Making a Living 1914

A swindler scams a journalist to get some money and then applies for a job at his newspaper.

St. Stephen's: The Living Cathedral 1997

St. Stephen’s Cathedral ranks amongst Austria‘s most famous cultural monuments. Yet, one would not think of that Cathedral being one of the most astonishing natural areas in Austria.Georg Riha and his team have explored the Cathedral from its foundations to the top of its 136 meter spire and discovered a true botanical and zoological garden: wild animals, exotic butterflies, kestrels, moss, lichen and even trees.

The Living Koheiji 1982

The actor Koheiji is terribly in love with the wife of his best friend, the playwright Takuro; to get her, he would even kill Takuro.

The Living Scourge 1966

A film about the dramatic lives ofthe people of the village of Ráztoka during WW I. Women are left without husbands, families fall apart, finding themselves on the verge of poverty. Eva, the main heroine, is going through difficulties after her husband was drafted to the army. Her defilement and her tragic death cause a rebellion by which the village inhabitants finally stand up against their unbearable situation.

Living Heroes 1960

Four different stories about young kids' destinies in different time periods in Lithuania.

Living with the Enemy 2005

Smart, sexy Allison can't help but fall in love with Philip, a dashing software billionaire, and they quickly marry. But soon this new bride begins to think her hubby was involved in the mysterious death of his first wife. This suspicious newlywed needs to get to the truth - but as things turn dangerous, she may not make it to their first anniversary!

Living Free 1972

When Elsa's three mischievious cubs begin wreaking havok on the nearby villages, Joy and her husband are forced to move them hundreds of miles to a game preserve.

Living Will... 2011

Will's best friend and roommate Belcher, (Ryan Dunn) a party bum slacker, returns from the dead as a cocky, mischievous, and perverted ghost. He soon discovers his cousin, Krista, has shacked up and moved in with his best friend, Will. Belcher will do anything and everything to destroy this relationship and get his prank buddy back.

Night of the Living Dead: Re-Animation 2012

After inheriting the family mortuary, a pyrophobic mortician accidentally exposes hundreds of un-cremated bodies to toxic medical waste. As the corpses re-animate, the mortician's inheritance-seeking younger brother unexpectantly shows up, stumbling upon a full zombie outbreak!

Living. Loving.

In 2013, the world's first senior residence for HBTQ people opened in Stockholm. Agneta, Ingbritt and Thomas move in. They have all had dreams and desires in a time of oppression and constraint. When they begin their lives in the senior residence, new perspectives are gained in their worldview and within themselves.

The Living End 1992

Luke is a gay hustler. Jon is a movie critic. Both are HIV positive. They go on a hedonistic, dangerous journey. Their motto: "Fuck the world".

Living on Velvet 1935

A lay-about falls for his best friend's fiancee. The two of them run away from a life of privilege to one of middle-class normalcy. When an influx of money enters their life, their differences come to light.

Living It Up 1954

Homer Flagg (Lewis) is a railroad worker in the small town of Desert Hole, New Mexico. One day he finds an abandoned automobile at an old atomic proving ground. His doctor and best friend, Steve Harris (Martin), diagnoses him with radiation poisoning and gives Homer three weeks to live. A reporter for a New York newspaper, hears of Homer's plight and convinces her editor, to provide an all-expenses paid trip to New York.

Living Proof 2008

Living Proof is a 2008 Lifetime Television movie, directed by Dan Ireland, starring Harry Connick, Jr. The film is based on the true life story of Dr. Dennis Slamon and the book HER-2: The Making of Herceptin, a Revolutionary Treatment for Breast Cancer by Robert Bazell. Vivienne Radkoff wrote the film script, and is also one of the film's executive producers. Renée Zellweger is another executive producer, together with Neil Meron and Craig Zadan. Tammy Blanchard, Amanda Bynes, Jennifer Coolidge, Angie Harmon, John Benjamin Hickey, Regina King, Swoosie Kurtz, Paula Cale Lisbe, Amy Madigan, Bernadette Peters, and Trudie Styler are featured in the supporting cast. The film premiered on October 18, 2008, for Lifetime's "Stop Breast Cancer for Life" public service and advocacy campaign, during the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Living Playing Cards 1905

A bearded magician holds up a large playing card and makes it larger. He tears up a card of a queen, burns the torn bits, and a life-size Queen of Hearts card appears; then, it becomes alive. The magician puts her back into the card. The same thing happens with the King of Clubs: the card becomes alive. The king removes his costume, and there's something very familiar about him. (IMDb)

Symphony of Living 1935

There is this old concertmaster of the Cosmopolitian Orchestra and he is about to realize his life-long ambition of appearing as a soloist with the orchestra, when an accident robs him of use of his right hand. His children, upon learning of his misfortune, immediately desert him knowing he will no longer provide them with money. So Adolph Greig sinks lower and lower and becomes a street beggar, too proud to ask for help from his friends and unable to find his son or daughter. One night, standing in front of the concert hall, he sinks to the street from hunger and fatigue. He is picked up by two men associated with the orchestra, Mancini and Rozzini, and they take him to Rozzini's and they develop a plan whereby they will set up Greig in a next-door studio where he can give violin lessons. A young violin genius named Carl Rupert shows up and, with the aid of Mancini and Rozzini, Greig starts the boy off on a brilliant career. Or, what promised to be a brilliant career until his ...

Among the Living 1941

A mentally unstable man, who has been kept in isolation for years, escapes and causes trouble for his identical twin brother.

The Dead Hate the Living! 2000

When a renegade band of young filmmakers break into an abandoned hospital to make their horror epic, they stumble upon a real dead body and decide to use it in their movie. They accidentally bring it back to life, open a portal to a dead world that releases dozens of other zombies, then struggle for their lives in a desperate attempt to flee from the creatures who apparently have them hopelessly trapped in the hospital.

