killing two white policemen; he is unwary of yet another white lawyer who claims that he will help free him.

Midsomer Murders 1997

The peacefulness of the Midsomer community is shattered by violent crimes, suspects are placed under suspicion, and it is up to a veteran DCI and his young sergeant to calmly and diligently eliminate the innocent and ruthlessly pursue the guilty.

Swamp Murders 2013

Swamps, bogs, marshes, bayous and riverbeds can be murky, dark, crazy places, but when a body pops up, things get downright mysterious. Through stylish recreations, Swamp Murders will bring the viewer into the the subculture that's captivating America.

The Sandhamn Murders 2010

Viveca Stens popular novels come to life in "The Sandhamn Murders", a perfect mix of Nordic crime & the beautiful surroundings of the outer Stockholm archipelago.

The Wonderland Murders 2018

Hidden amongst the rolling mountains and deep forests of the pacific northwest sits a breeding ground for one of the deadliest terrains in the world. Known as a serial killer's playground, this land once dubbed "Wonderland" due to its grandeur and summer beauty, washes away into nine dreary months of rain that bring gray skies and a falling mist that drives the demons among us to kill. These are The Wonderland Murders.

Camilla Läckberg's The Fjällbacka Murders 2012

Erica Falck, a successful crime writer and mother of three, moved with her husband and children from the city to her hometown of Fjällbacka, a fishing village on a picturesque island off the coast of Sweden. Her return seems idyllic, but simmering beneath the village's surface lie hidden secrets, twisted desires and deceit waiting to erupt into the ultimate sin - murder.

The ABC Murders 2018

Set in the 1930s, a time when Britain is dangerously divided and suspicion and hatred are on the rise, the story sees Poirot face a serial killer known only as A.B.C. As the body count rises, the only clue is a copy of The ABC Railway Guide at each crime scene. Poirot's investigations are continuously thwarted by an enemy determined to outsmart him. If Poirot is to match his nemesis, then everything about him will be called into question: his authority, his integrity, his past and his identity.

The Atlanta Child Murders 1985

The Atlanta Child Murders is a TV miniseries that aired on February 10 and 12, 1985 on CBS. Inspired by true events, the miniseries examines the so-called "Atlanta child murders" of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Infamous Murders

Infamous Murders was a documentary television series shown on The History Channel in the U.S. and the U.K. The U.S. edition was narrated by Don Peoples. In the U.K. edition the narrator is uncredited.

Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders 2007

Most Haunted: Midsummer Murders is a spin-off series of the paranormal television series, Most Haunted. It ran on Living TV between 19 June 2007 and 7 August 2007.

Beauty Queen Murders 2013

Beauty pageants are the stuff of dreams for so many girls who fantasize about being a princess for the day. For these beauty queens, a sash and crown may empower them to reach for the stars but it can't defend against the terrible fate that awaits. BEAUTY QUEEN MURDERS shines the spotlight on women who lived their lives in the public eye as America's sweethearts. They were all so young. They were all so beautiful. They all held so much promise. And they were all killed before their limelight was up.

The Locked Room Murders 2012

Enomoto Kei is a security "otaku" working for a security firm, devoted to improving the securities system on a daily basis. He is not an easy person to familiarize oneself with, always collected and calm, unapproachable, a maniac in Physics, Science, Architecture and profound in other basic theoretical foundation. He is certain and proud of the fact that there is no key which he cannot unlock. One day, Kei is asked to help reveal a mystery behind a locked room murderer. While he lacks any interest in solving the mystery, he is inevitably intrigued by the term, "Closed Doors" and decides to take on the position. He works side by side with Aoto Junko and Serizawa Gou, who are lawyers working at a major law firm. Junko is pure and forward, acting upon her instincts while Serizawa is a prideful elitist who sees time as money, and therefore, will not take on any job that is unprofitable. Possessing a vast amount of knowledge and acute insightfulness, Kei is able to unlock the closed doors and unravel the secrets leading to the solution. Never before has there been a drama focused solely on closed doors.

Cold Blooded: The Clutter Family Murders 2017

The story of the brutal murder of the Clutter family in a small Kansas town in 1959, the resulting investigation, convictions and executions of Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, chronicled in Truman Capote's landmark book, In Cold Blood.

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