Cuba 1979

A British mercenary arrives in pre-Revolution Cuba to help train the corrupt General Batista's army against Castro's guerrillas while he also romances a former lover now married to an unscrupulous plantation owner.

Cuba merci-gracias 2018

Manu and Alexa-Jeanne, two young Quebecers, are in Cuba for vacations. They hang out on the beach, swim in the sea, eat at the restaurant and chill in Havana as their friendship grows.

I Am Cuba 1964

An unabashed exercise in cinema stylistics, I Am Cuba is pro-Castro/anti-Batista rhetoric dressed up in the finest clothes. The film's four dramatic stories take place in the final days of the Batista regime; the first two illustrate the ills that led to the revolution, the third and fourth the call to arms which cut across social and economic lines.

Cuba and the Cameraman 2017

This revealing portrait of Cuba follows the lives of Fidel Castro and three Cuban families affected by his policies over the last four decades.

Viva Cuba 2005

The friendship between two children is threatened by their parents’ differences. Malú is from a family that was upper-class before the Revolution and remains well-to-do through remittances from relatives overseas, and her single mother (Larisa Vega Alamar) does not want her to play with Jorgito, as she thinks his background coarse and commonplace. Jorgito’s mother (Luisa María Jiménez Rodríguez),

Give Me Future: Major Lazer in Cuba 2017

In the spring of 2016, global music sensation Major Lazer performed a free concert in Havana, Cuba—an unprecedented show that drew an audience of almost half a million. This concert documentary evolves into an exploration of youth culture in a country on the precipice of change.

Papa Hemingway in Cuba 2015

In 1959, a young journalist ventures to Havana, Cuba to meet his idol, the legendary Ernest Hemingway who helped him find his literary voice, while the Cuban Revolution comes to a boil around them.

Cuba Dances 1961

Featured in a musical environment possible light anywhere in the world, adapted to a Cuban city makes good use of music. The argument is based on the desires and efforts of middle-income families, to hold a quinceanera at a level greater than that permitted by the economic status of a family.

The Expendables 2000

A group of female convicts volunteers for a mission to rescue a woman from a Cuban prison.

Cuba 15 1997

With passion and uncertainty, Tzunami, a small-town Cuban girl prepares her "quinceañera", the celebration of her fifteen birthday - the official crossroads between innocence and maturity.

Barrio Cuba 2001

Over several years, we follow three households and their emotions in a barrio of Havana. Magalis is a nurse, rarely happy. An older man, Ignacio, professes his love for her; her father and her brother quarrel over her brother's sexual orientation; she thinks about leaving Cuba. Santo's wife Maria is expecting their first child. Tragedy strikes and Santo leaves, drowning sorrows in alcohol and crime while his son grows up in the care of an aunt wondering where dad is. Vivian and Chino are in love, passionate, but childless. The pressures of a society that demands grandchildren strain their relationship.

Cuba libre 2006

An outrageous comedy about a group of radical anarchist squatters who inadvertently overtake the Cuban Embassy in Madrid at the very same time that Fidel Castro announces Cuba's first democratic elections.

Rockin' Cuba 2013

A trip through music and rock climbing, the movie follows the exploration of the valley of Viñales in Cuba by six French climbers.

Cuba '58 1962

Three stories reconstructing the start of the triumphant Cuban revolution which deposed Batista.

Judgment Night 1993

While racing to a boxing match, Frank, Mike, John and Rey get more than they bargained for. A wrong turn lands them directly in the path of Fallon, a vicious, wise-cracking drug lord. After accidentally witnessing Fallon murder a disloyal henchman, the four become his unwilling prey in a savage game of cat & mouse as they are mercilessly stalked through the urban jungle in this taut suspense drama

¡Cuba Sí! 1961

Derek Malcolm in the Guardian labelled Chris Marker's Cuba Si! (1961) a classic "because its importance at the time was so obvious, and it remains the best and most intimate film on the making of a revolution."

The Cuba Libre Story 2015

Recounts the tumultuous history of Cuba, a nation of foreign conquest, freedom fighters and Cold War political machinations.

Cuban Chrome 2015

After the 1959 Cuban Revolution and the subsequent United States embargo, it has been illegal to import American cars to the island nation - as a result, Cuba's vintage American vehicles are frozen in time, and each of these cars has a unique story to tell. For Cubans, these cars are not just a means of transportation, but a way of life. CUBAN CHROME will give viewers an intimate look into this rarely seen country as they meet the men who put everything on the line to keep these classic cars running. Through A Lo Cubano Car Club - a passionate group of car enthusiasts, restorers, mechanics and apprentices - the series explores the challenges and joys of life in Cuba, presenting an authentic look into their culture of passion, grit, determination and ingenuity.


Balseros is a 2002 Spanish documentary co-directed by Carlos Bosch and Josep Maria Domènech about Cubans leaving during the Período Especial. As a consequence of the widespread poverty that came with the end of economic support from the former USSR, 37,191 Cubans left Cuba in 1994, unimpeded by the Cuban government, using anything they could find or build to get to Florida in the USA. Most left with improvised rafts, which were often not seaworthy, and some even hijacked a ferry. The documentary consists largely of interviews with the rafters, over the course of seven years the lives of seven of those refugees, from the building of their rafts to their attempts at building new lives in America, giving insight into daily life in Cuba and the USA in those days. The documentary is 2 hours long. The first half is filmed in Cuba, with in the end some scenes of the rafters' months long detention in Guantanamo Bay, where lotteries were used to decide who would be allowed to go to the US. All the while, their families didn't know their whereabouts. The last hour is about the lives of those who managed to get to the USA. These people were filmed again five years later, showing their difficulties adapting to a new type of society and the resulting homesickness, a "human adventure of people who are shipwrecked between two worlds".

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