High Living

High Living was the first soap opera to be produced in Scotland, and was produced by STV. The series was created and written by Jack Gerson

Fight of the Living Dead 2015

Live action game where famous and favourite Youtubers, fight for survival and try and make a cure and escape a massive Zombie apocalypse,

Log Cabin Living 2014

Follow one family as they ditch the hustle and bustle and go on a journey to find the quintessential escape in Log Cabin Living . They'll navigate this unusual real estate market as they search for their perfect log home retreat.

Living in TV Land 2004

Takes a look at the daily ins and outs of actors and icons that we never really get to see.

It's a Living

It's a Living is a Canadian reality television series broadcast on CBC Television. In the series, Peter Jordan, the host, tries all sorts of jobs, from the mundane to the unusual, that belong to different Canadians. The series is currently shown on bold, a Canadian digital television station. It's a Living was produced at CBWT in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Tiny House, Big Living 2014

Couples learn what it really means to downsize when they take the plunge into the tiny house real estate market. At an average size of only 180 square feet, watch as clients meet with their builders, or decide to build these tiny homes all by themselves, and follow along through the construction process until the house is complete.

Better Living TV Theater

Better Living TV Theater was an early American television program originally broadcast on ABC and later on the now defunct DuMont Television Network. The documentary series, featuring moderator Fischer Black, ran from 1953 to 1954. The ABC version was a summer replacement series which aired on Sunday afternoons. The final ABC broadcast occurred on August 16, 1953. On April 21, 1954, the DuMont Network began to air the series in prime time. Better Living TV Theater aired on Wednesday nights at 10:30 pm EST, until June, when the program was moved to Sunday nights. The final broadcast was on August 29, 1954.

The Living Dead 1995

The Living Dead: Three Films About the Power of the Past was the second major documentary series made by British film-maker Adam Curtis. This series investigated the way that history and memory have been used by politicians and others. It was transmitted on BBC Two in the spring of 1995.

Living with Michael Jackson

Living with Michael Jackson is a television film, in which British journalist Martin Bashir interviewed Michael Jackson over a span of eight months, from May 2002 to January 2003. It was shown first in the United Kingdom on ITV on 3 February 2003 and in the United States three days later on ABC, introduced by Barbara Walters.

Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge was a British reality television show that first aired on 14 October 2007 on MTV UK. It documented the lives of several teenagers in Alderley Edge in Cheshire, a wealthy village in the North West of England. It is noted for attempting to purvey 'drama all the time'. It has been compared to the American reality television shows, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County. There are no plans for any future series.

My Living Doll

My Living Doll is an American science fiction sitcom that aired for 26 episodes on CBS from September 27, 1964 to March 17, 1965. This series was produced by Jack Chertok and was filmed at Desilu studios by Jack Chertok Television, Inc., in association with the CBS Television Network. The series was unusual in that it was bought by the network without a formal pilot film, due to the success of Chertok's previous series, My Favorite Martian.

Living the Dream 2004

Living the Dream was the New Zealand version of Spike TV's Joe Schmo Show, produced by Touchdown Television for TV2.

Life Is Worth Living 1952

Life is Worth Living is an inspirational American television series which ran on the DuMont Television Network from February 12, 1952 to April 26, 1955, then on ABC until 1957.

Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living is a magazine and a television show featuring entertaining and home decorating guru Martha Stewart. Both the magazine and the television program focus on the domestic arts. Martha Stewart Living began as a quarterly magazine in 1990, published by Time Inc., and is currently published monthly. Stewart took the magazine with her when she left Time Inc. in 1997, and Martha Stewart Living is now the flagship brand of the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia media empire. Martha Stewart Living television debuted as a weekly half-hour syndicated show in September 1993. Intended to complement the magazine, it featured Stewart as the host. It expanded to weekdays in 1997, became a full hour long program in 1999, and went on hiatus in autumn of 2004 following Stewart's stock trading case and conviction. The show was distributed by Group W Productions from 1993–1995, Eyemark Entertainment following the CBS-Westinghouse merger from 1995–1999, then King World Productions following CBS' merger with King World from 1999-2005. The new Martha program replaced MSL in 2005. Both the magazine and the television show have won numerous awards. Martha Stewart Living has failed to make profit in the last nine years, except for the year 2007.

The Living Soap

The Living Soap was a BBC North fly on the wall documentary series broadcast in 1993, which set out to show the everyday lives of six students sharing a house in Manchester. The six chosen students gave up their privacy for one year in return for free rent and the chance to be on television. Out of the original six participants, four of them left the show and were replaced by other willing students, chosen by a public telephone vote. Although the series was groundbreaking, The Living Soap attracted the wrong kind of controversy and was taken off the air after about five months, though filming continued. The remaining housemates appeared in two one-hour specials later on in 1994. The Living Soap differs from most of today's reality shows because, to achieve the sense of currency suggested by the show's name, each episode was aired as soon as it was made. Therefore, the depiction of everyday life was inevitably distorted from episode two onwards by the fact that the subjects were on television every week. The programme's subjects complained about the way they were portrayed due to the editing carried out by the show's producers and directors, which included Spencer Campbell. In an episode of the 2008 Channel 4 documentary series How TV Changed Britain, former housemate Colin Rothbart explained that he took part in the show not to be famous, but for "a laugh" and to use as a stepping stone into a career in television. Also interviewed was Spencer Campbell, who claimed to have developed the concept of a "diary room", in which reality television participants talk privately to a camera.

Living in Captivity 1998

Living in Captivity is an American sitcom that aired on the Fox on Friday night from September 11, 1998 to October 16, 1998.

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