Deceiver 1997

The gruesome death of a prostitute brings suspicion on one of her clients, James Wayland, a brilliant, self-destructive and epileptic heir to a textile fortune. So detectives Braxton and Kennesaw take Wayland in for questioning, thinking they can break the man. But despite his troubles, Wayland is a master of manipulation, and during the interrogation, he begins to turn the tables on the investigators, forcing them to reveal their own sinister sides.

Deceiver 2017

As one in a series of short experimental films exploring depression, "Deceiver" sends quiet, granular washes of white through deep maroon fields that feel alternately like moonscapes and deserts, galaxies and microscope samples. Even as the white spreads, seeming to move at will through the black, the instrumentation falls out, leaving only that original organ howl, which by the end sounds resigned in its victory. A wave of black overwhelms the frame.

Rich Deceiver 1995

Ellie and Malc Freeman are a working-class couple in their forties who live in a terrace house in a poor district of Liverpool. Ellie has a part-time job as a shop assistant; Malc is a warehouseman in a dead-end job. Ellie is convinced that Malc can do better. One day Ellie wins £1.5 million on the football pools. Resisting the temptation to spend all the money on herself, she invests it in a local security firm - on condition that they give Malc a job as a salesman... and that they don't reveal how he got his big break. But does Ellie like the man that her husband has turned into?

The Deceivers 1988

India, 1825: the country lives in mortal fear of cult members known as the “Deceivers." They commit robbery and ritualistic murder. Appalled by their activities, an English military man, Captain William Savage, conceives a hazardous plot to stop them. In disguise, he plans to himself become a “Deceiver” and infiltrate their numbers. Ever present in Savage’s adventures is a sense of dread; he is in constant fear of betrayal and vengeance and also undergoes a disturbing psychological transformation as he experiences the cult’s blood lust firsthand.

The Gay Deceivers 1969

Danny and Elliot avoid military service by pretending to be gay, but they have to act the part when the recruiting officer doesn't buy it.

Heads We Go 1933

A model inherits a great deal of money and pretends to be a movie star.

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